Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Babiesmoon Planning

I have probably a bajillion things I could write about- trying to desperately feel ok with choosing a daycare, figuring out how we're going to work our very much twosome house into a baby paradise, gestational diabetes testing (did the one hour test and that drink really wasn't that bad- I was all worried for nothing)...the list goes on.  But instead, I'm going to ask you all a very, very important question. 

What should we do during our babymoon weekend?

We have our all-inclusive resort package that includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  We'll be there from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.  I have my preggo bikini.  But what else? 

I can't very well spend the entire day out at the pool- it's 115 degrees here.  I'd cook our offspring.  I can't plan any cool hikes or get all excited about using the gym (what's a gym again?). 

Additionally, I wake up at 5am on far too many days to say that it won't happen on our vacation.  B wakes up at 10am on far too many days to say that it won't happen on our vacation (ok, ok...more like 9am- he doesn't sleep in that much anymore).  So what shall I do with those 4 hours of alone time (where I usually jump on the interwebs or hit up some of my gnarly tv guilty pleasures...)?  I don't want to wake up my B, it's his vacation, too.

So- thoughts?  I would love to say I'll plan to go to the spa- but we just spent thousands of dollars on baby furniture and "accessories"... and we're going to a five-star know what those spa prices are going to be.  I wonder if they have any "I'm broke cuz we just had a twin shopping spree" discounts...

Ok- so throw me your thoughts.  Pretty pleeeeeeeeeeease?!?!

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