Thursday, June 30, 2011

19 Weeks!

1. We are over the halfway mark for twins!!! That's just crazy for me- holy wow. Even if we go all the way to 38 weeks (which is sounding less and less likely as the doc said she would probably schedule a c-section for 37 weeks) we'd be halfway.  I just keep praying that we keep making it one more day at a time, one more week...but deep down...please God let us make it to 37 weeks.

2. I can't post comments on blogger blogs!  It's driving me insane.  There are so many things I want to say (even though I haven't been a good commenter since the hyperemesis started, but I'm feeling much better and get to get on and read every other day or so).  I will say on here that I want to wish KC good good luck and that I'm thinking of her as she waits those excruciating 3-5 days after retrieval! Go wish her good thoughts.

3. There are so many others that I'm reading about and am nervous/anxious/excited/totallyunderstandwhatthey'regoingthrough for right now.  And it's weird how many pregnancy and mommy-after-infertility blogs I'm reading now. I had a hard time reading those sometimes, even though I knew what they'd been through.  So I totally get why it would be hard to read this blog for those still "in the trenches" if you will. I love what Elphaba said in her recent post about the awkward transition from IF blogger to pregnant blogger... I just started following her journey a couple weeks ago but she's a great writer and I like what she has to say.

4. I was SOOOOO excited when I got home yesterday from work and saw two packages on the kitchen counter.  The first one I opened because I knew what it was- my SNO.OGLE!!!  I didn't know what I was missing.  Honestly.  It's like they got all of the pregnant women who ever existed into one room and figured out exactly what they all needed in a pregnancy pillow and then created the  Ok, maybe that's a bit much.  But I can't believe I waited this long.  I've been uncomfortable for a while now when I sleep and just kept putting more and more comforter in between my knees to help align my hips...well anyway, this is way better.  Lovely.

5. I didn't think the next package could ever live up to the then I opened it.  It was from two of my amazing friends from college who just wanted to send B and I a gift for the luckies!!! I cried.  Yes, I cried.  Thank you girls!!! I opened it up and there were two bibs- one pink and one blue- that say "If you think I'm cute,  you should see my twin"!  Pause for miniature freak out.  Yes, I did.  And then, my favorite part because I've found some sort of obsession with "binkies" since I decided to try one out myself last weekend- two teeny tiny little binkies- one blue and one pink of course- that both say "I'm the favorite".   AWWWWWW!  I've seriously become a pile of mush around all things baby.  I mean, it's all so small and so huggable.  Have you ever hugged a binky?  If you're infertile- you will. If you're not infertile, just do it.  It's glorious.  I don't even know if we'll use binkies (I have no qualms, just wondering what our little luckies will be never know, maybe they won't like them??) but I just envision these tiny little mouths that fit these tiny little binkies and then I cry for a good five minutes.  Could this really be happening?  Could we really get these two tiny little blessings?  Ok, crying again.

6. Just to track the goings-on in our little pregnant world-  Sunday I had massive pain in my lower abdomen that turned into stabbing type pains and pressure into my lady bits as well as my bum.  I was worried but every time I ever call the doctor I just feel like such a hypochondriac pansy and then they tell me to take 600 mg of Ad.vil and of course confirm my hypochondriac pansyness without saying it... So I didn't call all day while I attempted to shop at Buy Bu.y with B and my mom.  She loves that store and I was excited to go with her.  But I ruined it with all of my pain and groaning.  Then we went back to my parent's house and had a glorious meal that I ruined some more with my complaining. Finally we went home and it got way worse when I would stand up (got better when I laid down) so I called and go the other doc in our clinic who was on call.  She told me that I was on the border of "go to the ER" and "take some Ad.vil".  I hate the ER, honestly.  And if she wasn't super duper worried I figured I'd try the drugs and see if I could sleep.  She did tell me I needed to get in the next day for a check though.  So, of course, I was able to sleep and then woke up feeling much better (pansy) but called for a check up anyway cuz it was scary.  I got to see the luckies again and they look fabulous.  They did a cervical check and everything is the same- nothing to worry about.  Both babies had turned feet down and they figured that's why I was having more pressure/pain in my lower regions with all those lovely kicks aiming down and at my cervix... Sometimes I stop and think about how there are four legs in my belly.  Weird.

How Far Along: 19 weeks

Size of Baby: They went from avocados to onions to sweet potatoes and now I have two MANGOES in my belly!  They are each about 6 inches long now, crown to rump. :)

Picture of Baby: I keep getting texts and emails and comments about loving the belly shots.  We're going to keep doing them weekly and I'll try to post every week or so...but I do want to say that I'm sorry for any who might not really want to see pregnant belly pics right now. I get it.  I will keep warning of it in my title!

