Thursday, December 22, 2011

Two Months

Has it really been two months?

My adorable Grace and Caleb,

This past month brought a tremendous amount of growing, and some more peeks into your unique personalities.  This has truly been such an amazing month, of course full of some ups and downs, but really such a special time.  Watching you grow and change is incredibly bitter sweet for me- I want you to stay small forever, but I can't wait to see what you do next!

This month brought us our first smiles...and they melt my heart every time.  We also had a hospital visit, our first trip to Nana and Papa's house, Daddy's 30th birthday, Thanksgiving, and your first time sleeping through the night!

Phew, a lot has happened in one short month!

Gracie Mae- my sweet little princess.  Somehow, you've become our tiny little baby.  I love that you're staying little, but honestly you're growing right on track!  I can't wait to see how much you weigh at your two month check up tomorrow, but you were over 8lbs the last time we went to the doctor (to check up why you were throwing up so much and having some not so fun tummy problems).  You seem to be healthy, just with some serious gas and the possibility of a little reflux.  We're learning the best ways to make you feel better, but I'm going to talk to the doctor tomorrow about some other tricks- like trying some formula to see if maybe you have an allergy to the breast milk you've been getting. We'll see, I'm not too keen on taking you off the breast milk if I don't have to...but I want whatever is best for you my love.

You absolutely have such a unique and beautiful personality shining through.  We've learned that you, my dear, are our pensive little lady.  You'll spend long periods of time just staring off into the distance, looking at a window, the curtains, your toy, or just the ceiling in you nursery.  You can be incredibly content lying in your crib alone sometimes- and it makes me nervous like I need to be with you every time you're awake.  But I'm proud that you can entertain yourself...just know that a lot of the time you're "lying alone" in your crib, I'm hiding in the doorway watching you, checking on you, amazed at your curiosity and calmness.

You're a little shy with your smiles, I think you might be still getting the hang of them...or you just simply reserve them for the most special of moments.  All of which is fine with me!  When you do decide to give us a Gracie smile, it lights up the room...and my entire world.

One of my favorite new discoveries is how similar you are to your Daddy when I have to wake you up to feed you. It's adorable- you groan and squirm and squint...all the while giving me the cutest pouty face.  You'll see what I'm talking about with the similarity to your Daddy when you get older (read Christmas morning one year when you wake up way too early and try to get your Daddy out of bed...)!

You aren't spending as much time lying on your Dad's chest as you used to, but you still seem to find a lot of comfort there.  You don't love the little animals on your bouncy chair as much anymore either.  You seem to like a little dalmation rattle that we had hanging on your crib for a while.  Mainly you like falling asleep in our arms.

You're still a light eater, especially compared to your brother.  You eat about 3 oz at each feeding on average...and you've taken to sleeping through a lot of them lately.  You are a late riser and you HATE going to bed early- so we get a lot of good Gracie time in the late evenings (but sometimes that's also your incredibly fussy time...and you will cry and cry until we decide to feed you only two hours after your last meal).

Your hair is getting longer, and you're starting to like your baths more and more (although you really dislike when I have to pull you out and dry you off- you don't much like getting chilly).  We've taken a lot of outings this past month, going shopping or walking and you do great every time! You're wearing 0-3 month clothes...but honestly they're usually pretty big on you.  You could still wear newborn clothes, but sometimes they're a little too short. The size 1 diapers that you're in are way too big, too...but it's hard to have you and your brother in different sizes right now- you're both growing so fast and so differently!

Grace, I'm so amazed by you already and I can't tell you how much you've consumed my world.  I could spend hours staring at you, stroking your hair, rubbing your cheek, and examining every tiny fingernail.  I love you, baby girl!

Mr. Caleb- my big man!  You've taken off this month, honestly!  You no longer have me worried about, really, much of anything.  You're smiling all the time, you're very alert, and boy, you're CHUBBY!  I love it- you've got such a cute big belly and your arms and legs have taken on some stellar baby fat rolls.  And have I mentioned your chubby cheeks? They're to die for. I could eat them up.

Your glowing smile is the thing of dreams. It almost hurts how cute you are, buddy.  I wish I could say that you're all smiles all the time, and I think you would be if it were up to you...unfortunately you are still struggling with a whole lot of congestion and your little nose doesn't handle it too well.  You have a lot of trouble breathing sometimes and you, understandably, get pretty mad about it.  But to see you go from super mad, struggling to eat or take a good breath, to all smiles and loving clapping your hands together with mommy- it's so amazing that you've got such a spirit! I love it. 

I've questioned more than once whether we're feeding you too much- but you just can't get enough sometimes.  You'll cut yourself off sometimes though, so I know you will if you're really full (you're just not full very often!!).  You are eating exclusively breast milk still and it's going pretty well obviously. You usually eat around 4 ounces right now, but you've gone through growth spurts where you were eating 5-6 oz per feeding...and sometimes you'll take down 7 or 8 ounces if we'll let you! I'm really curious to see how much you weigh tomorrow- Nana thinks you're gonna be 14 pounds.  I'm guessing more along the lines of 12lbs.  We'll see!

You're wearing 3 month clothes pretty much now- the 0-3months are sometimes a little too short for you and cramp your cute little toes.  I see us moving to the 3-6month clothes for a very short time though with how fast you're growing! The size 1 diapers are getting too small somehow! How are you doing this, little man???

You've discovered the toys on your bouncy chair and they make you much happier than they used to.  You hate tummy time and I give in and don't make you do it enough...I really need to work on that!  I just hate to hear you cry.

My Caleb, I can't get enough of staring at your handsome face and your beautiful eyes.  Your hair is growing back and it's so cute and fuzzy- I just love rubbing your head and kissing those big chunky cheeks!  You're my momma's boy and I love every minute of it!

Luckies- I honestly can't believe it's been two months- and yet I feel like you've been a part of our family for so much longer.  We've dreamed about you and prayed for you for so long...I'm cherishing every moment having you here in my arms, even if it gets a little stressful and hectic juggling both of you at once.  I wouldn't trade it for the world.  I love you!

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  1. I can't believe how much they have changed and grown already! They are adorable! X