Friday, August 5, 2011


I am spaghetti.  I think of a thousand thoughts all at once (and usually try to do at least 5 things at once in any given moment).  My thoughts, emotions, and actions all intertwine and co-exist day in and day out.  Others, like my B, are more like waffles.  He has his compartments and each compartment stays separate.  They must stay separate. I'm guessing that waffles can sleep better than spaghetti.  I woke up this morning with a thousand and one thoughts starting to stream through my was 5am. I could not fall back asleep. So here I am.

1. I went to my first Moms of Multiples meeting last night. It was glorious!!! A co-worker who I really didn't know besides passing by her from time to time reached out to me when she heard I was having twins and invited me to the local "chapter".  I am so glad.  I promptly signed up to be a member- $25 per year for tons of advice, resources, and camaraderie! Love! They have a library that they bring along to each of their monthly meetings as well so I checked out "The Happiest Baby on the Block" last night- we'll see how that is.  I'm still finishing up "Babywise" and finding that pretty insightful.  But I need more twin books cuz, y'all, breastfeeding two babies just can't be the same as one...  Anyway- there were FOUR other ladies who are within 4 weeks from my due date at the meeting last night.  We were all lined up in the front row of the meeting with our bellies out in full force (I'm tied for the furthest along and I have the smallest belly cuz I'm like a foot taller than all of them...).  I got phone numbers and email addresses and plans to see them again in a month.  :)

2. I have been plotting the necessary cleaning tasks that will need to take place before this weekend for about a week now. I told B that I really want to try to do a lot of it myself cuz he's been doing so much more of the cleaning than me. I did say that I can't do the litter box and the surrounding area- that's his task for at least another few months...but I promised him that I was going to do most of the rest (vacuuming, mopping, laundry, dusting...).  I planned on doing most of this tonight before L's flight gets in.  Well- I got home from my MOMs meeting last night around 9:15 with a bag of Chik-fil-a for B thinking I'm such an awesome wife for grabbing him some fast food for dinner....and the ENTIRE HOUSE was immaculately SPOTLESS!!!! Like, not a normal cleaning, people.  B went room by room, crevice by crevice, cleaning every last inch of any type of surface (including the hidden ones).  He did 5 loads of laundry, including our bed sheets, the guest room bed sheets, towels, and THE BATHROOM RUGS!  He cleaned the floors, dusted everything...he edged the entire house! He even took a vacuum to the infamous "cat chair" in our living room that's always covered in grey fur that just couldn't possibly come out- well, I was wrong. B can get it out!  He fluffed pillows, he vacuumed closets...

I cried.

3. My girl, L, gets here TONIGHT! I feel like I need to buy a clock for the guest room- wouldn't it be awful to sleep in a guest room with no way of telling what time it is?  I don't know why I haven't realized that until now, as we've had plenty of people stay in our guest room.  See, this is why I'm spaghetti.  And this is why spaghetti doesn't always work- I move onto the next thought that is intertwining and never buy the damn clock I needed to buy...

4. I've picked out my outfit for the shower on Saturday, but I want to get some new fun jewelry to spice it up...and maybe some new shoes. I spent like $8 on the outfit about a month I figure it's better to spend money on shoes and jewelry than maternity'll last longer.

5. I'm starting to feel some stretching type pains on my belly skin. Uh oh. Lather, lather, lather!!!

6. A friend of mine from college is just a few weeks behind my due date with a beautiful little baby boy after having a rough time getting here.  She suffered two miscarriages so of course we were both very cautiously optimistic together when we discovered we'd both gotten pregnant.  Well, she called and left me a message a few days ago that she was having a ton of braxton hicks and asking if I'd experienced that (and said she was headed to the doc cuz they wanted to check her out).  I called her back that night and left a message that I wasn't really sure but I think I've had a few here and there...but that us cautious ones just have to check into everything just in case- and that's a good thing.  Well, it's been a few days and I haven't heard from her and she's not answering her phone...and I'm worried.  Really, really worried. I'm sure it's fine and she's just busy, but ya know?