Maternity Clothes: Loving my new Ko.hl's dresses! I think dresses will be the staple as it got up to 118 a couple days ago according to B's car.  No maternity pants for this lady- those belly bands are HOT.

Weight Gain: Oh- we're progressing rapidly now!!!  I eat anything I can get my hands on most of the time (the nausea will creep up and bite me in the ass just when I start to get comfortable in eating whatever is in front of me instead of what actually sounds good...).  I'm now at my pre-pregnancy weight!!! Oh yeah!  So that's technically gaining about 15 pounds with the hyperemesis loss.  But I need to get to 25lbs over this weight by 30 weeks at the latest if possible doc said.  That's still 11 weeks- I think I can do that with how much I'm gaining right now.

Belly: Definitely a bump. It's not huge or anything, but I like it. :) I have gotten a couple comments on how I'm "carrying small" for twins.  I think it's just that I'm 6'1" and they have a bit more room to move around before popping outward.  I'm getting a lot more comments about being pregnant now though- so I don't feel as weird about just looking chubby. ha.

Stretch Marks: Not yet. I still think the stretch mark oil I have smells too strong, so I'm just using regular lotion for now. That's gonna have to change soon. Apparently by 28 weeks I'll be the size of a full-term singleton pregnancy. That's some rapid growth over the next 9 weeks.

Sleep: B IS BACK!!!  Yep- he's back in our room!  It's been a couple weeks now but I didn't want to jinx it.  I really missed him.  I'm waking up more to pee now- at least a couple times a night.  Last night it was 3.  Sometimes I can stay in bed and keep sorta sleeping for a good 9 or 10 hours.  Sometimes, like last night, I wake up after 6 and just give up.  A couple nights ago I fell asleep at 8:45 and didn't really get up to get going until 7am.  Bless.

Best Moment of the Week: Although a bit scary- seeing the luckies again! And hearing that my cervix is still 5. Keep it up cervix! pleeease.

Movement: Yeah. Best.thing.ever.  I haven't been able to get B to feel it.  They usually go away right when I try to put my own hand on my belly let alone when B tries.  But I get lots of movement right after work :)  They like it when I stop working and lay down.

Symptoms: Nausea is (and I think will always be) still there from time to time, especially in the evenings. The mornings and early afternoons are SO much better though. I'm also wicked tired most afternoons, but I haven't been napping as much so that I can sleep better through the night. I'm also starting to get pain in my hips more and more and my tail bone really hurts when I sit down for too long. And I'm feeling like my ab muscles are stretching some now, they feel kind of sore. Um...I also still have some digestive problems, but that's more from the Zo.fran. I have adhesions all throughout my abdomen and I'll get these sharp stabbing pains sometimes, I think that might be those stretching or ripping.

Food Cravings: I heart cheddar and sour cream chips right now.  And not the baked kind. No, none of that crap around here.  Give me the full fat, super greasy, lots of orange fingers afterward kind.  Mmmm.  Sour cream and onion usually are pretty good, too.  I'm liking the Fire Roasted Tomato soup from Para.dise Bak.ery again like I used to.  I can't seem to eat large meals at night, but usually lunch is where I try to get my big calories cuz I can really take it down in the middle of the afternoon! People comment.  I've heard "Is that all for you??" one too many times recently.  I just reply that it's for three, dammit.

Gender: GIRL and BOY!!! Little Lady and Big Bubba! We joke that anytime I eat any protein (I've started getting down some almonds sometimes! Yay!) that Bubba's taking it all. Watch, he's gonna end up being lighter than she is.

What I Miss:  Walking with any sort of purpose or speed.  I feel like I'm already waddling- that's not normal. But I walk SO much slower than I used to.  I hate sweating right now so I don't want to work up any sort of sweat, ugh.  And did I mention it's flipping hot here?  And I get out of breath a little easier, nothing like it will be, I'm sure.

What I'm Looking Forward to: The big anatomy scan to make sure everything is on-track and looking healthy for our little ones!  In this last sort-of-emergency type u/s I saw a big black spot on little lady's lower abdomen.  I told myself it's her bladder.  I'm sure it is, right?  I just want everything to be good.  Anyway- that scan is next Wednesday and we get to look at our offspring for an HOUR. love.

