Sunday, June 26, 2011

Belly (pic)

So here's the growing belly...




I'm starting to get more stretching and aching type pains...apparently I'm going to look full term for a single pregnancy in about 10 weeks, so we've still got some serious growing to do- but it really feels like I'm getting there! :)

Went out to Ko.hls and bought some clearance maternity stuff for work  because I've been rotating the same three dresses and two shirts for three weeks now...yikes.  I also bought a couple of non-maternity dresses that have plenty of room to grow for at least a while (and then I can wear them later, too!!)  I try to think whether I'd wear this stuff after pregnancy before I buy it- but I'm guessing when I'm 34 weeks with twins we're gonna be working with balloon type clothing so I'll be flexible.  Can you say Muumuu's???
 Bring it on!!!


  1. You look great! I have a friend who swore by G.ap shirt because of their length at the end (when others were getting too short), which might work for you. I know it would be a little more expensive, but perhaps it could get you through the entire pregnancy?

  2. Great (growing) belly pics! Good luck with the maternity shopping, hope you find a few good pieces that will grow with you and let the rotating continue... at least pregnancy gives us a free pass to wear the same things over and over without anyone saying a word:]

  3. Your belly seems to have grown a lot in the past week! You look so great. :)

  4. Wow you look incredible! So very happy for you! :)