Thursday, May 26, 2011

14 Weeks!

First, thank you for all of your support from my last post.  I know I shouldn't feel guilty for complaining or not really enjoying being miserably's hard to get past the guilt sometimes.  This is such an amazing community, I'm so glad I started writing about my journey.  This post should be a little less depressed, with a side of way too much reality, and quite a bit of TMI sprinkled in...

Fourteen weeks!  We get to find out the sexes in LESS than a week, I can't wait.  I think of the different possibilities- boy,girl or girl,girl or boy,boy...I'd be so happy with any of them!  All have their own benefits...I just hope everything keeps going well with the little luckies.  I can't help but get nervous from time to time, but I guess I'm lucky to have the nausea remind me that something is for sure going on in there.  Silver lining?  Oh, and I'd be lying if I didn't say that boy,girl would be rock star just a little bit...

I haven't thrown up in a few days y'all!!!!!  Alert the presses!  I'm still nauseous almost all of the time, but yesterday for the first time in probably 7 weeks I had my first short break from nausea!  It was glorious.  I mean, F'ing GLORIOUS! Lasted maybe an hour and 15 minutes in the morning.  Please, please, please let that come back.  I'm back to not a moment without it today so far...and the evenings are usually worse.  But there are degrees to the nausea.  There's queasy, there's sick to my stomach, there's "my stomach is doing flips", there's "I want to reach in and rip my stomach out and set it across the room while I throw darts at it", then there's dry heaving, vomiting, and "I can't stop vomiting and I'm choking on it!".  Yes- this is hyperemesis.  I was mostly sick to my stomach this morning.  Of course, I've noticed that if I don't eat just a little something every hour or so, that turns way worse.  I just went about two hours without food because honestly, food is the LAST thing I want most of the time.  I shot up to dry heaving.  But luckily a few pretzels helped a bit.

Oh- and I was super excited yesterday that I ate an ENTIRE bowl of chicken noodle soup (the whole can!).  And then today I decided to try again...and then I looked at the can.  There's only 200 calories in a whole can of that damn soup- only 10 grams of protein.  What a cheat. Last night I told B everything I ate (which was seriously a red letter day with the amount that I ate- it was amazing) and he tallied a bit and replied "That's about 2500 calories! Great job"- enter depression sinking in.  The doc said I should try to get 3500 calories...and I ate WAY more than normal or than felt comfortable yesterday to only wind up at 2500.  Baby steps, and a great big CONGRATS to me for eating that much if I do say so myself.  B's always there to encourage me though, thank God.  I would have stopped eating and went for the feeding tube weeks ago without him.  He's my rock.

I actually got out of the house for the first time (other than doctor's appts) this past weekend.  Went to my parent's house to lay around there instead.  I ate some pot roast and had some peaches and ice cream!!!  I also took a shower that day.  Big day in our lives people, big day!  More to come???  Pleasepleaseplease!

I still haven't gained any weight back even though I'm eating more than I used to and haven't thrown up the past few days.  Argh!  But I'm not losing really. As soon as I stopped the IV fluids I lost about 3 more pounds immediately (within 24 hours) I'm still hanging in right there, down about 15 or so.  My belly is getting bigger though! :)  I don't get dressed much, having anything pressing on my stomach makes me feel sick, so I lay around in a beater and boy shorts most of the time.  Sexy!  Especially with a growing belly- this beater is not a maternity shirt so it just rides up and makes me look uber trashy.  Oh if these walls could talk.

B and I are sleeping in separate rooms now, did I mention that?  If he breathes on me I lose it, poor guy.  And I'm sleeping so lightly and getting up to pee so much that any snoring or loud breathing is the end of my z's, so he's volunteered to pack it up for the guest room for a bit.  I hate it.  I miss him so much, seriously.  I just want to cuddle!!!  I'm hormonal and sick and I'm a cuddler- this is cruel.

A few more symptoms for my journal of pregnancy: constipation is back and brutal, I'm taking colace every day.  Seriously, I'm pooing rocks over here (sorry). If I don't take proto.nix every day I get pretty gnarley heartburn.  Now, I'm hardly eating and yet I get heartburn.  I never had heartburn before this.  Wtf? We've upped my anti-nausea meds to the highest dose they'll allow which seems to be helping a bit (no throwing up!!), but it doesn't really affect the nausea as much as the vomiting. I'll take it though. do I say this... the lady bits are not my friends.  All of them.  I've got itching. I've got discharge. I've got flaky stuff on the ladies up's adorable, really, all of it. I google something new every day just to find that it's "fairly" common.  I just happen to get ALL of it.  I'm on the bump message boards most days to see what other ladies at the same stage are feeling, and I HATE when those ladies come on and say "I wish I felt more pregnant right now. I mean, I feel exactly the same, blah blah blah".  No offense to any of you who are preggo with no symptoms, seriously.  I know that that would be rough not knowing what's going on in there or wondering/worrying all the time.  I completely understand that.  But I'd just like a couple hours of it here and there.  Maybe long enough to watch a whole movie without itching downstairs, without peeing three times, without dry heaving and making my husband leave the room, and maybe with a nice poo!  haha, honestly, I'm sorry. I've lost all shame. It's gone.

OH- I discovered "Glee".  If you don't watch Glee, Netflix it immediately.  Seriously.  If I can like it through this horrid sickness, you'll definitely like it.  (Caveat- if you absolutely hate hate hate musicals, that last statement may not fly for you...B doesn't like it...but you have to at least try).

