Tuesday, April 5, 2011

TWO heartbeats!

We've got two! Two beautiful little heartbeats :)

Twin A's heartbeat (the one who wasn't quite there yet last week) was 117 bpm.  Twin B's heartbeat was 128 bpm.

We actually got to hear them, which was amazing.  They're so little and soft, but fast.  It's amazing to think that's real- in this very moment it's really happening.  I don't know what will happen tomorrow...but right now we have two little heartbeats.  Keep growing luckies!

Now, my weak little infertile heart still has trouble...Dr. Z said that Twin B measured 6w1d. We were 6w4d yesterday and B was measuring 5w6d almost a week before that.  I can't remember what he said about Twin A...I was too distracted by the heartbeat.  Dr. Z said everything is perfectly fine and as long as they're within 1 week of where they're "supposed" to be it's all good. And 117 for Twin A seems a little low, but doc said it's fine. Like I said, my weak little infertile heart can't keep up.  I still worry. 

Have you heard that before? Is it ok to only grow that much in six days? Is 117 high enough for 6w4d?

The nausea definitely bit me hard this weekend...I asked Dr. Z what I could do since I was losing more weight and gagging everytime I ate anything.  He told me:
1) try sniffing alcohol pads  ...  (??)
2) lemon drops (not the drink unfortunately...)  ;)
3) here's a prescription for zo.fran

I took that magic little pill the second we picked it up from the pharmacy.  It's like night and day! Now...I still feel nauseous, like I'm car sick.  And I've got a headache like I'm dizzy.  But I'm not on the verge of throwing up every five seconds.  I didn't dry heave at all yesterday after I took it!  I'll take that improvement any day!

Oh yeah...we graduated yesterday!!!  Dr. Z's office said goodbye to us and we're off to a real OB.  They literally said goodbye- the entire office came out and hugged both of us (including the pretty receptionist...I think B liked it... just kiddin b!). They clapped and begged us over and over to come back in with the belly and then with the babies!  It was surreal and amazing.  I actually cried a little bit.  They all said that we've been through so much and we deserve this... I just can't believe it's happening.  We've been through a lot in that office, that's for sure. 

The pic that we got yesterday was pretty blurry unfortunately, but I'll try to post it later.  They're so cute! And teeny!  Apparently the luckies are almost the size of blueberries!  hmmm...blueberries actually sound kinda good.  Oh no! I don't have any! I think I need to run to the store- this NEVER happens!


  1. Enjoy reading updates on the luckies:] One of my crazy hormone side effects has been excess saliva, kind've like you get with nausea... anyway, I've been eating lots of lemon drops to help with it but worry that it's too much sugar... Dr. Google suggests preggie pops and ginger gum so that might be something to check out. (I saw the ginger gum at CVS yesterday in the nausea section.) Wish you the best, yay for graduating!

  2. WHohoo!!! This makes me smile, especially in conjunction with your blog URL - wishingfortwins. :) Some dreams do come true!

  3. Honey, I'm so happy for you and reading your posts gives me the strength to keep fighting for my "luckies," which are unfortunately still on ice, but will be in my uterus soon! So happy for you and your twins...can't wait for you to get past the "worry" stage, and just be able to 100% enjoy the beautiful babies growing inside you!

  4. YAY for everything except the nausea!

    You know I had it bad from very early on and still get caught out, so I feel for you. Here are my best tips: keep tabs on how much you are drinking, so you don't get dehydrated as that makes you feel worse; try ice cold drinks and using a straw if you're struggling to get much liquid in; keep a variety of snacks at hand as what works one day may not work the next; fruit is a good snack as it is easily digested, contains liquid, and will help boost your blood sugar levels; have gum to hand for if you get a sicky taste in your mouth.

    Thinking of you xx

  5. YAY!!! What great, great news!

  6. Sweet little luckies.

    So glad you're finding relief from the nausea! I hope everything continues to go wonderfully!

  7. Here from Cyclesista. Congratulations!