Friday, April 15, 2011

And We Have a Winner!!

We've chosen our OB!  Dr. F, the high risk MFM OB.  She was great, the whole office was really pretty lovely.  We got to have another ultrasound and it made me feel so much more comfortable!  Babies are doing wonderfully- and the heart rates really perked up to make mom feel better!!  Baby A's hb was 178, Baby B was 181!!!  I found out that we get an ultrasound at every appointment because of the twins so I'm super excited about that.  We have our next appointment for three weeks from now, so I, being the spoiled drama queen that I am, mentioned that was a long time to wait.  :)  So, Dr. F said we can come in the middle just for an ultrasound!!!! I love this doctor!!!  We go in on April 25th.

I keep telling myself I'll post when I can get to scanning in the photos, but that would be the death of this blog.  So as soon as I can actually handle walking into another room when I don't actually HAVE to, then I'll consider posting some pics.  Until then, I'll continue typing from bed. 

Yes- the morning sickness has gotten quite a bit worse.  I've lost about 8 pounds in the last four weeks.  I'm throwing up from time to time and dry heaving pretty much every other minute.  I have a bag in my car and one next to me in bed.  I spend about 30% of the time I'm at work in the bathroom...and that's when I actually make it into work. Yikes.  It's all so very, very worth it. But holy wow.  It's really pretty bad.  I cry a lot.  I'm still on Zo.fran, and they doubled the dose.  But it's just getting worse.  I hope it doesn't last after the first trimester (if God willing these little ones are still healthy).

I'm glad to know that everything is going well in there.  I'm super nervous that I'm not nourishing them enough.  I'm trying, but can't seem to stomach anything.  I gag whenever I put something in my mouth.  Yum.

My birthday is on Monday.  Don't really think we'll be celebrating the birthday much.  Just celebrating these little lives all the time.  ...celebrating from bed. :)


  1. So glad your beans are doing well! Yeah!

    Happy birthday! My b-day is Monday, too! :-)

  2. Sorry to hear you're so sick :( it sounds almost identical to what I had. I am still feeling sick and retching sometimes, but I promise it is nowhere near as bad as it was in the first trimester, so even if it does go on longer for you, it will be easier!! Still, doesn't make you feel better, I know... as for the weight loss, well I'm still 2lbs lighter than I was before pregnancy (at 17 weeks) but baby is developing fine and I have a bump growing quite rapidly now, so I'm sure your little ones are getting all they need from you... it's just you that feels so rubbish! Happy Birthday for Monday xx

  3. How fun to have the OB chosen - things are moving right along!

    On an unrelated note - you should update your 'about me' blurb on the right. :)

  4. Happy Birthday! I hope our remedies work.