Saturday, May 15, 2010


I could NOT stop eating sweets this week. I mean, I was working at it, too.  It's like they were falling from the heavens into my lap.  Someone brought three dozen donuts to work...and the best kind... and then someone brought brownies and set them right by my desk...  I didn't even need to go on a hunt for sweets, they were just sitting there.  Staring at me.  Taunting me.

Anyhow, we had a great follow-up appointment with Dr. Z this week.  We found out that, in fact, B is a super hero and has super hero sperm to go right along with it.  He's perfect in all but one category, and that one he's almost perfect in.  Go figure. ;) 

Surprisingly, I was ranking right up there with him in the "not too shabby" category myself! All of my numbers were dead on except one which showed that my ovaries are acting slightly older than they actually are.  But not by much.  My FSH is good.  My thyroid function is still trucking right along- so there's nothing we can do about the Hashimoto's yet. 

The doc said if I didn't have endometriosis, we'd be working with "unexplained infertility".  But in our bizarre case, endo is definitely explaining everything.  If my tubes were ok and I didn't end up in the hospital everytime I came off of birth control, I think we might be able to do this the good ol' fashioned way.  But alas, we'll use the good ol' fashioned way for fun and get the doc involved for the actual family planning side :) 

We leave in TWO DAYS for vacation.  A whole week sitting on the beach, partaking in some delicious beverages and "free" food ( 'pre-paid' would be the better term, but 'free' just feels better).  I actually decided to come right out and ask the doctor his thoughts on me drinking right now with IVF on the horizon.  Putting aside how intensely I sounded like an alcoholic in that moment, the doctor told us that we're good to go as long as I cut out the drinking right before I start the process.  Oh, and he of course had to make the "no smoking, no drugs" comment, I'm sure because I sounded like a serious addict with my liquor question.  He also told B to stay out of hot tubs when we get close to the date.  And he told us to start acupuncture as soon as we get back from vacay! Yay!

I'm starting to take Folic Acid, and I'm going to start on some other vitamins as well (I wrote them down and can't remember right now...).

So for now, we're going to try to relax and not think too much about the horrifying amount of injections and doctors appointments waiting for us in the next two months.  Instead, we're going to think about how we've got a good shot at this.  How we're incredibly lucky that we get to take a week to just be the two of us.  How we're blessed.  Oh, and how badly we want a Mai Tai!

Quote of the Day (from yesterday):

"You must be DINKs."

Yeah, I was concerned too when I heard it.  But luckily the quoter was kind enough to clarify... Dual Income No Kids! Got it.  And yes, at this point, we are dinks.  And we're not exactly proud dinks.  Quoter doesn't know that for us to leave dink-hood, we have to spend most of our dual income.   But he was right, we're living it up while we're still "just the two of us".  A week long vacay at the beach this week.  A week in Napa next month. We're not able to take the first few years of our marriage to just be together because of our fear that my ovaries will shut down, or my endo will take over my entire body and I'll wake up one morning missing one leg (endo is an evil disease...ok, maybe not that evil but you never know).  So we're trying to fit those newlywed years into a few short months before we hopefully get to change everything. It's a sacrifice we're willing to take.  DINKs no more; that's the goal.

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  1. Have a great vacation, I am so jealous. I would love to have a vacation before my IVf in July!
    Is great that we will be cycling together.
    Thanks for your comments about you tekking a few people. DH is v simular, he does not want anyone to know, but I would like to tell a few close friends, jsut for some support.
    Have a great time, enjoy your drinks!