Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Keep on Truckin'

Getting closer and closer to that 12 week mark.  We go in on Friday for the NT scan, so I'm really excited about that.  Thursday will be 11 weeks.  I think the 12 week thing is kinda funny, because I know that it's just a random day- nothing really changes from 11w6d to 12w...but I'll be so glad to get there.  Just to feel a little bit more peace and comfort.  So far everything is looking great with the luckies, we're so lucky! 

The pregnancy isn't being quite as nice to me as it's being to our little ones.  I'll take that over the other way around though any day.  It's just been rough, and I'm so, so hoping that things get a little easier on my body after the first trimester- just so that I can start doing things that feel healthy for the pregnancy.  All I do is lay around all day in bed, get fluids through an IV, and try to snack on anything that won't make me gag (which is pretty much still just pretzels and water).  I started trying to force down a little more protein through a yogurt here or a quarter of a turkey sandwich there.  I ate a half of a pb&j today and yesterday, so that's progress.  But I have to guess that I'm eating about 900 calories a day...which just can't be good with twins.  I'm trying so hard, but dry heaving and gagging make it so difficult to eat anything.  I hate food right now.  Oh, and I hate the way my house smells. With a passion.  I sleep with my covers over my nose and I chew gum every waking minute to try and cover up the smells that seem to be everywhere.  I'm actually at the point where I can't hug my husband...he smells too much like our kitchen.  :(  This is one of the saddest things to date.  I'll take the numerous vein punctures and IV fluids, but please give me my husband back.  I miss cuddling with him.  Someone tell me this symptom will go away soon.  (But you've got to promise me that the pregnancy will still stay strong...!!!)

We ended up back in the doctor's office last Friday after I woke up in the middle of the night with horrific cramps/lower abdominal pain.  I was in tears. They told me to take 600mg of ibuprofen again. It went away about four hours later (around 5am), but they wanted me to come in to check on everything.  And all is well.  I personally think it was a ruptured ovarian cyst (oh how I love thee).  We don't know though.  I hope that pain doesn't happen again, at least not until labor many, many months down the road.

It was so good to see the luckies again!  They're measuring right on track still and their heartbeats are slowing just a bit to be a little more in the normal range- 168.  I kinda liked when they were in the 180's- little overachievers.  But that's gotta get tiring for the little ones... ;)

I'm obviously still off work on leave.  This isn't good because it's cutting into my maternity leave.  But I'll just go without pay if need be.  I know I'm not gonna want to go back to work before 12 weeks (only 6-8 of that is paid depending on if I have a c-section or not)...and right now I only have 9 weeks left of FMLA total.  My boss is very understanding though- there's no piece of me that worries I won't have job security if I take a personal leave after my FMLA is up.  So we're good there. Plus, I'm sure I'll need to leave work a ways before the babies actually come...I'll be a house by then :) and probably pretty uncomfortable.  Hopefully I won't be nauseous though!! ha


  1. So excited to hear about your progress! I hope you do get to feel better and eat more soon but yay for healthy growing babies! :)

  2. I hope you feel better soon...it's supposed to get better in the 2nd trimester, right? Hopefully your appetite will catch up then!!!

  3. I remember reading about women in the old days holding vanilla scented hankies up to their noses. Maybe that would work. Or maybe this is a good time to burn candles - lemon scented candles.
    No matter what, I am happy the Luckies are growing and their hearts are beating strong. Blessings and Love.

  4. Hope the NT scan went well!