Saturday, June 18, 2011

17 Weeks 2 Days... (lots of pics)

I think  it's about time I upload some pics, no? I'm sitting over here all selfish in my sea of ultrasound photos, not even looking at those 10 week ones anymore because I've nearly worn them out with looks in the last couple of months...but do I share? Oh no, I'm just lapping it all up over here on my own.  How awful.  You can all revolt if you'd like.  I'll give you a moment.

Harsh guys. Harsh.

But now that that's over with, who wants to see the luckies???  (I have to qualify this by saying 1- my scanner is broken and appears to never want to function this is good ol' manual point and click at ultrasound photos which, of course, are amazingly hard to get pictures of with the glare of that glossy paper... and 2- I'm going to pull out the ones which make my beloved daughter and son look anything like aliens...)

How it all started! Our two perfect day 5 blasts...the LUCKIES!

This is crazy because this is a pic of the luckies being placed into my uterus...can't see anything? Yeah me neither. But look what's come of that...

The famous owl shot! Both luckies stuck in there and they're growing! 5w5d

Still growing- and we have two heartbeats! 6w4d 4/4/11

4/13/11 (Hyperemesis settling in...oh man, but look how cute and worth it they are!)

Twin A 4/13/11

Twin B 4/13/11 (it's just a bit of a blurry u/s pic...and both of the twins were still kinda blobs at that point.  But blobs of LOVE)

4/29/11 gummy bears! Yay!!

4/29/11 Twin A with little arm nubs

4/29/11 Twin B

5/6/11 Twin B - they're starting to get little faces with noses and everything!

5/19/11 One of my favs! The twins are facing each other, twin A on the bottom twin B on the top

5/19/11 Twin A

5/19/11 And they have HANDS! Twin B's little wave

5/19/11 And spines! Twin B

6/1/11- I had to do it. They have they're little boy and little girl parts too! Twin B is a BOY! See the arrow pointing to his bubba bits?

6/1/11 This one's a little harder to see. But she's a girl! Twin A

6/1/11 Twin A

6/1/11 TwinB

And yesterday! 17w1d 6/17/11 Twin A

6/17/11 17w1d Twin B

And, the first official belly shot for good measure...

16w3d 6/12/11
(I can still kinda suck it in so it's not so out there if I wanted to...but why would I want to do that?? This one is letting it all hang out)

Mini Update:  Ultrasound and doctor's appointment went great yesterday. I'm gaining weight!!! According to their scale, I'm up 8 pounds from two weeks ago. Oh yeah baby...or babies!

I'm eating a lot more.  I'm still sick at night- feel like I have the flu when I get off of work.  Doc doubled my dose of Pro.tonix so I'm taking that twice a day now (the max allowed) so we'll see if that helps with these night time yucks.  It's just hard to eat dinner. But I try to make up for it with my all day non-stop snacking. Mmm...goldfish crackers.  I should own stock on them right now.  And strawberry nutri-gr.ain bars. Two a day at least.

I was a bit dehydrated yesterday at my appt so I need to do a better job drinking water at work. I usually drink three bottles of water in the 6 or so hours I'm there.  Not good enough.

Oh- work stress is way too high right now.  I'm in the process of dealing with some not so fun HR stuff with one of my employees that's taking all of my time and making me a crazy person.  Why can't it just be easy? Hopefully we can get this all straightened out soon. Ugh.  Also- I'm trying to do full-time work in sorta part-time hours right now. Not cool.  Hopefully I'll be able to work full time next week without feeling like I'm dying or else something has to change.

Babies are moving more now! Lots of flutters!  Nothing from the outside yet though- I really want B to feel them. Can't wait!!!

Oh, and finally...I've had TWO people stop to either ask when I'm due or ask if I'm expecting this last week! I sort of knew both of them a bit so I think it was a little more comfortable for them to ask.  But I'm so excited for when the first stranger makes a comment- I'm totally gonna look at them all freaked out and say "Expecting what?!"  That's horrible, I know. But unless it's seriously painfully obvious that there are babies moving around inside of someone's stomach or there's a leg hanging out between a woman's legs (which would be quite a problem in and of itself), I can't imagine asking someone about being pregnant. What if there's something else going on?  What if they already had the baby recently? Plus, I just kinda want to mess with someone...


  1. LOL, I've thought about saying stuff like that as well. :)

    Fun update with all of the pics - thanks for sharing!!

  2. love the pics. brings me back to when i was pregnant. oh how times have changed. enjoy it. your life is about to change!!

  3. Oh thanks for sharing, these are gorgeous! I love the fact your pics point out the girl and boy bits... ours doesn't and even when the lady showed us how totally obvious to her we were expecting a boy I still didn't get how she could tell!!

    Glad you're feeling much better than you were. I know it sucks still getting sick as I do too, but compared to the hell of full-blown HG we'll take anything, right?

    I still get a total buzz out of thinking how these babies of ours just grew out of those tiny blobs at the beginning, I mean it just totally blows my mind!

    I hope the work situation settles for you soon, work stress is horrid at any time but especially so when you don't feel great.

    Oh and have fun with the freaking someone out when they next ask if you're expecting. I get some funny questions from the kids at work, but you can't mind kids asking can you, but adults you can totally mess with!

  4. Awesome belly pic! You look great!