Thursday, August 25, 2011

27 Weeks!

Our doctor told us that at 28 weeks, the survival rate is the same as full-term!  That's a huge milestone (I honestly live one milestone to the next over here...I'm a goal oriented person).  Of course, the complications would be a bit increased...but the survival rate is the same.  So one more week until that huge goal is MET!

The babiesmoon was FAB! It was so terribly needed and we just loved it.  I can't say that the amount of food I ingested in those two days was by any means necessary or healthy, but what's done is done and mama's stuffed. Delicious.  We sat by the pool, I got some reading in, we lied around watching tv and just relaxing...bless.

Here are some more awkward headless photos so you can see the belly on our babiesmoon:

26w1d after our first way-too-big meal.  Gotta take full advantage of the all-inclusive, right?? Mmmm!

On our way out of the resort after a Sunday afternoon by the pool! Lovely!

The resort was great and the lady who checked me in had actually had twins- so we got to talking, cuz that's what I do.  She upgraded our room to one with a huge patio (which wasn't all that great with the heat and, I had a very maddening run-in with a ferocious mosquito one morning while B slept in...don't get me started...but it was nice to have) and it was a handicap room cuz they're bigger and she thought maybe I'd need the bars next to the toilet and by the bathtub...haha!

B drank some wine and got to relax without a to-do list which was totally needed for him.  Poor guy is non-stop around here all the time, weeknights, weekends, you name it.  He gets so much done, but I have to physically remove him from the opportunity of getting anything done for him to fully relax. ;)  All in all, it was the perfect "last getaway" before the babies arrive.  Which, by the way, is in less than 10 weeks- at the MOST!  Crazy.

So here's a little sample of how rockstar B is in the to-do list category.  We ordered our cribs and changing table/dresser back during the twin shopping spree of 2011 a couple weeks ago and they actually came in last week. We couldn't go get them until this Monday night, so B got a buddy of his to help pick them up (which took two trips even with my massive truck), they're huge!  Well, on Tuesday night I came home from work and B had ALREADY put together one of the cribs! I cried when I came home and saw it.  It was perfection, just the most amazing thing.  Having a crib in the nursery was like this unicorn-like moment, something I just never knew would be a possibility...and there it was.  I couldn't hold back the tears if I tried, and I didn't try.  So, B spent the next hour or so putting together the SECOND crib (another big, big moment, yes- that's two cribs in our nursery, holy crap).  Then we spent the next two hours trying to figure out the best layout in the room, which was pretty fun.  Here are some pictures of our nursery thus far...only mid-progress...this isn't finished or even final.  We're working it out though, and I can't wait to take pictures of the final product.  But mostly, I can't wait to show the Luckies what Daddy did.  :)

From the doorway looking in.  One pink, one blue :)

The combo changing table/dresser.  We ordered "chestnut" finish, I'd say these are pretty "cherry" if you ask me.  But they're beautiful!

From the other corner of the room. Yay Diaper Genie!!! This is Bubba's crib- B said he needs to be closer to the door so he can protect his sister. :)

And Little Lady's crib is by the window.  We'll probably put the glider in that empty corner there by the (massive) closet.  Still need to figure out what type of window coverings I want to do...and then it's on to actually decorating! We've got big plans for the walls and then maybe a cute rug in the middle of the room...lots to do still!

I'm loving life right now.  Sleep is almost non-existent nowadays, I wake up every hour or so (I keep waking up on my back, I don't know why I can't just stay on my side), but I'm feeling pretty good.  My back is starting to hurt and you should have seen my ankles last night after we went out to dinner with some friends straight from work.  My body got mad at me for not lying down like I usually do right after work, I guess.  The belly is ever-growing and the Luckies are still super active, which I adore!

B goes to New Daddy Bootcamp tonight, so I'm really excited to hear what they do there for three hours.  There's a part of me that thinks this is all a big lie and the guys get together and just watch pre-season football or something... ;)  I've heard really good things about this class- that the guys come back knowing WAY more than their wives do about how to take care of a newborn.  I'm ready for B to teach me a thing or two.

I'm doing a breastfeeding class the first week of September.  I'm looking forward to that because my anxieties about breastfeeding twins are definitely growing.  We bought the Med.ela Freestyle pump (whoa expensive) but my insurance is flippin awesome and we get reimbursed $250 for a breast pump, so that's helpful. 

