Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Almost Ten Pounds! (pics)

Yes, there's nearly 10 pounds of baby in my belly.  Nearly 10 POUNDS!!! :)  Everytime I think of that, I get a flood of unbelievable gratefulness, appreciation- my body is doing something right.  My body is growing, housing, 10 beautiful pounds of miracle.

We went for our measurement scan yesterday and the kids look fantastic.  We're actually sitting at about 9lbs 11oz- Little Lady is measuring 4lbs 12 oz, Big Bubba is measuring 4lbs 15oz. 

We did our first BPP- bio physical profile- yesterday as well.  I'd never heard of this.  The u/s tech explained that they watch each baby for as long as it takes to ensure that they are practicing breathing.  They only need to catch a glimpse of about 30 seconds of this tiny movement, but it meant I got to stare at each of my babies' beating hearts for even longer and I decided that the BPP is the best thing ever.

Lady was first up to bat and she knocked it out of the park.  As soon as she popped up on the screen, we could see little breathing motions.  Her tiny ribs moving up and down.  They recorded it for about 20 seconds and moved on- measuring her head, leg bone, tummy.  Apparently, both of our children have awesomely round tummies!  I so hope we have chubby babies :)

Bubba was a little different.  We watched him for a bit and didn't see the motion.  So the tech went about doing all of his measurements- big tummy again!  Then we watched some more- still no motion. So the tech brought out the 3-D wand to try and get some good 3D images for us to take home (this was the other u/s tech that I love!).  Then we went back to watch.  Did this probably three more times, and nothing.  I started to get a little worried, but didn't want to show it.  I sort of casually asked what it would mean if we didn't see what we needed to see.  She noted that I'd be back on Thursday so it'd be fine- but if my fluid was low or he wasn't moving, then they would worry.  Neither of which was true for us, so I breathed a little easier. Plus, after making me turn on my side and shaking my belly pretty intensely 6 or 7 times, Bubba gave us our glimpse at his "breathing"!

The tech had discussed at the beginning of the scan why they do a BPP now- that they had discovered that there are warning signs babies show for stillbirth that they discovered not too long ago.  If baby isn't doing these breathing motions, has too steady of a heart rate (doesn't see the occasional raise or drop of heart rate) and isn't moving much, that can be a sign that baby isn't in a good place.  They can move forward with delivery and give the baby a better shot at life outside of the womb. It used to be up to mom to check for kick counts...which often times, would be a warning sign that was just too late.  It was a sobering conversation- I'd just started to get over my uber-anxiety, and to realize that stillbirth increases at 32 weeks with twins...it was a bit to swallow.  But I feel so lucky that I have a doctor who recognizes these risks and does a ton of monitoring.  I'll be back on Thursday for the non-stress test to make sure babies heart rates are doing what they need to do.

We went back and chatted with the doc again today (I'll only see her again in two weeks, I won't see her at every appt like I have been thus far), and talked about my carpel tunnel (she wants me to wear wrist guards to bed...I haven't decided if I want to go buy them- I asked if not doing anything could cause any permanent damage and really it's just a matter of it being painful, so I'm not sure if I want to deal with sleeping in wrist guards...).  I also wanted to ask a bit about the C-Section (this time, our little man was head down, but Lady is butt down still).  She explained that we'll need to arrive at the hospital at 5:30am, I'll get an IV, get changed into a gown, then be wheeled back for the spinal block usually right at 7:30 unless there's an emergency that needs the OR before us.  B will stay back until the spinal and catheter are in, but he'll come in once they've prepped my belly, put up the curtain, and tested the anesthesia.  He'll sit up by my head, and the babies will be out within the first few minutes.  She said that the babies may actually come out in the same minute- usually no more than one minute apart!  There will be about 12 people in the OR with us, usually 3 or 4 people per baby, plus my doctor, an assistant, the anesthesiologist, and some other nurses.  One of the pediatricians will bring the babies over to show me right after they are born, then will take each of them to the warmers to dry them off.  B will probably be taking lots of pictures at this point, and then as long as there are no problems, he'll be able to hold them right then and there.  I asked if I could have my hands free so they're not strapped down and she said as long as I'm not a wanderer, they could do that.  I want to be able to touch these babies!

After I'm all stitched up, which I thought would take a while, but apparently will be done within about 30 minutes of the first incision, they'll let us carry the babies out and into the recovery room for the next hour or two.  I'll carry one (well, I'll be rolled with one in my arms) and B will carry one probably.  Once I'm in recovery, I can try to breastfeed and do kangaroo care. :) After about an hour or two, they'll take us to our room for the next four days.

I'll still have the catheter in for the first day, but they'll make sure I'm getting up to move around as soon as I can.  I'll also be on liquids for the first day.  By day two, the catheter comes out, I'll be on oral pain meds, and on solids.

It helps me to know more details about how this is all gonna go down (God willing).  I've been trying to envision it and prepare for it, but I had no idea how long until I could hold them, or how long I'd be in recovery, etc.  Of course, if the babies have to be in the NICU, everything changes- but we've toured the NICU and I feel somewhat prepared for if that happens (somewhat...).

Doc thinks that these babies might be 6.5 lbs- I'm thinking they might be 7lbs each.  I'm gonna work my ass off to get them there (lots and lots of food)! She said that'd be a record for her...and B and I do love breaking records!  Doc wants us to pack our hospital bags now and be ready by 34 weeks (a week and a half from now) because they won't be stopping labor at that point! AAAAAHHHH!!!! :) She and I both still think we'll make it to 11/2/11...which would be fabulous for these little ones as long as all goes well.

So I'll leave you with these beautiful pictures of our offspring.  I can't believe we're less than a month away.

Our little man and his adorable big nose! The membrane of his sac is covering up half of his face here.  But look at that chubby cheek!!!

We couldn't get a great picture of our little girl, she was once again facing away.  But you can sort of see her profile here.

Little Lady's EAR!!! SO CUTE!!!

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  1. So glad to hear they are monitoring you closely now. Because of my cholestasis I was monitored regularly at the end and although I knew baby was fine as he never stopped moving, it was still so reassuring to be hooked up to the monitor because of the increased risk of stillbirth. It just gives you a bit more reassurance, doesn't it?

    Phew you're already carrying a lot of weight... I thought carrying 9lb 6oz worth of baby was exhausting (although part of that is I am only 5'4" so there wasn't much room for him by the end!) But no matter how tall you are, I cannot imagine how big you are going to feel by the end!!

    Glad you got to know more about the c-section. I had a spinal for stitching my tear and it was a strange feeling, especially when the feeling came back in one leg hours before it came back in the other. And I was amazed by how many people were in theatre with me just for stitching, so again I can't imagine how much more crowded it's going to feel for you with so many more in there. I cannot wait for you to have your little ones in your arms and to hear all about it. Despite the fact my labour was rather challenging at times, I actually really enjoyed giving birth. No matter how it happens there is nothing more amazing than giving birth. It is totally indescribable, but something you will never, ever forget xx

    (p.s. I'm going to write a blog pot answering your question about how things are going soon, we're just a little bit strapped for time right now as Oscar has terrible colic and needs comforting or feeding almost constantly and typing one-handed is difficult!)