Thursday, June 2, 2011

15 Weeks and DRUMROLL...!!!

Oh yes, we've hit 15 weeks today which just feels like such an amazing milestone for some reason- maybe because all the baby books and the b.ump keep telling me that our offspring are now the size of oranges. Mmm.

But probably because WE GOT TO FIND OUT THE SEXES YESTERDAY!! So...drumroll...

We're having a GIRL AND A BOY!!!!

Oh I just couldn't be happier.  B couldn't be happier.  (Not just because I really, really can say that this is my last pregnancy and hyperemesis didn't kill me).

We've really thought it was two little girls for a while now.  Mostly because they had the exact same heart rate the whole time basically and for some reason that old wives tale really got me about the slower heart rates are boys and faster are girls. Take that old wives!

But starting about four weeks ago I, for some reason, was calling baby A "she" and baby B "he" without thinking about it.  I think because baby B was a bit bigger...and I hope to God that our boy is bigger than our girl (at least after puberty) cuz that'd be rough on both of them...  And turns out, baby A is in fact a little lady and baby B is our little man!

I couldn't see it on the ultrasound.  The tech had to actually put arrows on the screen for me and explain the "hamburger vs hot dog" analogy for me to get it...but our boy is an active one and everytime she got a shot of his bubba bits it was all blurry and he was like "scuuuuse me!".  But by the fifth try I could see the hot dog! Sorry little man, you will now forever be immortalized as having a hot dog on the interwebs.

B was so cute at the ultrasound.  I know he'd be excited for two girls...but I think every man wants a little boy just a little bit...  So when the tech saw the girl first B was cute and was all "oh cool" and smiley, but then when she saw the boy, he was in total disbelief!  He gave me a high five and said "We did it!"!!!  It was adorable.  Then he said "now we can have a boys day out and a girls day out!"  I love that man.

I was, of course, super nervous going into the ultrasound yet again. I don't think that's ever going to go away.  I just kept saying "I need to see two heartbeats".  The tech actually apologized to B for having to deal with me...look lady, I'm infertile and awful sh*t happens. She assured me it was thoroughly normal after giving B the side eye.

Anyway, little lady and big bubba look phenomenal! They were playing the part- little lady was sitting all curled up and kind of bobbing her head a bit here and there and stretching a little and waving but bubba was bouncing all over the place and doing flips and big kicks.  They aren't measuring them anymore, just looking at the organs and such and measuring heartrate.  158 and 150 respectively. The next time they'll get a thorough measuring will be at the anatomy scan in four weeks.  That's an hour long ultrasound!!! YES!  But we get another ultrasound in between now and then cuz I'm spoiled.

Oh oh oh! Another piece of great news to help my weak little worrier heart- they did my first cervical check.  Apparently I have an "over achiever cervix"! They want to see 3-4 (mm? cm? I'm not sure) but as long as it's more than 2.5 we're good.  Well I'm at 5! Yay!  Built for twins hopefully?  Just keep hanging in there cervix! (Yes, I'm talking to my cervix now...this is my life.  I also make a declaration of victory with every poo just for B. He likes that a lot, I'm sure. You gettin' that sex appeal? Comin' in loud and clear?)

I got a thorough lecture about what to look for for pre-term labor.  So now B is on "maternal weight gain" duty as the little "pre-term labor risk factors" paper the doc gave us had that right up there along with stress and some other stuff we don't have to worry as much about.  We're both worriers, ok?  He told me as soon as we left the office that I need to get some more protein shakes in and make sure I'm uber calm and relaxed.  Right O!

Ok, now for the hyperemesis update!  I've gone a WEEK without throwing up one time!  I've only dry heaved about 10 times or so in that week, too.  Rockstar status. Definitely on the up and up.  I'm actually going to try to do a half day on Monday next week at work! So my mission now is to somehow get up and move around more so I stop getting so damn light headed and dizzy between now and then.  The nausea is still there (way worse in the evenings though) but it's pretty manageable.  I'm staying on the highest dose of Zof.ran until...well...forever.  I think I might be a dealer one day...

But it's been such an amazing blessing to not feel like I want to be placed into a medically induced coma every minute of the day.  I'd love to be nausea free, but this is fine with me.  I can handle this. 

Oh oh oh oh oh! One more thing (this post is epic).  I think I might have felt one of the luckies move last night! It felt sort of like a bit of a twitch.  Kind of like a teensy little muscle spasm in my stomach but only one spot.  It was pretty cool. Then I woke up this morning and took a drink of water which I thoroughly choked on (drinking at 5am is apparently a hazard to me), after which I think I felt three little movements in a row! It was lower though, so I don't know. I'm excited for when I will actually KNOW that it's one of our offspring saying hello.

I keep seeing these pregnancy posts with the formatted questions.  I want to do that but then I start rambling and at this point I think I may have lost everyone so adding an additional section for formatted pregnancy questions is probably a bit much.  Maybe next week.

Yeah for girl and boy!  Yay for shopping! (Yes, we did go out immediately after the appointment and bought a tiny little under arm.our onesie for little lady and a little cut off under arm.our t-shirt for bubba, of course).  We're gonna be broke.


  1. I made it to the end!!! Your post actually made me smile in several spots! So glad to hear things are FINALLY looking up for you with this pregnancy! Woo Hoo!!!! Keep counting your and a TON sweetie!!

  2. Congrats!!!! So much great news in this post. :) I'm SO happy you're not puking anymore - I'll take dry heaving over m/s any day of the week as well!

    A boy and a girl... so cool. :)

  3. A Boy and a Girl, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I'm so so happy for you!!!

  4. It doesn't get any better! Lots of good news, yay! Hope they're able to tell us what we're having at our next appt- 15 weeks too. Exciting times!

  5. Such womderul news all around! I am so, so happy for you!

  6. I love Love LOVE this post! Congrats on the genders! Now I just need to know where to send stuff. ;)

  7. I cannot tell you how utterly exciting I found this post!! I am so happy for you guys. Isn't it exciting knowing what you are having and being able to refer to them as a "he" or "she". Ours is now called by his name which is just wonderful rather than "it".

    And way to go with the HG! The weight gain issue and pre-term labour is what finally convinced my doctor that I needed to go back on the antiemetics and I swear that without them I'd be spending all my time panicking about the lack of weight gain whereas now I'm just enjoying finally being able to eat like a normal person. You will get back to that point, I promise, and I know that with HG every little achievement is massive so revel in each one! I still get nauseous daily but compared to the constant puking/dry heaving it is bliss. Good luck with trying back at work, I hope it goes ok for you.

    Thinking of you tons xx