Monday, December 19, 2011

Twin Love

So our little ones don't really notice each other too much.  For the most part they seem oblivious to their sibling...except for those few small occasions that make me realize that these kids have been together their entire lives. 

The other night, B ended up holding both babies at once so I could wash bottles or pump or something when they were both fussy.  We don't hold both of them at once very often. They both got super drowsy on him so I took a few quick photos because they're just so cute with Daddy.  I sat down next to the three of them, thinking about how everything that matters was right there beside me.  I looked over and noticed that Caleb and Grace had joined hands.  I thought it was the most adorable fluke, so I grabbed a quick photo.  Then Caleb started fussing and threw his hands up, which made Grace move her hands away as well.  About 10 seconds later, Caleb put his hand back in between them, in a different spot than where it was before, and Grace moved her hand to his.  They clasped hands again.  They laid like that for a little bit until Caleb got fussy again and that was that. 

It was one of the cutest things I've ever seen.  I will forever cherish those 10 minutes.

Plenty of other updates.  They are over 8 weeks old now, they have their two month appointment this week! We've had a few nights of four hour stretches, but not many.  Still on the three hour schedule.  They struggle to sleep sometimes during the day- lots of yawning, but refusing to fall asleep in their nursery.  I can't hold them both/rock them both to sleep, so that makes it tough.  They do a really good job most nights of going right back to sleep after they've been fed between 9pm and 7am.  Sometimes they have a little trouble falling asleep after the 9pm feed, and a lot of the time they have trouble waking up for the first morning feeding (somewhere between 7-9am). They have their nights they like to stay up late and sleep in.

Playing has been interesting.  They don't really like tummy time, they get really irritated about being on their play mat while I'm feeding the other one, they don't always like the bouncy chair...I'm at a loss for what to do with them while I'm feeding the other one.  Does anyone have any ideas?  I'd like them to stay awake for about an hour at a time during the day if I can (unless they aren't seeming sleepy after an hour or they are showing signs of sleepiness sooner than an hour- I watch for their cues- yawning, slow blinking). Any advice would be awesome!

 I'll leave you with some more photos, of course.

My view on our walks!

Catching Caleb in a loving stare down with the hippo...

Grace, mid-undress for a bath

Gracie in her special Uncle B birthday outfit!

Nana feeding Caleb


  1. Do they have swings? I'm curious to know if they like them or will hang out in them. I'm hoping my boys will like theirs and hang in them while I feed the other. Your littles are getting sooooooooo big!!!

  2. I LOVE that you captured them holding hands. That's a framer.
    I think you are doing a wonderful job. They are growing big and they look so content.

  3. I second the swing thing... my girls absolutely LOVE their swings. Sometimes if they are both cranky and need to be fed at the same time I put both boppy pillows on the couch, set the girls in them, and feed them at the same time. The same works in their carseats if they are already in there. Its not idea since you can't burp them halfway through the bottle but is great in a pinch! Good Luck to you =)


  4. They really have gotten big. No clue on how to distract them a bit more while feeding the other one.

  5. They are sooo beautiful! The holding hands is just so heartwarming. I hope they always have tha kind of relationship.

  6. That is just too cute!

    I think that you will soon find things much easier in terms of them being able to amuse themselves while you feed the other one. Oscar was a nightmare for getting fussy if left without someone cooing at him or holding him constantly until about 10 weeks and then suddenly he started getting interested in his play gym, and was happy to lay on his changing mat just looking at it and occasionally hitting it with his fists. Now at 13 weeks he is really happy to lay on the floor, under his gym, and looking up at the tv from time to time. I even caught him talking to the tv the other day! At first he was only happy if someone was sitting really close to him but now he is alright if I have to nip out the room to fetch his bottle or grab something else. And I honestly think it is something that just suddenly happens when they get to a certain age and start getting more control over their movements and so can actually try and reach out for the things around them.