What else?  Oh- doctor told me that twin moms rarely work full-time past 32 weeks. I wasn't anticipating that early for some reason, so I've chatted with my boss and sped up my "transition plan" a bit so I can be out of there (at least on a full-time basis) by the end of September at the latest with no worries.  That'll give me my last month of pregnancy to relax a bit more and maybe get some stuff done around the house...if I'm not a house myself (or on bed rest or something).  But all is looking really good so far.  Blood pressure is still very much in check, cervix is closed, my last FFN came back negative again so no preterm labor in the next week or so :)  We get to see and measure the Luckies again next Thursday.  Can't wait to see how big they're getting!!! Love.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Thank you thank you thank you for the lovely recommendations!  We're off tomorrow for the 'moon, can't wait!  I'm looking forward to a couple good books, some time in the pool, some good relaxation- maybe in a warm tub, and my B! (and throw in some thank you cards for good measure if I'm feelin' it)

I just had to update to say that we got to see the kids again today! I love these days! They both look beautiful- growing, growing.  We didn't take measurements, that'll be next time, but all looks well.  We even got a 3D pic of little lady cuz she just happened to turn right before the end to show her lovely apparently at this point they'll throw in the 3D images if they think they can get a good shot. She's so cute and not too alien-like at all (those 3D images look a lil creepy sometimes).  You can really see her little lips and her cute nose! Other than that, it was a standard appointment.  Had the FFN test again, should hear tomorrow how it went (I had a lot of Braxton Hicks yesterday...I think I was dehydrated the day before and it caught up to me, so I was a bit worried). Cervix is still very much closed and I'm always happy to hear that.

Finally- the best news ever at this appointment...I PASSED the gestational diabetes test!!!  I was so worried...and it's not like I passed with flying colors or anything.  Get this- the cut off is 130 to have to take the 3 hour test (which I was so dreading)...and I got a 129! BOOYAH!  I feel like I cheated or something, and I love it.

...I celebrated by stopping and grabbing some sour candies and a bag of peanut m&m's on the way home...nice One Day, nice.

My iron levels were a bit low, so the instructions are to eat more meat and spinach and stuff...and did you know that getting some vitamin C along with your iron helps you absorb it more?  Yeah, meat and oranges don't sound great to everyone but bring it on.

I hope everyone has a fab weekend!

Babiesmoon Planning Updated...

I know, I get it. I've got no clue either what to do (which I know isn't really a bad problem to have here).  So here are some more pointed questions:

1. What's a really super good book that you're digging on right now- and not one that will help me keep a baby (or two) alive.  I need a break from the "mommy guides" and just want a book I can get lost in for a bit as B sleeps (notice that I'm writing this in the wee hours of the morning...woke up at 3:30am today, can't get back to sleep. Boo.)

2. For those who take warm baths, am I missing anything here? Before the Luckies, I used to take hot, hot, hot baths and loved them.  But that's a no-no now- so how do we feel about luke-warm baths? Is it lovely? Should I try it?

3. Writing thank you cards on your babymoon.  Yes or no? Need to do it...this might be a good time...

Ready...GO! ;)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Babiesmoon Planning

I have probably a bajillion things I could write about- trying to desperately feel ok with choosing a daycare, figuring out how we're going to work our very much twosome house into a baby paradise, gestational diabetes testing (did the one hour test and that drink really wasn't that bad- I was all worried for nothing)...the list goes on.  But instead, I'm going to ask you all a very, very important question. 

What should we do during our babymoon weekend?

We have our all-inclusive resort package that includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  We'll be there from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.  I have my preggo bikini.  But what else? 

I can't very well spend the entire day out at the pool- it's 115 degrees here.  I'd cook our offspring.  I can't plan any cool hikes or get all excited about using the gym (what's a gym again?). 

Additionally, I wake up at 5am on far too many days to say that it won't happen on our vacation.  B wakes up at 10am on far too many days to say that it won't happen on our vacation (ok, ok...more like 9am- he doesn't sleep in that much anymore).  So what shall I do with those 4 hours of alone time (where I usually jump on the interwebs or hit up some of my gnarly tv guilty pleasures...)?  I don't want to wake up my B, it's his vacation, too.

So- thoughts?  I would love to say I'll plan to go to the spa- but we just spent thousands of dollars on baby furniture and "accessories"... and we're going to a five-star know what those spa prices are going to be.  I wonder if they have any "I'm broke cuz we just had a twin shopping spree" discounts...