7. I didn't drink enough water yesterday and I get paranoid about that. I drank some Sprite, and some lemonade, and some grapefruit juice, and a little water too...but not much. Do you think the babies notice? Do you think they get mad?

8. I can't stop staring at my belly at work and smiling.  It moves all over the place and I just want to stop every meeting I'm in to say "wait- look! Look, they're jumping!" I have to remember that no one else cares about my fetuses movement patterns...especially in the middle of a presentation on our weekly forecasting reports...

9. People in my office have started regularly commenting on my ability to take down large quantities of food.  They back pedal by saying "it's just so different since you didn't eat anything the first trimester..." but the damage is done people.  You're gonna give me a complex.  Leave me alone, I'm STARVING! ;)

10. The only thing that isn't completely and utterly organized (and totally beautiful) in our house right now is the "nursery" if you can call it that.  It's our storage room.  We have all the stuff that we haven't been able to sell from the guest room in there (the mattress, a couple lamps, and a storage bench) as well as the hand-me-down baby awesomeness we've gotten from people.  I think tonight I'm gonna just move all of it to one corner of the room so we have a place to put any more stuff we get- right now it's a little dangerous for me to walk in there... there's no path.  A coworker of mine bought us three little onesies yesterday with zippers- two that are preemies! We didn't have any preemie stuff yet and it's teeeeensy and so cute.  I needed to hang it in the nursery closet with the other few outfits...and I almost ate it while stepping around the stroller and in between the two lamps...

Ok- I'm gonna go force B to wake up and hang out with me before we both have to go to work.  So excited that it's Friday! And it's a GREAT Friday!!!


  1. I am spaghetti as well. Every night I wake up with 5 things already going through my mind and it's impossible to quiet them and just sleep. AHHH!

    Your MOMs meeting sounds awesome. Your husband sounds even more amazing. I would cry too if my hubby did a deep clean of the house!

    Don't worry about the alarm clock. We have one in the guest room that is too bright (it's actually been banished from our room for that reason) and I really just need to give it away so that guests don't need to bother turning it face down every time they stay over. Everyone uses their cell phone alarm clocks anyway these days.

    The babies get plenty of water - they just leach it from your cells, so you're dehydrated but they are fine. Be good to yourself. :)

    Our "nursery" looks eerily similar to yours I'm sure. Yikes!

  2. BTW: I think the spaghetti brain lasts long after pregnancy! I loved this post of randomness!! When I was PG with our twins I read Twin Sense (I think that was the name of it). It was really good! But ask the ladies in your group they will best!

  3. OMG! I am the exact same way! My hubby just laughs at me. I'm also infamous for coining phrases like, "It's not as blonde as you think I am." Yeah, I'm awesome.

  4. If you hadn't figured out from my long comments yet, I'm a spaghetti person too (love the analogy!)

    Our nursery was just like yours, a storage space and I had to get my mum to stay over to help me clear it because there was no way I could have done it on my own. But it is done and it feels so good.

    I know I'm only expecting the one, but ALL of my weight has gone onto my bump and the total shock is I've put on 28lbs in the past ten weeks after putting nothing on to start with. And I'm not even eating that much as I still get nauseous from the HG despite my meds. My theory is my body was starved for so long that once I started eating even a small amount it clung on to every last ounce. (For a moment then I forgot why I was telling you this!!) Anyway, I am short and petite and so my bump looks huge and my friend officially hates me as I have no stretch marks and never remember to moisturise. Yeah, go ahead and hate me! BUT my mum also never got stretch marks but did get a ton of broken spider veins in her legs and guess what, I'm starting to get them too. I guess it's just one of those things, every pregnant body is different but we all end up with some lasting reminder of it! So even if you get stretch marks, they will always be a reminder of what you went through to get your two luckies :)

    I've totally forgotten what I wanted to say now (pregnancy brain has officially got me) so just wanted to say I'm glad things are moving along well for you right now and you've found a great support group locally. xx