Thursday, June 3, 2010

July IVF Sched!

Here's my protocol for our upcoming IVF cycle :)

Thursday, July 1 9:00am:  Appointment for injection training, signing of consent forms and payment.

Thursday, July 1 9:00am: Appointment for Ultrasound

Thursday, July 1 Evening: Start Lupron 10 units injections every evening

Sunday, July 4: Last day of birth control pills, continue Lupron

Sunday, July 11: Stimulation Start! Begin taking 225 IU of Follistim and 150 IU of Menopur every evening. 
**Decrease Lupron to 5 units, start baby aspirin and prenatal vitamin
***Zithromax Tripak starts for 3 days for both B and I

Thursday, July 15 8:00am: Appointment for Ultrasound and blood test to assess ovaries (I'll be called this evening with further instructions regarding meds dosage and next appointment date and time once the results are in.  I'll be seen every 1 to 2 days for Ultrasound and blood draw until Retrieval.)

Sunday, July 18: B's "prep" day :)

Thursday, July 22: Estimated day of EGG RETRIEVAL!!! (35 hours after HCG trigger shot is given) And B's big day :)

Tuesday, July 27: Estimated day of Day 5 EMBRYO TRANSFER!!! (5 days after egg retrieval)

I need to call the pharmacy tomorrow because they left me a message that they have all of my perscriptions.  I think they'll send them to me once I call and give them all of my info.  So, it's still the waiting game until July 1!!!

I'm seriously working to get those 7 pounds off that I gained while we were on vacay. I'm trying to get down 10 pounds by July 1...I'm already down 4.  I'm thinking I might up it to 12 or even 15 if things go well.  But I'm not supposed to do more than 4 hours of cardio per week at this point, and I've heard that I'm gonna be packing on the pounds with all of these medications anyway.  But it can't hurt to do as much as I can right now. So I'm trying to cut the calories a bit, eat a lil healthier, and hit the gym more regularly. 

I'm pretty stoked right now...this schedule really makes it feel incredibly real.  Just around the corner! By July 27th I'll be in the dreaded 2 week wait if all goes well.  Bring it on!

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