Wednesday, April 28, 2010

To Do Lists

I'm getting anxious about the appointment this Friday. I think one of the big reasons is the "To Do List" I've got going right now. Number 1? Fax my medical records to the insurance company to get approved for the "Infertility Program". I tried faxing them a couple of days ago but the number was busy... and I'm doing this at work, so it has to be on the sly. Frustrating.

But apparently we have great coverage if I get accepted. And with the two laps showing stage 4 endo, it shouldn't be too difficult. The financial side of the IVF is still a little boggling to me. Some doctors have this "Shared-Risk" program where you pay upfront for several rounds, and if they don't work over the course of a year or so, you get your money back. Sounds pretty great! Unless of course it works the first time...then you have to pay the full price for the "several" rounds. I'm not that optimistic about it taking right away (just hoping).

I talked to the insurance company about it and they said shared risk programs aren't covered by insurance. I don't buy it just yet, I'll keep doing some digging. But even with our supposedly great coverage, we've got a lifetime limit of $15k for infertility...that can add up real fast. We're not looking at too many rounds there. The shared risk programs are usually about $25k up front.

I'll post more about the finances aspect once I understand it a little better. That'll be one of the questions I ask Dr. Z on Friday. Ah, the To Do List... Number 5 is write my list of questions. Hopefully I can get to that today.

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