Ok- so throw me your thoughts.  Pretty pleeeeeeeeeeease?!?!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Shopping and WINE party! (pics)

No, not the wine party I'll be having in my hospital bed as soon as the luckies have been evacuated...the wine party my parents threw for us as an afterparty to the shower.  It was pointed out that I so completely forgot to add the amazingness of that portion of our beautiful day to my last post about the Best.Shower.EVER.  Now, I don't have any photos of the wine party cuz everyone was far too focused on boozing it up and having a fabulous time to think about taking pics of the unbelievable spread and all the lovely people (no, I wasn't boozing it up, but I was lying down for the majority of the party and making everyone come see me and chat with me cuz I'm a sleepy little girl and mah feet hurt all the time).  :)  But here's some mental images (with a little help from google images)

B looked like this all day cuz he was helping my Dad, my brother, and a friend K set up for this wonderous festivity (alright, let's be honest boys- you know Dad did most of the work):

(No, that's not B- B's arms are WAY bigger and he's way cuter- but when I googled "strong man mover" I got a bunch of gross images of huge men with bulging veins carrying boulders...)

And then, after coming to help pack up all of our (totally amazing and really unnecessarily generous) gifts from the shower, he definitely deserved a little party time! And do you remember the house cleaning of the week before?? He earned a good time! So he started to look a little more like this:

B does NOT have a goatee (although I like when he grows the full beard out...). But his eyes do get pretty squinty like that when the drinks start flowing...

But, he never got to this stage... don't worry.

The food was immaculate! We had invited all of the "significant others" of those who came to the shower to join us at the afterparty.  B also invited some additional friends to come who I don't know as well. Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the food...but really the focus was on the vino, let's be honest.  My Papa knows how to throw a wine party (he's done this a time or two before...) and he knows how to buy his wine, people. I mean, I miss that luscious wine.

This is similar to what our tables looked like at the wine party (but ours were way better)- and plenty of people loved hovering and tasting all of the deliciousness...

But not nearly as much as they loved hovering around this area:

So I drank some sparkling lemonade out of a wine glass so as to not feel too left out ;) and ate probably three huge plates of food (the pulled pork sandwiches were amazing, the chips and dips were really catching my attention, but that chocolate cake was to die for! Oh- and chocolate covered acai berries??? yes, please) all while my girl L continuously brought me more water to make sure I was hydrating!

I think my favorite part about the whole thing was getting to let some of my friends and families feel the babies put on a show.  Our friend M actually got to feel hiccups!! And my Grammy got some good kicks, too. I loved it- their faces would light up like mine does every time.

Thank you Mom and Dad for capping that amazing day off with perfection! 

Now, the shopping is a little less drunken, a little less delicious, and a whole lot more anxiety ridden (at least for B and I)...

I have spent the last couple of weeks creating a baby item spreadsheet (here I go again trying to beat B at his own game), on which I spent the last couple of days checking off items that we had received from the shower or from hand-me-down gloriousness.  But yesterday was "the day".  We had decided that a) I was getting too anxious to let the nursery remain in its disassembled state for much longer and b) who knows how much longer I'll be able to be of much help to B so it was time to do our (drumroll) PURCHASING!

I woke up way too early yesterday (read 4:30am) because of the annoyingly loud thunder and got started on my final price comparisons.  I compared prices for pretty much all of our items (over 100 of them on the list...) at BRU, Buy Buy. Baby, Tar.get,, and  Then B woke up and came in to help me compare prices on Am.azon (cuz he's the amazon guru and I stay far, far away from his mad skills in this arena).  It was a bit of a chore, but we found a TON of good deals on Amazon for things we already knew we wanted and hooked them up (I mean, $20, $30, sometimes even $50 cheaper than the other stores).  We found a couple of things at Tar.get that we swung by and grabbed as well (not much was cheaper there though). 

We considered our discounts at the different locations- and gift cards as well.  We were doing our "registry completion" day at BRU, so that meant that we got 15% of any item we were buying (in that one shopping trip) that we had registered for, plus they offer a 10% twin discount on big items if you buy two!!!  BUT, we also considered that Ama.zon doesn't charge tax (9% discount pretty much) and we get 3% cash back on Am.azon as well... so the comparisons were intense and involved a calculator which I think is really cute- we went nerd mode yesterday!

We ended up still spending a ton of money, but we got a TON of stuff.  Our office looks like a hoarder's paradise now and I've got quite the job ahead of me in organizing all this stuff into the nursery (but B's got the much harder job of putting it all together, bahahaa!)