And now, some things I've been looking at online that I really really want to go look at in person:

Graco Suite Solutions Portable Playard - Birkshire -  Graco - Toys"R"Us

Graco Playard with Twins Bassinet - Kensington -  Graco - Toys"R"Us

Graco DuoGlider LX Stroller - Pippin - Graco  - Babies"R"Us

Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller - Cubes - Chicco  - Babies"R"Us

Baby Jogger 2010 City Mini Double Stroller - Green/Grey -  Baby Jogger - Toys"R"Us
Tike Tech City X3 Swivel Double Stroller - Classic Black -  Tike Tech - Toys"R"Us

My Brest Friend Twins Plus Deluxe Green Nursing Pillow -  Zenoff Products - Toys"R"Us
Bananafish Nature's Jungle 4-Piece Crib Bedding Set -  Bananafish - Toys"R"Us
Mod Pod Pop Monkey Fitted Crib Sheet - Kids Line  - Babies"R"Us   MONKEYS!!! :)
Mod Pod Pop Monkey Lamp - Kids Line  - Babies"R"Us Seriously??  too much. love.

Mod Pod Pop Monkey Rug - Kids Line  - Babies"R"Us  That's a rug.  Done.

Dutailier XL Micro Glider in Cherry Finish with Ecru Fabric - Dutailier  - Babies"R"Us

JJ Cole Cozy Winter Hat - Ivory (0-6 Months) - JJ Cole Collections  - Babies"R"Us I will not need this where I live, but...swoon.

I-Play Girls Short Sleeve Tie Rashguard & Swim Diaper Set - Yellow Berry (Large/18 Months) - I Play  - Babies"R"Us OMG I want the entire fruit collection....boys could where oranges or pears, right? Oh B would be so mad.

I-Play Girls Skirty Tanksuit - Lavender Pears (Medium/12 Months) - I-Play  - Babies"R"Us
Dr. Seuss Bodysuit Gift Boxes - Red (6 months) - Bumkins  - Babies"R"Us I mean, even if I didn't want to...I have to. It's a requirement.
babyGEAR 6 Piece Neutral Now & Later Gift Box Set in Tulle -  Baby Gear - Toys"R"Us Those are little safari animals.  :)
Itty Bittees Bodysuit, Hat & Burpcloth Gift Set - Boo Boo: Yellow & White (0-3 Months) - Tadpoles  - Babies"R"Us It's says "boo boo"...enough said.
4-Piece Christmas Layette Set - Yummy Red (0-3 Months) - Tadpoles  - Babies"R"Us4-Piece Christmas Layette Set - HoHoHo Green (0-3 Months) - Tadpoles  - Babies"R"Us Oooooh, Christmas!!!

Ok- maybe it's still too soon.  Remember, I'm just looking.  No one's buying or anything. ;)


  1. You're too funny! I am glad that you might be starting over the hump with the ms. Yeah! Here's to putting throwing up behind you. :-)

    Sure, boys could be oranges and pears. Not so sure about bananas though. Might be too suggestive! Lol.

    I totally have that lamp! I did a monkey theme too!

    Much love!

  2. I'm loving the 'thing 1 & thing 2'!!

  3. I say, BUY! I went on a freakin' shopping spree when I was 14 weeks! (I'm a sucker for a good deal!)

    I'm so glad that you are starting to feel better. I hope that things only get better from here!

  4. SO happy to hear that you got a glimpse of nausea free life. Hoping you get more soon!!

    I did the EXACT same thing with a can of chix noodle the other day. So sad! It was the first time I kept a whole can down, and then it was so sad to realize how little food that was. I also can't have anything touching my belly, so undies and tanks it is. We can be trashy together!

  5. No one's buying is a little inaccurate...I bought something yesterday!!! Couldn't help it. :) I'm glad you had some nausea free time yesterday. That's a good sign. I had heartburn this early with E too. Not fun, but once you're further along you can take medicine. I have a long list of things you can eat that will make it better too...ya know, once you can eat.

  6. Shopping! Now you're talking.
    I can't wait to find out boy/girl, girl/boy, boy/boy, or girl/girl.
    Would thing 1 and thing 2 work for any combination?
    Hope the nausea switch turns to off more and more.

  7. So glad you are feeling better!!

  8. YAY for some improvement! I honestly found around 13 to 14 weeks I started to feel better and I'd take better over no change, even though I still felt like hell most days. And way to go with the eating. I remember the days of writing down everything I managed to force down and worrying about how much I was taking in and it is a worry, but the babies will be fine, I'm sure! Plus, when your nausea finally does wane away you will pile on the pounds, seriously, last week was my first week when the nausea was intermittent and the queasy rather than "I'm gonna puke" feeling and I put on 5lbs in one week! I hadn't put on anything in 20 weeks, but as soon as the new meds kicked in and the nausea backed off my body went all out on making up for lost time.

    Sorry you're sleeping in separate rooms, I know it sucks. We are finally back in the same room again and I can hardly believe it as at one point I thought we'd spend the entire 9 months sleeping apart. You will get back to feeling more like you, I'm sure, and I am hoping it is sooner rather than later for you.

    Also, I can' believe you get to find out the sexes next week, we had to wait until 20 weeks for ours!! Cannot wait to find out what you are having xx

  9. I'm glad you're starting to have at least a short respite from vomiting. I hope it gets even better from here!