Monday, February 28, 2011

Getting a little nervous

Went to the doctor's again- we're getting really close!  He said there's a chance that we'll trigger tonight instead of tomorrow, so that would mean a Wednesday retrieval!!!  Lots of follicles that are right in line still, measuring around 17-22mm right now.

One piece of bad news, though.  The fluid is back in the lining again. :(  Dr. Z doesn't seem too worried because my body has proven to do what it needs to do in this arena.  But we're getting really close and it's still there.  He also said that progesterone usually eliminates the fluid- so hopefully as soon as we start supplementing progesterone it will all go away.  It was definitely a lot less than earlier, but it's still there. If it's there on transfer day, we have to cancel.

I'll find out in the next couple of hours whether we've got another monitoring appointment tomorrow or whether we're triggering tonight!

Keep up with the mantra- fluid, fluid GO AWAY!

ps- If anyone has any good stories about fluid being in the uterus during IVF and ending up with a positive outcome, send them my way like Meim!  Dr. Google just keeps telling me bad things :(


  1. Excited that you are so close!!! I'll be crossing my fingers that the fluid is completely gone by time transfer day is here. Keep up the positive thoughts!

  2. Good luck for trigger and I really hope your fluid shifts soon

  3. My fingers are crossed that the fluid leaves and many eggs are retrieved!

  4. Hope everything goes well at the retrieval and the fluid is gone!

  5. Hi. I have the same problem as you (fluid in my uterus) during the baseline sono. It was a small amount (1.7mm) and I was told to add progesterone, however, the cycle did not result in a pregnancy. Can I ask how your IVF turned out after you added the progesterone? My email is