So that's our update.  We're rocking out 25w3d today and hoping to jump in the pool at some point cuz all that shopping has made my back feel like it did back in the old days (I had back surgery when I was in college) and my feet feel a little extra-swollen.  Here are some belly shots from the wine party to hold you over until I can throw another preggo bikini shot up here (you're so excited, I know).  And don't forget, next weekend is BABIESMOON!!!  Can'twaitcan'twaitcan'twait!


Our whole family of four! My B can hardly fit his arms around me, now!

Me and my mama (and the luckies, too)!

This was seriously hysterical.  My Dad does NOT have a big belly.  My Dad doesn't have a belly at all- he's way too in shape to be a "Papa", really.  But he was getting a little jealous of all my belly action! ;)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Best Baby Shower Of All Time

No, seriously.  I'm not messing around here.  This was, in fact, the best baby shower EVER. I remember before we were seeing REs I would look at baby shower pictures online from the professionals if you will- I loved all of the cute little themes- the details.  I remember looking at pictures of fabulous showers in the early parts of this pregnancy, feeling a little guilty like I wasn't quite there yet- like I didn't want to jinx it.  I would admire the cute little baby things, the smiling faces.  I hoped that I'd be able to be in some pictures like that one day, maybe soon. 

Those pictures I admired had beautiful details, but not one stood up to the amazing work that my sister-in-law, my best friend, and my mom put together for my baby shower this weekend.  Not one came even close. Yes, I know- just the fact that I even got a baby shower probably makes me slightly biased...but it really was amazing. They did such an incredible job thinking of everything! And it was all a surprise- I knew nothing about what it would look like or what we would do.  It all exceeded even my wildest dreams!

Thank you N, J, and Mom!  I couldn't have had a more beautiful day. 

My sister-in-law had changed out all of her framed pictures to add pics of B and I and of the Luckies ultrasounds!  I cried when I walked in and saw them- the thought that was put in to every detail was overwhelming.

These were a gift from sister-in-law!

My best friend made one of my favorite beverages! Ocean Water (from Sonic)! And it matched the pink and blue theme of course.

They don't only think of everything, but they're all amazing chefs too! N made these delish chocolate dipped marshmallows (pink and blue, don't forget!)

Especially for my strawberry shortcake urge!

J, my best friend, actually made this ice cream cone stand onesie for the occasion! She's so handy (with a little help from some friends)  Totally delicious mini cupcakes filled the ice cream cones, and surprise m&m's too!

Love all of the pink and blue details throughout the house!

Mom had an AWESOME idea to do a scrapbooking activity instead of the (sometimes awkward) traditional baby shower games.  Everyone made two scrap book pages, one for Little Lady and one for Big Bubba, so we can fill them up once the little ones arrive! I'm SO excited (and not just because I don't need to make a scrap book now...)

The tables were all prepared with tons of fun scrap booking materials!

The finished products were perfection, serious perfection!

I couldn't have asked for anything more perfect.  I will never forget this day; I will cherish it for the rest of my life.

Friday, August 5, 2011


I am spaghetti.  I think of a thousand thoughts all at once (and usually try to do at least 5 things at once in any given moment).  My thoughts, emotions, and actions all intertwine and co-exist day in and day out.  Others, like my B, are more like waffles.  He has his compartments and each compartment stays separate.  They must stay separate. I'm guessing that waffles can sleep better than spaghetti.  I woke up this morning with a thousand and one thoughts starting to stream through my was 5am. I could not fall back asleep. So here I am.

1. I went to my first Moms of Multiples meeting last night. It was glorious!!! A co-worker who I really didn't know besides passing by her from time to time reached out to me when she heard I was having twins and invited me to the local "chapter".  I am so glad.  I promptly signed up to be a member- $25 per year for tons of advice, resources, and camaraderie! Love! They have a library that they bring along to each of their monthly meetings as well so I checked out "The Happiest Baby on the Block" last night- we'll see how that is.  I'm still finishing up "Babywise" and finding that pretty insightful.  But I need more twin books cuz, y'all, breastfeeding two babies just can't be the same as one...  Anyway- there were FOUR other ladies who are within 4 weeks from my due date at the meeting last night.  We were all lined up in the front row of the meeting with our bellies out in full force (I'm tied for the furthest along and I have the smallest belly cuz I'm like a foot taller than all of them...).  I got phone numbers and email addresses and plans to see them again in a month.  :)

