Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just Waiting

We're back from vacation, have been here for a week now.  It was so good, incredibly relaxing, and really the definition of a vacation for the real world.  Any sort of "all-inclusive" lifestyle isn't real life.  It's an escape from reality, and I took that incredibly literally.  Apparently, I think that my vacation body won't gain excessive amounts of weight if I eat and drink whatever I want to (think 4 pina colada's per day and chips with guacamole at every meal...).  I actually gained 7 lbs in 7 days, that's some sort of record! At least that's a non-medicated record.  I was gaining that much on Lupron easy.  But this had no excuse. It was just me, thinking that I could do whatever I wanted because that's how escaping from reality goes! 

Along with leaving any sort of sense about food and beverage intake, I left my thoughts of IVF behind.  We really didn't talk about it much, which was a great thing.  I thought about it from time to time, but never those lingering thoughts that get me in trouble.  It was more of a "well I won't be drinking like this in a couple of months" type of thinking rather than the "what will we do if it doesn't work in three rounds?" kind of thought process I was on before we left.  It was a great vacation from that reality.

So now we are in that dreaded holding period.  It's really ok, though. I feel like we've got a lot going on so that works.  B's brother is coming into town next week for five days.  Then we're going to Napa for a murder mystery dinner party and wine tasting trip!  Then about a week after that we get to start the fun that is "injection time".  We got our schedule from the nurse in the mail just before we left, so that was a relief!  I'll post the exact schedule when I get home, but it basically says that we start injections the first of July!!!  Retrieval will be somewhere around July 22nd :)

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