Sunday, April 3, 2011

Out of Commission...

1. Infertility/pregnancy loss does not make nausea any less...nauseous. 

2. IF/pg loss DOES however make it feel pretty worth it.  Now, I can't compare it to anything...I haven't known morning(noonandnight) sickness without knowing IF/pg loss, so I can't say that it feels more worth it or anything.  But I can say that it feels good to know that at least SOMETHING is going on in there!  Because there's absolutely no way something's not growing with the way I feel right now.  Wow.

3. Saltines help...but not enough. Gingerale is the same.

4. My acupuncturist said that most of his pregnant patients started m/s around 7 weeks.  My SIL started around 9 weeks.  Apparently, 5 and a half weeks sounds much better to my little ones.  Twins, maybe?

5. All three women who I work directly with and who know about the IVF did not have any sort of morning sickness with any of their pregnancies.  They aren't much help when I have no idea what to do between running to the bathroom or making it to that crucial 11:00 meeting...

6. Although I run to the bathroom really pretty frequently, I have yet to actually throw up.  I dry heave about 3 times per day.  This is a weird phenomenon to me.  Now, "yacking" as my wonderful B calls it, isn't really a natural response for my body.  I fight it with everything I have.  My brain says "absof'inglutely're not getting anything to go the opposite direction as long as I have anything to say about it".  My stomach says "you gotta be f'ing kidding me...whatever is in her stomach right now must come out...MUST".  So they settle on the Big D.  oh yes.  the big D. 

7. I've lost three pounds.  All the books I've read say that twin pregnancies really need a pound of weight gain per week...but of course I know not to get down on myself for this.  I'm sure I'll be able to gain the weight when I need to as long as all goes well in there... keep growing luckies!!! Both of you!!!

8. I feel like I'm on one of those spinny roller coasters that won't stop.

9. It's worth it.  Knowing that things are's very much worth it.  As soon as this gnarly spinning roller coaster stops (I've heard right around 12 weeks), it's gonna be a rough wait in between doctors appointments.  We have our second ultrasound tomorrow morning to make sure twin A has a little heartbeat like twin B.  We believe in you twin A!  And knowing this nausea makes me much more confident that A has grown right along with B.  But of course...there is still that little tiny fear...that doubt...

10. Food aversion.  Does anyone like ANY food during pregnancy?  I'm pretty much getting aversions to everything right now.  Saltines are even starting to make me a little queasy.  I do, however, still want my mom's homemade vegetable beef soup...hopefully by this evening I'll still feel like eating it!!  Yum!


  1. Sorry you're feeling so bad!!! I've heard jolly ranchers are supposed to help (a cheap version of those prego pops).

  2. Congratulations on being pregnant. I am too after 6 IVFs with PGD. (I have muscular dystrophy hence PGD).

    I also can't help with tips on morning sickness as I haven't had it for this pregnancy or my previous one.

    Hope you get to see both heartbeats at the next scan.

  3. Wish I had some advice, but honestly I'm not help at all.

    I'm so glad things are progressing, and I'm excited to check in to see how those little luckies are doing in the morning! ;)

  4. UGH. I can relate. I had the "ick" (as I called it) for 17 weeks with my first child and the only thing that I could get down was soda water and oranges. I swear it started at conception because I was sick before I ever peed on a stick! I too lost weight in my 1st trimester which is actually not a big deal. In those brief moments during that pregnancy where something sounded yummy, I immediately ate it if I could knowing that the moment would pass... quickly. I had the "ick" with this pregnancy as well but it was only for 14 weeks. Regardless, it puts a damper on just about anything you want to do, so while I know you don't want to complain because you are so grateful for being pregnant (as was I) feel free to let out your frustration because no matter how long it took you to get pregnant or how you got pregnant, it is a difficult physical state to be in for 9 months and nausea can make the most cheerful person pretty grumpy. I hope it passes soon. Hugs.