Weekly Wisdom: Hmm... Oh I know.  Just call the F'ing doctor. If you're worried- there's no point in waiting just cuz you don't want to seem overly panicky.  I felt SO much better when they let me come in and see that all was ok. And they were super nice about it and told me that they have these type of appointments every single day.  Most pregnant women need some reassurance now and then, let alone us friggin infertile types who start thinking the absolute worst at any abnormal pain...

Milestones: HALFWAY! (is that one word?)

Emotions: Still nervous and anxious but SO excited to be living again and be able to share the pregnancy with my co-workers and friends. I definitely get teary super easily...I cry whenever B tells me I'm doing a good job. haha I seriously have to watch myself at work though- my eyes get all red and watery whenever I even think about these two little humans.  Can't be doing that around just anybody. But I think most people get it. :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Belly (pic)

So here's the growing belly...




I'm starting to get more stretching and aching type pains...apparently I'm going to look full term for a single pregnancy in about 10 weeks, so we've still got some serious growing to do- but it really feels like I'm getting there! :)

Went out to Ko.hls and bought some clearance maternity stuff for work  because I've been rotating the same three dresses and two shirts for three weeks now...yikes.  I also bought a couple of non-maternity dresses that have plenty of room to grow for at least a while (and then I can wear them later, too!!)  I try to think whether I'd wear this stuff after pregnancy before I buy it- but I'm guessing when I'm 34 weeks with twins we're gonna be working with balloon type clothing so I'll be flexible.  Can you say Muumuu's???
 Bring it on!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

18w1d and growing!

I went to work yesterday and two people commented on how it looks like I've grown quite a bit overnight.  It made me over the moon happy! I know that I'll be uncomfortable later, God willing, when this belly gets beastly big- but I just still worry so much that the twins aren't getting enough good nutrition or they're not growing enough or something.  I know worry comes with the territory of parenting, but I think there's a little something more for those of us who didn't get here all too easily. 

I still have nightmares that it will all end, that I'll wake up and have to consider our options all  over again, have to think of what we can handle- what I can handle again.  I couldn't bear to lose these two pieces of me, and I wish I didn't have any of these thoughts.  Ever.  But I have to be honest that they're there, and they get really loud sometimes.

So it was such a blessing to have someone else say that I'm growing! That it looks like our two precious hopes are getting bigger, and hopefully therefore strong and healthy.

When I come back to reality from my nightmares, I realize that I'm eating WAY better.  And I feel a hundred million BILLION times better than I have at any point in this pregnancy right now.  Upping my dose of Pro.tonix seemed to definitely help with the nighttime nausea.  I still get a little sick when I eat just a teensy bit too much or try to eat something that I wasn't really craving.  But honestly, I can usually push through that and keep eating without having to run to the bathroom. I'm weaning myself down on the Zo.fran now, too! Only half the max dose at this point. This is an amazing, amazing place to be.  I'm so enjoying this moment.  How lucky am I? How lucky are we to have two babies growing inside of me.  I just have to smile when I think about it.  And usually cry.  I cry a lot (at work now, too).  Happy tears.

Oh, oh oh oh. And the flutters.  They are life changing.  It feels so incredible.  I felt them on the outside for the first time on Wednesday night and it was unreal.  Just a couple little pops and it was like the whole world stopped.  Then at work yesterday- I'm just sitting at my computer doing something that just months ago seemed so important and then I feel them.  Our little boy and little girl moving around, getting comfortable, stretching and kicking.  Everything else just fades and my whole perspective changes. I don't think I'll ever be the same person and I'm so grateful.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

17 Weeks 2 Days... (lots of pics)

I think  it's about time I upload some pics, no? I'm sitting over here all selfish in my sea of ultrasound photos, not even looking at those 10 week ones anymore because I've nearly worn them out with looks in the last couple of months...but do I share? Oh no, I'm just lapping it all up over here on my own.  How awful.  You can all revolt if you'd like.  I'll give you a moment.

Harsh guys. Harsh.

But now that that's over with, who wants to see the luckies???  (I have to qualify this by saying 1- my scanner is broken and appears to never want to function this is good ol' manual point and click at ultrasound photos which, of course, are amazingly hard to get pictures of with the glare of that glossy paper... and 2- I'm going to pull out the ones which make my beloved daughter and son look anything like aliens...)

How it all started! Our two perfect day 5 blasts...the LUCKIES!

This is crazy because this is a pic of the luckies being placed into my uterus...can't see anything? Yeah me neither. But look what's come of that...

