Thursday, August 4, 2011

VIABILITY! (u/s pics)

We've made it to viability! This feels really amazing- truly.  I know that we've been planning for babies for a while now, we've been picking out nursery furniture and taking pictures of this growing belly, all while getting to know our beautiful offspring from the outside in with their kicks and hiccups.  But still, to this day, I wasn't sure it would ever happen.  Today feels different.  Like I can move forward without looking back every step to make sure I wasn't overstepping my bounds. 

We had an appointment yesterday and got to see the Luckies again! They're growing great.  Little Lady is measuring in at 1lb 8oz, and Big Bubba is 1lb 10 oz.  I can't believe how big they're getting! We had the new u/s tech yesterday and I didn't like her too much...she couldn't get any profile pictures of their faces so all she gave us were gender shots...which I don't mind having more lovely evidence of Bubba's bits if you will...but I'm sad that she couldn't give us some more. We did get some good chances to see our little ones though, even if we didn't get pics.  It was so cute- Bubba was completely folded- he had his legs stretched straight out over the top of his head! I don't know how they do that...I'm impressed already ;)  Both babies are breech right now- doc is still very much leaning toward c-section for us.  We picked a date today for the LAST day I'll be pregnant- 11/02/2011!  :) She really thinks we'll make it that far.  My cervix is apparently fabulous right now- long and closed.  Had my first manual cervical check of the pregnancy- not too bad (I was worried it would hurt more than non-preggo exams, but no, not at this point).  They did the swab to check for risk of pre-term labor in the next couple of weeks- I'll hear about that today but doc had no worries.

The doc was very pleased with where we're at- how we're all growing and gaining.  She was also pleased with our progress in getting ready for the babies to be here.  I told her about the classes and the visit with the pediatrician.  We also talked about our hesitancy with the daycare situation and how we haven't picked one yet...that's a story for a whole other post unfortunately (it's just me and my paranoia...and feeling like no one is good enough...ugh).

I told her about my weird new symptom of trouble taking a deep breath when I wake up.  I'm not short of breath at all like I thought I'd be (and I'm sure I'll be soon enough) but it feels tight like I have bronchitis or asthma (I had asthma as a kid).  I'm not wheezing though.  We decided if it gets a lot worse then maybe I'll try an inhaler but I'm fine with it now as long as it's not dangerous.

We also talked about the gestational diabetes test and I got the order to go get that done.  I'm nervous. I have a really, really good feeling that I'm gonna fail and I just don't want to.  I don't want to have to worry and monitor my carbs and my sugar.  I know it's best, it's smart.  I just hope that something changed and I'm miraculously gonna do AWESOME on it.  Positive thinking!

Then- the best part-  my company offers ergonomic chairs if you have a doctor's note.  I've been sitting in my chair at the office up to this point and totally hating every minute of it but feeling like a wuss.  But I decided the other day that screw this- I have plenty reason to get an ergonomic chair.  I'm not sure what the "features" are, but a little extra lumbar support would be real nice.  And maybe some additional cushioning around the bum area- my tail bone literally feels like it's broken sometimes.  It's all good if I'm not sitting for more than 20 minutes.  But if I need to sit there for any length of time, ouch.  SO- we're getting the "special" chair. My doc was like "Of course- I write scripts for anything!"  YAY!

AND THEN- she brought up a handicapped parking pass.  I hadn't even considered.  Honestly.  I waddle past the spots slowly as I'm walking from the back of the overly full parking lot in 115 degree weather thinking "that'd be nice" from time to time, but I hadn't really considered that it'd ever be an option.  She said that at 6 months preggo with twins- it's definitely an option.  I don't think I'd ever use it anywhere but my office, but it'd be totally sweet at work since we have too many cars and not enough spaces...  so, she hooked a sister up!  I feel slightly awkward about it and a little guilty. There are plenty more people who need a handicap spot way more than me.  If there's ever only one left, I promise I won't take it!!! I have to go down to the DMV to get it, so I'm sure that'll be put off for another several weeks (does anyone actually like the DMV?).  But it lasts for 6 months so she pointed out that it can come in REAL handy after a c-section with twins as well... bonus!

One of my favorite ladies is coming to visit this weekend and I'm SO excited!!!  B and I need to clean the house a bit, but my nesting (and B's cleanliness and general awesomeness) has helped keep it mildly organized so it shouldn't be too much.  But the SHOWER is this weekend and I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are the money shots for 24weeks because eh, why not?!

Blurry but this is Little Lady's bum! :) 23w6d

Big Bubba's a BOY! Can you see it? hahaha 
Our poor, poor children.  I'm fairly certain there are parents out there who won't put pictures of their kids "gender shots" in utero up on the interwebs for their privacy and whatnot.  I guess I'm not one of those parents.  I mean, c'mon. They're in utero!  I'm sure once they've grown up and I let them read their story they'll be GLAD to see this.  Right? Right?  Hey not-so-little-ones!  You know you love your mama! And I'm sure this is one of the lesser embarrassing things I've done to you...


  1. It is a shame you could not get profile pictures. So pleased that all is looking well!

  2. Oh, I posted the little boy shot with no shame, lol! Yay for viability and that everything is moving along smoothly. The ergonomic chair will be great I'm sure!

  3. YAY YAY YAY! Congratulations on viability!!!

  4. YAY! I am so, so happy for you guys reaching this point because I remember just how relieved we felt when we hit that point too!

    I can't believe you have an actual end date, how exciting! And so nice you got to see the little ones again. Over here we get 2 ultrasounds, one at 12 weeks and one at 20 weeks and unless there is a problem there are no more. I've been measuring slightly large for a few weeks now and so I might get a growth scan if they feel it is necessary, but at the moment they are happy that I'm just carrying baby in a way that makes me measure bigger than normal. Um, again, I'm forgetting why I started telling you this. Oh yes, I wanted to say how great it is that you had another chance to see them and get some more photos. We were lucky in that Tim often has to take his patients for scans (ECGs etc) and so he knew the sonographer from work and so she gave us about twice as many photos as they normally take!

    Great news on them thinking you'll make it to November no problem. I'm just so chuffed for you guys! And I'd make the most of the parking permit. Honestly, I was on a train a couple of months back and it was so crowded we were all standing along the aisle and so I took my coat off and made a point of showing off my bump and got a seat straight away. Normally I don't care about getting a seat, but when you're pregnant you need to take all the easier options available as you're working very hard to keep those little ones safe!

  5. Oh, I forgot to ask (darn pregnancy brain), is the glucose tolerance test a standard thing to do over there? Over here you are only sent for one if you have a high BMI at the beginning of pregnancy or have some risk factor like a family history of diabetes. Which means I avoided the test, and I'm glad, as I don't think fasting and then drinking that sugary sweet stuff with the continued nausea would be fun.

    How is your nausea? I keep meaning to ask. I know you're feeling much better, but I wondered if you are still on any meds and still feel icky or whether your HG has really settled down to a minimum. I'm still on 3 tablets per day and still feel sick a lot but thankfully no longer throw up and can actually eat, but it has stepped up a level since hitting 30 weeks. I think this is pretty normal for a lot of women with HG but I know some are lucky and it does indeed clear off and leave them after a certain point and I was just wondering (and hoping) you might have been one of the "lucky" ones!