Sunday, February 27, 2011

GREAT news!

Just got back from Dr. Z's office (after a quick stop at Butterfield's for breakfast, yum!) and I already had an email about my hormone levels!

First- the fluid is definitely on its way out.  What's left in my uterus is no longer in the lining, it's on my cervix, so it's moving down.  It looked like less fluid than a couple days ago- so we're heading in the right direction!

Second- I still have a TON of follicles.  He didn't even count them he just said I have "plenty".  B snuck a count in of the big ones that Dr. Z decided to measure today (which he said wasn't even all of the ones that could be on track for retreival) and it was 16.  So I'm very, very pleased with that number!  He said there's one in my left ovary that is too big, it looks like a cyst rather than a follicle that will give us an egg.  But other than that, he said they're all on track and looking about a day ahead of schedule.

Third and MOST exciting - the email they sent read:

Hi Amy,

Today your Estradiol was 1660.2 and progesterone was 1.26. Last time you were at 649.2 Estradiol and 0.52 Progesterone.

We are going to decrease your Gonal-F to 75IU, the rest of your medications will remain the same.

See you tomorrow!

I'm so happy that my numbers are looking way better than last time.  I'm really glad that this nurse is being so awesome about showing me the comparison- she definitely got how serious I was about it when I broke down in the office a few weeks ago.  This is definitely helping me out.  So now it's decreasing to 75IU of Gonal twice a day instead of 150.  Menopur stays the same, Lupron stays the same.  SWEET!
I'm feeling like we might have some to freeze this time!!! Hopefully they keep developing after day 3, but I guess that's putting the cart before the horse.  I know what happened the last time whenever I got optimistic. No good.  So- we'll stay with the cautious optimism for today.  Who knows what could happen in the next four days.  Retrieval is tentatively scheduled for next Thursday the 3rd.  But with being a day ahead right now...that could mean we're going for the Wednesday the 2nd unless this decrease in medicine slows me down like he wants.


  1. OMG! I'm so thrilled for you! I love good news!

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