Thursday, August 25, 2011

27 Weeks!

Our doctor told us that at 28 weeks, the survival rate is the same as full-term!  That's a huge milestone (I honestly live one milestone to the next over here...I'm a goal oriented person).  Of course, the complications would be a bit increased...but the survival rate is the same.  So one more week until that huge goal is MET!

The babiesmoon was FAB! It was so terribly needed and we just loved it.  I can't say that the amount of food I ingested in those two days was by any means necessary or healthy, but what's done is done and mama's stuffed. Delicious.  We sat by the pool, I got some reading in, we lied around watching tv and just relaxing...bless.

Here are some more awkward headless photos so you can see the belly on our babiesmoon:

26w1d after our first way-too-big meal.  Gotta take full advantage of the all-inclusive, right?? Mmmm!

On our way out of the resort after a Sunday afternoon by the pool! Lovely!

The resort was great and the lady who checked me in had actually had twins- so we got to talking, cuz that's what I do.  She upgraded our room to one with a huge patio (which wasn't all that great with the heat and, I had a very maddening run-in with a ferocious mosquito one morning while B slept in...don't get me started...but it was nice to have) and it was a handicap room cuz they're bigger and she thought maybe I'd need the bars next to the toilet and by the bathtub...haha!

B drank some wine and got to relax without a to-do list which was totally needed for him.  Poor guy is non-stop around here all the time, weeknights, weekends, you name it.  He gets so much done, but I have to physically remove him from the opportunity of getting anything done for him to fully relax. ;)  All in all, it was the perfect "last getaway" before the babies arrive.  Which, by the way, is in less than 10 weeks- at the MOST!  Crazy.

So here's a little sample of how rockstar B is in the to-do list category.  We ordered our cribs and changing table/dresser back during the twin shopping spree of 2011 a couple weeks ago and they actually came in last week. We couldn't go get them until this Monday night, so B got a buddy of his to help pick them up (which took two trips even with my massive truck), they're huge!  Well, on Tuesday night I came home from work and B had ALREADY put together one of the cribs! I cried when I came home and saw it.  It was perfection, just the most amazing thing.  Having a crib in the nursery was like this unicorn-like moment, something I just never knew would be a possibility...and there it was.  I couldn't hold back the tears if I tried, and I didn't try.  So, B spent the next hour or so putting together the SECOND crib (another big, big moment, yes- that's two cribs in our nursery, holy crap).  Then we spent the next two hours trying to figure out the best layout in the room, which was pretty fun.  Here are some pictures of our nursery thus far...only mid-progress...this isn't finished or even final.  We're working it out though, and I can't wait to take pictures of the final product.  But mostly, I can't wait to show the Luckies what Daddy did.  :)

From the doorway looking in.  One pink, one blue :)

The combo changing table/dresser.  We ordered "chestnut" finish, I'd say these are pretty "cherry" if you ask me.  But they're beautiful!

From the other corner of the room. Yay Diaper Genie!!! This is Bubba's crib- B said he needs to be closer to the door so he can protect his sister. :)

And Little Lady's crib is by the window.  We'll probably put the glider in that empty corner there by the (massive) closet.  Still need to figure out what type of window coverings I want to do...and then it's on to actually decorating! We've got big plans for the walls and then maybe a cute rug in the middle of the room...lots to do still!

I'm loving life right now.  Sleep is almost non-existent nowadays, I wake up every hour or so (I keep waking up on my back, I don't know why I can't just stay on my side), but I'm feeling pretty good.  My back is starting to hurt and you should have seen my ankles last night after we went out to dinner with some friends straight from work.  My body got mad at me for not lying down like I usually do right after work, I guess.  The belly is ever-growing and the Luckies are still super active, which I adore!

B goes to New Daddy Bootcamp tonight, so I'm really excited to hear what they do there for three hours.  There's a part of me that thinks this is all a big lie and the guys get together and just watch pre-season football or something... ;)  I've heard really good things about this class- that the guys come back knowing WAY more than their wives do about how to take care of a newborn.  I'm ready for B to teach me a thing or two.

I'm doing a breastfeeding class the first week of September.  I'm looking forward to that because my anxieties about breastfeeding twins are definitely growing.  We bought the Med.ela Freestyle pump (whoa expensive) but my insurance is flippin awesome and we get reimbursed $250 for a breast pump, so that's helpful. 

What else?  Oh- doctor told me that twin moms rarely work full-time past 32 weeks. I wasn't anticipating that early for some reason, so I've chatted with my boss and sped up my "transition plan" a bit so I can be out of there (at least on a full-time basis) by the end of September at the latest with no worries.  That'll give me my last month of pregnancy to relax a bit more and maybe get some stuff done around the house...if I'm not a house myself (or on bed rest or something).  But all is looking really good so far.  Blood pressure is still very much in check, cervix is closed, my last FFN came back negative again so no preterm labor in the next week or so :)  We get to see and measure the Luckies again next Thursday.  Can't wait to see how big they're getting!!! Love.


  1. Yay!! Glad your babiesmoon went well. Looks like you had a great time. I did not know that about the survival rate at 28 weeks! That's awesome news. Also, isn't it exciting to see those cribs put together? I keep walking back to our nursery just to look at the cribs :-) So happy things are going so well for you.

  2. omg im loving everything from the pics of your giant belly to the PICS OF THE ROOM!!!
    I know its not done but it is so super cute already!!!
    Im so glad you had fun on your much needed babymoon and i cant wait to see your house of a belly soon!!
    The king of beepers.

  3. Glad you had a great break!

    I can't believe you're not desperate to finish work!! I was and I'm only carrying one baby. I finished at 31 weeks and can say I honestly don't know how anyone works much longer, but maybe that's because I still get sick a lot so my days seem to drag sometimes.

    Yay for all the stuff in the nursery already! We have the cot at the end of our bed for now and I keep looking at it and getting slightly overexcited imagining the baby in there and then the next second I find myself wondering how on earth we could possibly be this close to actually having a baby!!

    I hope the classes for you and B go well. We finally got a date for an antenatal class on 5th September, when I will be 37 weeks. I'm thinking this is cutting it rather fine as with all the cramping and sharp pains I keep getting and with baby's head starting to engage I have a feeling he might come a bit early. I must say weeks 22 - 30 went by in a daze but weeks 31 to now seem to have gone on for sooo long. I don't understand how so many women say their pregnancy has flown by because for me 9 months has felt like 2 years!! I hope you don't have the same "time dragging" effect because it doesn't half make you an impatient wife (my poor Tim he's had a grumpy wife for weeks now!)

    Thinking of you and so pleased you're nearly 28 weeks :)