Sunday, August 14, 2011

Shopping and WINE party! (pics)

No, not the wine party I'll be having in my hospital bed as soon as the luckies have been evacuated...the wine party my parents threw for us as an afterparty to the shower.  It was pointed out that I so completely forgot to add the amazingness of that portion of our beautiful day to my last post about the Best.Shower.EVER.  Now, I don't have any photos of the wine party cuz everyone was far too focused on boozing it up and having a fabulous time to think about taking pics of the unbelievable spread and all the lovely people (no, I wasn't boozing it up, but I was lying down for the majority of the party and making everyone come see me and chat with me cuz I'm a sleepy little girl and mah feet hurt all the time).  :)  But here's some mental images (with a little help from google images)

B looked like this all day cuz he was helping my Dad, my brother, and a friend K set up for this wonderous festivity (alright, let's be honest boys- you know Dad did most of the work):

(No, that's not B- B's arms are WAY bigger and he's way cuter- but when I googled "strong man mover" I got a bunch of gross images of huge men with bulging veins carrying boulders...)

And then, after coming to help pack up all of our (totally amazing and really unnecessarily generous) gifts from the shower, he definitely deserved a little party time! And do you remember the house cleaning of the week before?? He earned a good time! So he started to look a little more like this:

B does NOT have a goatee (although I like when he grows the full beard out...). But his eyes do get pretty squinty like that when the drinks start flowing...

But, he never got to this stage... don't worry.

The food was immaculate! We had invited all of the "significant others" of those who came to the shower to join us at the afterparty.  B also invited some additional friends to come who I don't know as well. Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the food...but really the focus was on the vino, let's be honest.  My Papa knows how to throw a wine party (he's done this a time or two before...) and he knows how to buy his wine, people. I mean, I miss that luscious wine.

This is similar to what our tables looked like at the wine party (but ours were way better)- and plenty of people loved hovering and tasting all of the deliciousness...

But not nearly as much as they loved hovering around this area:

So I drank some sparkling lemonade out of a wine glass so as to not feel too left out ;) and ate probably three huge plates of food (the pulled pork sandwiches were amazing, the chips and dips were really catching my attention, but that chocolate cake was to die for! Oh- and chocolate covered acai berries??? yes, please) all while my girl L continuously brought me more water to make sure I was hydrating!

I think my favorite part about the whole thing was getting to let some of my friends and families feel the babies put on a show.  Our friend M actually got to feel hiccups!! And my Grammy got some good kicks, too. I loved it- their faces would light up like mine does every time.

Thank you Mom and Dad for capping that amazing day off with perfection! 

Now, the shopping is a little less drunken, a little less delicious, and a whole lot more anxiety ridden (at least for B and I)...

I have spent the last couple of weeks creating a baby item spreadsheet (here I go again trying to beat B at his own game), on which I spent the last couple of days checking off items that we had received from the shower or from hand-me-down gloriousness.  But yesterday was "the day".  We had decided that a) I was getting too anxious to let the nursery remain in its disassembled state for much longer and b) who knows how much longer I'll be able to be of much help to B so it was time to do our (drumroll) PURCHASING!

I woke up way too early yesterday (read 4:30am) because of the annoyingly loud thunder and got started on my final price comparisons.  I compared prices for pretty much all of our items (over 100 of them on the list...) at BRU, Buy Buy. Baby, Tar.get,, and  Then B woke up and came in to help me compare prices on Am.azon (cuz he's the amazon guru and I stay far, far away from his mad skills in this arena).  It was a bit of a chore, but we found a TON of good deals on Amazon for things we already knew we wanted and hooked them up (I mean, $20, $30, sometimes even $50 cheaper than the other stores).  We found a couple of things at Tar.get that we swung by and grabbed as well (not much was cheaper there though). 

We considered our discounts at the different locations- and gift cards as well.  We were doing our "registry completion" day at BRU, so that meant that we got 15% of any item we were buying (in that one shopping trip) that we had registered for, plus they offer a 10% twin discount on big items if you buy two!!!  BUT, we also considered that Ama.zon doesn't charge tax (9% discount pretty much) and we get 3% cash back on Am.azon as well... so the comparisons were intense and involved a calculator which I think is really cute- we went nerd mode yesterday!

We ended up still spending a ton of money, but we got a TON of stuff.  Our office looks like a hoarder's paradise now and I've got quite the job ahead of me in organizing all this stuff into the nursery (but B's got the much harder job of putting it all together, bahahaa!)

So that's our update.  We're rocking out 25w3d today and hoping to jump in the pool at some point cuz all that shopping has made my back feel like it did back in the old days (I had back surgery when I was in college) and my feet feel a little extra-swollen.  Here are some belly shots from the wine party to hold you over until I can throw another preggo bikini shot up here (you're so excited, I know).  And don't forget, next weekend is BABIESMOON!!!  Can'twaitcan'twaitcan'twait!


Our whole family of four! My B can hardly fit his arms around me, now!

Me and my mama (and the luckies, too)!

This was seriously hysterical.  My Dad does NOT have a big belly.  My Dad doesn't have a belly at all- he's way too in shape to be a "Papa", really.  But he was getting a little jealous of all my belly action! ;)


  1. This post made me giggle - love all the pics. :)

    I'm neurotic about the price comparisons too - Amazon is SO great for amazing deals!! I registered at Target and Amazon for my baby showers. I figured if ppl didn't want to deal with Amazon, they can give me cash and i'll go on Amazon to get it. :)

    Lookin' good lady!

  2. BEAUTIFUL! Your dress is super pretty and flattering, by the way. I love it. :)

  3. Your story just proved that when it comes to liquor, father knows best! :P Well, most people claim that consuming red wine or, for that matter, any kind of alcohol during pregnancy can actually cause a major damage to the unborn baby. However, there's no evidence to support this claim. I read on a magazine that there are many women whose babies were born healthy, in spite of the fact that they drank red wine during their pregnancy.