Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Rough Few Days

We've made it over 9 weeks now! I still can't believe that when I read it, but I assure you, it's true.  We've checked...

Thursday was 9 weeks exactly, and we got to finish out week 8 with my first day of in-home IV therapy (and short term disability from work) on Wednesday.  It was a sad moment for me, knowing that it had come to this.  I've got my IV line in my arm as I type this...the only way I can gain any weight.  They're giving me 2 liters a day, one with added vitamins and folate. I can eat some, and I'm not gagging as much these days.  But I'm still struggling to get any protein in...something that the doctor keeps telling me not to worry about.  Our little luckies are getting what they need...they're just taking it from me, leaving me pretty much bed ridden. A fate I'm willing to work with, whatever it takes.

Unfortunately, we rung in our week 9 milestone with some very scary drama.  I woke up Thursday morning at 5am to go to the bathroom and my heart stopped when I looked down.  My panty liner and underwear were soaked with blood.  Some of it looked old, some was bright red.  The toilet paper was red with clots and I froze.  I woke up B and called Dr. F (after I called my mom to figure out whether I should be waking up the doctor or going to the hospital or what...).  Dr. F was amazing, I'm so glad we picked her.  She told me to take 600 mg of Ibuprofen, lay down, drink some water, and call the office at 9am to schedule an ultrasound.  Those 4 hours were brutal.  B and I tried to sleep...tried to stop thinking...start breathing.  None of it really worked.  At 8:58 as I stared at my phone waiting to call, it rang.  It was Dr. F's nurse practicioner.  She asked how I was doing and scheduled the ultrasound for 11:15.  I told her that the bleeding had stopped, now I was just spotting brown.  I felt a little better about that. But I still dreaded that ultrasound.

When we got to the office, everyone was really amazing.  They had me lay down in a room while the ultrasound tech was finishing her last patient.  Then they got us in.  I laid down and held my breath.  The nurse practicioner, Kerrie, came in with us to the u/s and looked on.  As soon as the wand was on my belly we saw both babies...but I couldn't see heart beats.  About 10 seconds later, the longest 10 seconds EVER, the tech said there they are. Both heart beats.  She zoomed in and showed us our little luckies...both of them now moving and wiggling around.  They're both measuring perfect, a little ahead of schedule.  She said heartbeats are exactly where they should be and everything looks great.  They couldn't find the source of the bleed and told us to continue taking the ibuprofen around the clock for the rest of the weekend to help bring down the irritation in my uterus.  I have a follow up u/s and appt on Monday.


The bright red bleeding started again right when I left the office, but it was about time to take the ibuprofen again. After I took it, the bleeding stopped.  It hasn't started again since.  I've been pretty much laying down ever worried that this could be the end yet again.  But the images of our little luckies wiggling around get me through those thoughts.  Thank God for ultrasounds.

The IV fluids have been going pretty well.  I'm one drugged-up mama though.  I remember thinking I would try to make my pregnancy as natural and clean as possible (except for the labor I'm sure).  I would eat organic as often as I could...stay away from everything deemed "no-no".  Well, now I'm on a double dose of Zo.fran every six hours, perscription antacid Pro.tonix every day, IV fluids and vitamins, 600 mg of Ibuprofen every six hours, Mira.lax daily, and yesterday I got to experience my first round of rectal glycerin suppositories.  Joy.  And no, it didn't do it's job very well.  It's been 9 days now with nothing if you know what I mean.  Yikes.

Oh, and all I eat is simple carbs.  No whole grains for me.  White bagels.  Saltine crackers. Plain white pasta. That's it. Oh, and doc told me to have a little caffeine to try to get my bowels I've had a coke now too.  These babies are gonna come out hating all vegetables, proteins, or whole grains. 

I do eat about an apple every day. This is my small victory.

I had lost ten pounds by Wednesday morning (in about 4 and a half weeks).  I'm now up 4 lbs from that, so we're making progress!!! The dizziness and light headedness are starting to become more manageable as well. Let's hope we're on the up and up!!


  1. Bless your heart! You sure are going through a lot! So glad the babies are hanging in there. Praying for them to continue to be strong!

  2. Oh wow - scary! I'm so glad you and the babies are doing better now. Hang in there!

  3. OMG you are having such a tough time. Hang in there.
    Really sorry you keep bleeding but pleased little ones are doing well

  4. Man what a wild few days! I hope the drama is behind you!!!!

  5. Well at least when they are 16 and driving you nuts as teenagers, you get to say "Do you know what I went through to keep you safe!!!!!" ;)
    So sorry this is kicking your butt, but it sounds like you are in good hands and that is such good news. Hang in there... only a hand full of months left. :)

  6. Yay for reaching 9 weeks but Boo to feeling so rotten. I feel for you, I really do because I literally avoided the IV by the skin of my teeth.
    I remember thinking I would have a natural pregnancy too but ended up on the anti-nausea tablets, drinking coke at the advice of my doctor, and surviving on the tiniest amounts of food. If it's any comfort to you, I have a pretty decent bump without having eaten a proper solid meal since January and only just reaching my pre-pregnancy weight, so it must be true what they say about the baby or babies taking all they need from you!
    I'm thinking of you and really hoping you start feeling better soon xx