Saturday, October 1, 2011


And we have a pediatrician! Score!

It feels good to finally mark one of the "crucials" off the list before the babies get here...especially because on my list it was supposed to be done about 2 months ago. Woops. 

We went and met with her, Dr. R, last night at the same place as the first pediatrician that we didn't like.  The office is good- the staff seems super friendly which I think is a high priority.  They have a sick child waiting room separate from the well waiting room- also priority for me.  And of course it's really cheery and there are all kinds of distractions for impatient babies/toddlers...and their mamas...  We watched Tangled as we sat and waited for about 10 minutes.

Dr. R was a keeper from the moment she walked in the door.  Very, very upbeat and excited to meet us.  Even more excited when she heard about the twins.  And then her "speech" about herself and the practice was spot-on in my eyes.  She leads with her strong beliefs in early childhood education of the importance of nutrition and activity- she was a dietitian first.  She did a rotation in Cardiology and got so frustrated with all of the 50-somethings or 60-somethings who were too stuck in their ways to see the importance of changing their habits after a heart attack or a triple bypass.  No judgement- I'm obviously not the queen of "healthful eating".  I just know how important it is to have a good understanding of what proper fuel is for our bodies. I've spent plenty of time with dietitians and nutritionists through my swimming career- I know what's fuel and what's not...and the impact that has.  I want my kids to understand the same.

Anyway, rant over.  She went on to talk about her beliefs in preventative medicine, in not over-prescribing antibiotics (which at first I got a little panicked about because I HATE when I know that I need the drugs and a doc says no- drink some tea...but she explained her theories very well and qualified with the importance of having the drugs when they're needed, yada yada).  It was good.

We talked about circumcision, specialists, vaccines, the days right after birth, and what her role is in the first two years.  The office is really close to our house and has Saturday hours. More bonuses. 

All in all, Dr. R seems great and I feel really good about this decision- so does B! Now, if only we could have that feeling about daycare...

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  1. Your pediatrician sure sounds like a keeper. I am sure your twins will be in good hands. Aside from a pediatrician's education and professional background, it is also important to choose a child doctor whom you are at ease with and whom you trust.