2. I have been plotting the necessary cleaning tasks that will need to take place before this weekend for about a week now. I told B that I really want to try to do a lot of it myself cuz he's been doing so much more of the cleaning than me. I did say that I can't do the litter box and the surrounding area- that's his task for at least another few months...but I promised him that I was going to do most of the rest (vacuuming, mopping, laundry, dusting...).  I planned on doing most of this tonight before L's flight gets in.  Well- I got home from my MOMs meeting last night around 9:15 with a bag of Chik-fil-a for B thinking I'm such an awesome wife for grabbing him some fast food for dinner....and the ENTIRE HOUSE was immaculately SPOTLESS!!!! Like, not a normal cleaning, people.  B went room by room, crevice by crevice, cleaning every last inch of any type of surface (including the hidden ones).  He did 5 loads of laundry, including our bed sheets, the guest room bed sheets, towels, and THE BATHROOM RUGS!  He cleaned the floors, dusted everything...he edged the entire house! He even took a vacuum to the infamous "cat chair" in our living room that's always covered in grey fur that just couldn't possibly come out- well, I was wrong. B can get it out!  He fluffed pillows, he vacuumed closets...

I cried.

3. My girl, L, gets here TONIGHT! I feel like I need to buy a clock for the guest room- wouldn't it be awful to sleep in a guest room with no way of telling what time it is?  I don't know why I haven't realized that until now, as we've had plenty of people stay in our guest room.  See, this is why I'm spaghetti.  And this is why spaghetti doesn't always work- I move onto the next thought that is intertwining and never buy the damn clock I needed to buy...

4. I've picked out my outfit for the shower on Saturday, but I want to get some new fun jewelry to spice it up...and maybe some new shoes. I spent like $8 on the outfit about a month I figure it's better to spend money on shoes and jewelry than maternity'll last longer.

5. I'm starting to feel some stretching type pains on my belly skin. Uh oh. Lather, lather, lather!!!

6. A friend of mine from college is just a few weeks behind my due date with a beautiful little baby boy after having a rough time getting here.  She suffered two miscarriages so of course we were both very cautiously optimistic together when we discovered we'd both gotten pregnant.  Well, she called and left me a message a few days ago that she was having a ton of braxton hicks and asking if I'd experienced that (and said she was headed to the doc cuz they wanted to check her out).  I called her back that night and left a message that I wasn't really sure but I think I've had a few here and there...but that us cautious ones just have to check into everything just in case- and that's a good thing.  Well, it's been a few days and I haven't heard from her and she's not answering her phone...and I'm worried.  Really, really worried. I'm sure it's fine and she's just busy, but ya know?

7. I didn't drink enough water yesterday and I get paranoid about that. I drank some Sprite, and some lemonade, and some grapefruit juice, and a little water too...but not much. Do you think the babies notice? Do you think they get mad?

8. I can't stop staring at my belly at work and smiling.  It moves all over the place and I just want to stop every meeting I'm in to say "wait- look! Look, they're jumping!" I have to remember that no one else cares about my fetuses movement patterns...especially in the middle of a presentation on our weekly forecasting reports...

9. People in my office have started regularly commenting on my ability to take down large quantities of food.  They back pedal by saying "it's just so different since you didn't eat anything the first trimester..." but the damage is done people.  You're gonna give me a complex.  Leave me alone, I'm STARVING! ;)

10. The only thing that isn't completely and utterly organized (and totally beautiful) in our house right now is the "nursery" if you can call it that.  It's our storage room.  We have all the stuff that we haven't been able to sell from the guest room in there (the mattress, a couple lamps, and a storage bench) as well as the hand-me-down baby awesomeness we've gotten from people.  I think tonight I'm gonna just move all of it to one corner of the room so we have a place to put any more stuff we get- right now it's a little dangerous for me to walk in there... there's no path.  A coworker of mine bought us three little onesies yesterday with zippers- two that are preemies! We didn't have any preemie stuff yet and it's teeeeensy and so cute.  I needed to hang it in the nursery closet with the other few outfits...and I almost ate it while stepping around the stroller and in between the two lamps...

Ok- I'm gonna go force B to wake up and hang out with me before we both have to go to work.  So excited that it's Friday! And it's a GREAT Friday!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

VIABILITY! (u/s pics)

We've made it to viability! This feels really amazing- truly.  I know that we've been planning for babies for a while now, we've been picking out nursery furniture and taking pictures of this growing belly, all while getting to know our beautiful offspring from the outside in with their kicks and hiccups.  But still, to this day, I wasn't sure it would ever happen.  Today feels different.  Like I can move forward without looking back every step to make sure I wasn't overstepping my bounds. 