The famous owl shot! Both luckies stuck in there and they're growing! 5w5d

Still growing- and we have two heartbeats! 6w4d 4/4/11

4/13/11 (Hyperemesis settling in...oh man, but look how cute and worth it they are!)

Twin A 4/13/11

Twin B 4/13/11 (it's just a bit of a blurry u/s pic...and both of the twins were still kinda blobs at that point.  But blobs of LOVE)

4/29/11 gummy bears! Yay!!

4/29/11 Twin A with little arm nubs

4/29/11 Twin B

5/6/11 Twin B - they're starting to get little faces with noses and everything!

5/19/11 One of my favs! The twins are facing each other, twin A on the bottom twin B on the top

5/19/11 Twin A

5/19/11 And they have HANDS! Twin B's little wave

5/19/11 And spines! Twin B

6/1/11- I had to do it. They have they're little boy and little girl parts too! Twin B is a BOY! See the arrow pointing to his bubba bits?

6/1/11 This one's a little harder to see. But she's a girl! Twin A

6/1/11 Twin A

6/1/11 TwinB

And yesterday! 17w1d 6/17/11 Twin A

6/17/11 17w1d Twin B

And, the first official belly shot for good measure...

16w3d 6/12/11
(I can still kinda suck it in so it's not so out there if I wanted to...but why would I want to do that?? This one is letting it all hang out)

Mini Update:  Ultrasound and doctor's appointment went great yesterday. I'm gaining weight!!! According to their scale, I'm up 8 pounds from two weeks ago. Oh yeah baby...or babies!

I'm eating a lot more.  I'm still sick at night- feel like I have the flu when I get off of work.  Doc doubled my dose of Pro.tonix so I'm taking that twice a day now (the max allowed) so we'll see if that helps with these night time yucks.  It's just hard to eat dinner. But I try to make up for it with my all day non-stop snacking. Mmm...goldfish crackers.  I should own stock on them right now.  And strawberry nutri-gr.ain bars. Two a day at least.

I was a bit dehydrated yesterday at my appt so I need to do a better job drinking water at work. I usually drink three bottles of water in the 6 or so hours I'm there.  Not good enough.

Oh- work stress is way too high right now.  I'm in the process of dealing with some not so fun HR stuff with one of my employees that's taking all of my time and making me a crazy person.  Why can't it just be easy? Hopefully we can get this all straightened out soon. Ugh.  Also- I'm trying to do full-time work in sorta part-time hours right now. Not cool.  Hopefully I'll be able to work full time next week without feeling like I'm dying or else something has to change.

Babies are moving more now! Lots of flutters!  Nothing from the outside yet though- I really want B to feel them. Can't wait!!!

Oh, and finally...I've had TWO people stop to either ask when I'm due or ask if I'm expecting this last week! I sort of knew both of them a bit so I think it was a little more comfortable for them to ask.  But I'm so excited for when the first stranger makes a comment- I'm totally gonna look at them all freaked out and say "Expecting what?!"  That's horrible, I know. But unless it's seriously painfully obvious that there are babies moving around inside of someone's stomach or there's a leg hanging out between a woman's legs (which would be quite a problem in and of itself), I can't imagine asking someone about being pregnant. What if there's something else going on?  What if they already had the baby recently? Plus, I just kinda want to mess with someone...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

16 Weeks!

How Far Along: 16 weeks

Size of Baby: Apparently, the length of an avocado! Mmm, two avocadoes...

Picture of Baby: I suck at doing any pics... but we have a few really cute ones, and of course the money gender shots :)

Maternity Clothes: Heading back to work this week for the first time meant no more beaters and I had to break out the real clothes.  And for me, that meant maternity clothes.  I can do the bella band with pants but by later in the day my zipper is down so far that I'm way too worried all the time that someone will notice.  I'll use that when I'm just going out for a bit, but not at work. So I've moved to maternity pants. Not cute...but comfy! I'm finally a little ok with something touching my belly, so that's good.  Although, I'm always excited to jump back into a T and undies after work :) I'm thinking this weekend is going to be calling for some more shopping since I really only have two maternity shirts.  I'm now just wearing larger shirts that I had (that are long) but the ladies are WAY too big for those at work I found out today...yikes! :)

Weight Gain: This is the big deal of the moment! Listen up...I gained some weight!!! CAN YOU HEAR ME?!?!?  I'm so excited.  I'm about 5 pounds higher than I was at my lowest (in the depths of hyperemesis), and about 2 pounds up from the standard weight loss I had. So I'm still about 9 pounds or so below my pre-pregnancy weight. But it's progress!

