Thursday, November 4, 2010

Checking In

Just wanted to drop by to say WTF is up with my body??!?!?!?!

I'm back on the pill of course, continuously.  But I hadn't been on the pill for even four weeks when I started breakthrough bleeding. Of course. So that's my life right now. Lovely, thank you body.  Always a pleasant gift.

On the flip side- I'm running again. And I'm not doing half bad.  I got up to 4 miles last weekend. That's four miles, straight, without stopping! I've got 10 weeks until the half marathon though...a long way to go.

I also started ZUMBA! Who's done it? C'mon!? Who's been sucked into the amazing beats and the ridiculous dance moves? You know you have...

It's glorious really. I love it. And I look F'ing ridiculous. Really, it's horribly embarrassing. But good times! And now I tend to start my own little zumba class in my bathroom when I'm getting ready.  B may or may not like it. The jury's still out.

Halloween was good times as well! B and I dressed up as Spartans! Did I tell you that? I can't remember- but nonetheless, it was pretty stellar.  The best part about the whole costume dinner party that we dressed up for was that B was the ONLY guy who actually dressed up.  And he had full blown costume in lock down. We're talking head band, arm bands, wrist guards, shin guards...and a sword. :) Sorry, B.  But I loved it. 

A lot of people were there that we didn't know and we got to talking.  Of course they see B and I together and comment on how tall we are and how tall our kids are gonna be.  We started talking about baby halloween costumes.  My nephew went as a chicken this year. He was unbelievably cute.  But B saw the picture and said "Our kids won't ever be going as chickens.  Whatever they dress up as, it has to be sleeveless and it has to include some sort of arm bands."  Yeah. That's my husband.

What else is going on? Oh, work is a little less crazy. I'm only working 9 hour days most of the time now which is awesome.  But of course I have a co-worker who's my married just about a year before B and I...and she has the most adorable huge baby bump.  I see her all the time.  And I try so hard not to stare but there's some sort of magnetic field.  Awkward.

Alright- go root for Stanford this weekend...just cuz I said so.  And go Colts!