We had an appointment yesterday and got to see the Luckies again! They're growing great.  Little Lady is measuring in at 1lb 8oz, and Big Bubba is 1lb 10 oz.  I can't believe how big they're getting! We had the new u/s tech yesterday and I didn't like her too much...she couldn't get any profile pictures of their faces so all she gave us were gender shots...which I don't mind having more lovely evidence of Bubba's bits if you will...but I'm sad that she couldn't give us some more. We did get some good chances to see our little ones though, even if we didn't get pics.  It was so cute- Bubba was completely folded- he had his legs stretched straight out over the top of his head! I don't know how they do that...I'm impressed already ;)  Both babies are breech right now- doc is still very much leaning toward c-section for us.  We picked a date today for the LAST day I'll be pregnant- 11/02/2011!  :) She really thinks we'll make it that far.  My cervix is apparently fabulous right now- long and closed.  Had my first manual cervical check of the pregnancy- not too bad (I was worried it would hurt more than non-preggo exams, but no, not at this point).  They did the swab to check for risk of pre-term labor in the next couple of weeks- I'll hear about that today but doc had no worries.

The doc was very pleased with where we're at- how we're all growing and gaining.  She was also pleased with our progress in getting ready for the babies to be here.  I told her about the classes and the visit with the pediatrician.  We also talked about our hesitancy with the daycare situation and how we haven't picked one yet...that's a story for a whole other post unfortunately (it's just me and my paranoia...and feeling like no one is good enough...ugh).

I told her about my weird new symptom of trouble taking a deep breath when I wake up.  I'm not short of breath at all like I thought I'd be (and I'm sure I'll be soon enough) but it feels tight like I have bronchitis or asthma (I had asthma as a kid).  I'm not wheezing though.  We decided if it gets a lot worse then maybe I'll try an inhaler but I'm fine with it now as long as it's not dangerous.

We also talked about the gestational diabetes test and I got the order to go get that done.  I'm nervous. I have a really, really good feeling that I'm gonna fail and I just don't want to.  I don't want to have to worry and monitor my carbs and my sugar.  I know it's best, it's smart.  I just hope that something changed and I'm miraculously gonna do AWESOME on it.  Positive thinking!

Then- the best part-  my company offers ergonomic chairs if you have a doctor's note.  I've been sitting in my chair at the office up to this point and totally hating every minute of it but feeling like a wuss.  But I decided the other day that screw this- I have plenty reason to get an ergonomic chair.  I'm not sure what the "features" are, but a little extra lumbar support would be real nice.  And maybe some additional cushioning around the bum area- my tail bone literally feels like it's broken sometimes.  It's all good if I'm not sitting for more than 20 minutes.  But if I need to sit there for any length of time, ouch.  SO- we're getting the "special" chair. My doc was like "Of course- I write scripts for anything!"  YAY!

AND THEN- she brought up a handicapped parking pass.  I hadn't even considered.  Honestly.  I waddle past the spots slowly as I'm walking from the back of the overly full parking lot in 115 degree weather thinking "that'd be nice" from time to time, but I hadn't really considered that it'd ever be an option.  She said that at 6 months preggo with twins- it's definitely an option.  I don't think I'd ever use it anywhere but my office, but it'd be totally sweet at work since we have too many cars and not enough spaces...  so, she hooked a sister up!  I feel slightly awkward about it and a little guilty. There are plenty more people who need a handicap spot way more than me.  If there's ever only one left, I promise I won't take it!!! I have to go down to the DMV to get it, so I'm sure that'll be put off for another several weeks (does anyone actually like the DMV?).  But it lasts for 6 months so she pointed out that it can come in REAL handy after a c-section with twins as well... bonus!

One of my favorite ladies is coming to visit this weekend and I'm SO excited!!!  B and I need to clean the house a bit, but my nesting (and B's cleanliness and general awesomeness) has helped keep it mildly organized so it shouldn't be too much.  But the SHOWER is this weekend and I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are the money shots for 24weeks because eh, why not?!

Blurry but this is Little Lady's bum! :) 23w6d

Big Bubba's a BOY! Can you see it? hahaha 
Our poor, poor children.  I'm fairly certain there are parents out there who won't put pictures of their kids "gender shots" in utero up on the interwebs for their privacy and whatnot.  I guess I'm not one of those parents.  I mean, c'mon. They're in utero!  I'm sure once they've grown up and I let them read their story they'll be GLAD to see this.  Right? Right?  Hey not-so-little-ones!  You know you love your mama! And I'm sure this is one of the lesser embarrassing things I've done to you...