Belly:  Definitely a bump.  It's not huge or anything, but I like it. :)

Stretch Marks: Not yet.  I still think the stretch mark oil I have smells too strong, so I'm just using regular lotion for now.  That's gonna have to change soon.  Apparently by 28 weeks I'll be the size of a full-term singleton pregnancy. That's some rapid growth over the next 12 weeks.

Sleep:  B and I are still in separate rooms :(  Still have trouble smelling him too close.  Sad sad sad.  I'm also the lightest sleeper EVER now.  If B were to turn over it would wake me up. I usually wake up 1-2 times per night to pee, but that's after I pee 2-3 times while I'm trying to fall asleep.  Very strange. Oh, and I'm definitely wishing I had a pregnancy pillow right now. I want one.  My hips are starting to hurt when I sleep.

Best Moment of the Week:  Gaining some weight and not puking!!!  What an amazing, amazing thing.  Still super nauseous at night, but have been able to keep all my food down. SCORE!  Still on the highest dose of Zof.ran.

Movement: I think so :) I feel little pops here and there (not very often) that kind of feel like little muscle twitches but only one at a time.  And I think I've felt some flutter type things recently, too! Can't wait for it to be a little more obvious.

Symptoms: Nausea is (and I think will always be) still there from time to time, especially in the evenings (doesn't go away after a certain point in the night...I always fall asleep trying not to throw up).  The mornings and early afternoons are SO much better though. I get headaches from time to time that throb really badly- I can see spots that move as my heart beats, it's irritating. I'm also wicked tired most afternoons, I usually need about a 2 hour nap after I get home around 3pm.  I'm also starting to get pain in my hips and "lightning crotch" as I've heard it called. Ha.  And I'm feeling like my ab muscles are stretching some now, they feel kind of sore.  Um...I also still have some digestive problems, but that's more from the Zo.fran. I have adhesions all throughout my abdomen and I'll get these sharp stabbing pains sometimes, I think that might be those stretching or ripping.

Food Cravings: I have an aversion to most food.  But from time to time something will sound like I could get it down without dry heaving.  I try to eat those things. ;)  I have been liking sweet candies lately, like starburst. I actually enjoyed a starburst today.  I haven't enjoyed food for about 10 weeks. I mostly just tolerate it...or force it down.

Gender: GIRL and BOY!!! Little Lady and Big Bubba!  We joke that anytime I eat any protein (I've started getting down some almonds sometimes! Yay!) that Bubba's taking it all.  Watch, he's gonna end up being lighter than she is. 

What I Miss:  Food.

What I'm Looking Forward to: Our next ultrasound is in about a week, so I'm anxious to make sure they're doing ok.  I'm really looking forward to feeling some serious movement, although I'm sure later I'll be regretting saying that as they kick me in the ribs.  I actually have heard of women breaking ribs because of a kick.  Um, scary?

Weekly Wisdom: Don't overdo it.  I'm taking it really slow coming back to work. I'm only doing half days and sometimes that even feels like too much.  My first day up and about last weekend (we started doing a bit of shopping and registering at BRU) I got some serious cramps as I was walking around.  I called the nurse just to ask if that's what's to be expected because I've been horizontal for so long and she said absolutely not.  She explained that because I've been down so much I have to be really careful and take it slow because my body won't respond well to too much too fast...which could be bad for the pregnancy.  So I'm takin' it slow! :)

Milestones: Actually gaining a few pounds, for sure!!!! And not yacking for over a week!

Emotions: Still nervous and anxious but SO excited to be living again and be able to share the pregnancy with my co-workers and friends. I definitely get teary super easily...I cry whenever B tells me I'm doing a good job. haha  I almost cried in front of my boss today talking about the hyperemesis and how every night I'm afraid it's going to come back as bad as it was.  I'm living in fear over here.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

15 Weeks and DRUMROLL...!!!

Oh yes, we've hit 15 weeks today which just feels like such an amazing milestone for some reason- maybe because all the baby books and the b.ump keep telling me that our offspring are now the size of oranges. Mmm.

But probably because WE GOT TO FIND OUT THE SEXES YESTERDAY!! So...drumroll...

We're having a GIRL AND A BOY!!!!

Oh I just couldn't be happier.  B couldn't be happier.  (Not just because I really, really can say that this is my last pregnancy and hyperemesis didn't kill me).

We've really thought it was two little girls for a while now.  Mostly because they had the exact same heart rate the whole time basically and for some reason that old wives tale really got me about the slower heart rates are boys and faster are girls. Take that old wives!

But starting about four weeks ago I, for some reason, was calling baby A "she" and baby B "he" without thinking about it.  I think because baby B was a bit bigger...and I hope to God that our boy is bigger than our girl (at least after puberty) cuz that'd be rough on both of them...  And turns out, baby A is in fact a little lady and baby B is our little man!

I couldn't see it on the ultrasound.  The tech had to actually put arrows on the screen for me and explain the "hamburger vs hot dog" analogy for me to get it...but our boy is an active one and everytime she got a shot of his bubba bits it was all blurry and he was like "scuuuuse me!".  But by the fifth try I could see the hot dog! Sorry little man, you will now forever be immortalized as having a hot dog on the interwebs.

B was so cute at the ultrasound.  I know he'd be excited for two girls...but I think every man wants a little boy just a little bit...  So when the tech saw the girl first B was cute and was all "oh cool" and smiley, but then when she saw the boy, he was in total disbelief!  He gave me a high five and said "We did it!"!!!  It was adorable.  Then he said "now we can have a boys day out and a girls day out!"  I love that man.

I was, of course, super nervous going into the ultrasound yet again. I don't think that's ever going to go away.  I just kept saying "I need to see two heartbeats".  The tech actually apologized to B for having to deal with me...look lady, I'm infertile and awful sh*t happens. She assured me it was thoroughly normal after giving B the side eye.

Anyway, little lady and big bubba look phenomenal! They were playing the part- little lady was sitting all curled up and kind of bobbing her head a bit here and there and stretching a little and waving but bubba was bouncing all over the place and doing flips and big kicks.  They aren't measuring them anymore, just looking at the organs and such and measuring heartrate.  158 and 150 respectively. The next time they'll get a thorough measuring will be at the anatomy scan in four weeks.  That's an hour long ultrasound!!! YES!  But we get another ultrasound in between now and then cuz I'm spoiled.

Oh oh oh! Another piece of great news to help my weak little worrier heart- they did my first cervical check.  Apparently I have an "over achiever cervix"! They want to see 3-4 (mm? cm? I'm not sure) but as long as it's more than 2.5 we're good.  Well I'm at 5! Yay!  Built for twins hopefully?  Just keep hanging in there cervix! (Yes, I'm talking to my cervix now...this is my life.  I also make a declaration of victory with every poo just for B. He likes that a lot, I'm sure. You gettin' that sex appeal? Comin' in loud and clear?)

I got a thorough lecture about what to look for for pre-term labor.  So now B is on "maternal weight gain" duty as the little "pre-term labor risk factors" paper the doc gave us had that right up there along with stress and some other stuff we don't have to worry as much about.  We're both worriers, ok?  He told me as soon as we left the office that I need to get some more protein shakes in and make sure I'm uber calm and relaxed.  Right O!

Ok, now for the hyperemesis update!  I've gone a WEEK without throwing up one time!  I've only dry heaved about 10 times or so in that week, too.  Rockstar status. Definitely on the up and up.  I'm actually going to try to do a half day on Monday next week at work! So my mission now is to somehow get up and move around more so I stop getting so damn light headed and dizzy between now and then.  The nausea is still there (way worse in the evenings though) but it's pretty manageable.  I'm staying on the highest dose of Zof.ran until...well...forever.  I think I might be a dealer one day...

But it's been such an amazing blessing to not feel like I want to be placed into a medically induced coma every minute of the day.  I'd love to be nausea free, but this is fine with me.  I can handle this. 

Oh oh oh oh oh! One more thing (this post is epic).  I think I might have felt one of the luckies move last night! It felt sort of like a bit of a twitch.  Kind of like a teensy little muscle spasm in my stomach but only one spot.  It was pretty cool. Then I woke up this morning and took a drink of water which I thoroughly choked on (drinking at 5am is apparently a hazard to me), after which I think I felt three little movements in a row! It was lower though, so I don't know. I'm excited for when I will actually KNOW that it's one of our offspring saying hello.

I keep seeing these pregnancy posts with the formatted questions.  I want to do that but then I start rambling and at this point I think I may have lost everyone so adding an additional section for formatted pregnancy questions is probably a bit much.  Maybe next week.

Yeah for girl and boy!  Yay for shopping! (Yes, we did go out immediately after the appointment and bought a tiny little under arm.our onesie for little lady and a little cut off under arm.our t-shirt for bubba, of course).  We're gonna be broke.