Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Countdown Continues!

We're almost at the "three weeks left" mark (tomorrow)!  That's a pretty low number of weeks if I do say so myself.  I went to the doctor yesterday because F, I feel horrible.  My throat still hurts, the itching continues, I've got some more symptoms now...it's just like my body went: "Ha- screw you".  I had a pretty good run there in the middle of this pregnancy.  And honestly, I'll take this over the first 16 weeks ANY DAY!

Doc does, in fact, want me to do the blood test for cholestasis because of the itching.  She brought it up after I mentioned my unreal amount of itching with no rash.  She said the results take about 5-10 days to come back (seriously?), so we'll see.  I don't know if I really have it, but she wants to make sure that I get the medication I need if I do in fact have it.  She's not too concerned with having to deliver me early in the case that I have it, because so far babies' growth have been fine and we're technically delivering early anyway.  I wonder if the medication will make the itching stop.  I need something to make this itching stop- NOTHING works.

I got some more medication for some other awesome problems.  Antibiotics as well, because she thinks I might have had a viral infection that is turning into a bacterial infection with how long it's lingering (but the initial strep test came back negative thank God).  I'm not taking them yet...I want to give it another day to see if it gets better.  I did, however, wake up at 3am this morning totally congested, feeling awful, not able to swallow...and thinking a little harder about popping the antibiotics.  We'll see how the rest of the morning goes.

We got to see the Luckies yesterday!  They look adorable per usual ;).  No measurements this week, just the BPP and we saw them both practicing their breathing so all is well.  I had my first monitoring appointment on Thursday last week and Lady's heart rate wasn't fluctuating like they wanted to see for the first 20 minutes or so of monitoring. They made me stay extra and wait to make sure she would perk up.  Lots of belly jiggling and paranoia later, her heart rate moved out of the 130's for a bit and I was released.  I had three contractions during the monitoring, too.  It was cool to see that- it's been kind of difficult to distinguish between both babies pushing out really hard and a contraction sometimes.  But my Braxton Hicks are getting stronger every day, so it's a little more distinguishable.

Oh- baby movements are changing!  It doesn't feel the same anymore, it's not that big kick or little flutter.  It's more like scraping feelings now! So weird- I love it. I can tell when an arm or a leg is sliding across my belly.  And Lady can really give me some intense jabs in the bladder and cervix nowadays.  She's a strong little one- I like to see that (even if it totally catches me off guard and induces a yelp!)

I finally had B take some more belly shots last night- I want to make sure we remember this beast of a belly (still no stretch marks...but I'm seriously not holding my breath).  So these are 33w4d:

My poor disfigured belly button... ;) haha

Hey there Luckies! I stand like this a lot- with both hands under my belly kind of holding it up.  This thing is heavy!

This is my fav.  My hubby is 6'5", 230lbs. He's not a little guy. I make him look so skinny (although he is pretty thin in the waist area- he's one of those metabolism blessed people...)!!!  I now weigh a good amount more than him. :)

Oh, I've cut back my "in the office" hours now as well. I'm only going in twice this week instead of three times.  I think I'll probably do that again next week and then call it quits.  I need to figure out the best way to go about initiating my maternity leave- I know how to do it when it's an emergency type situation...not planned like this.  Gotta make that call. 

I ordered some more storage for the nursery.  My mom also went shopping for me and brought over some ideas for the window treatments- we picked one and she's gonna help me install it next week.  OH- and I made a couple of calls and priced out a cleaning service. SO excited. I mean, I can't clean anymore.  No more bending for me.  And I don't want to be all "no, not good enough" to B when he cleans (he's super thorough...but I'm looking for minor details here- this nesting thing is out of control).  So I think we'll have someone come by not next week but the following for a deep clean (we've never hired anyone to clean before- I'm excited to have the professionals go at it!!!).

Finally, I made some lists yesterday!  I made a list of all the people I want to be called if we go into labor spontaneously, and added their phone numbers in case B doesn't have them or he can't do it or something.  I also made the list of people I want to send an announcement out to when the babies are actually born (probably a text saying that they're here and all is well) with their phone numbers, as well as a list of who I want to get an email with pics after they're born.  I have a list of all the stuff I want to pack in my hospital bag.  The things I need to buy still.  And finally, I created our twin schedule tracking spreadsheets!!! :)  I don't know how long we'll keep up with these- maybe a couple weeks.  But I know with the sleep deprivation I'll totally forget who fed last and for how long/how much.  So I was pretty excited about that.  Nesting, nesting. I'm such a nerd right now.


  1. So sorry you are feeling so crappy! I've had horrible sinus problems this entire pregnancy....so much so that I have trouble sleeping! My nose is always stuffed up! You look so great in your pics...I hope I look that great at 33 weeks! I'm so jealous that you are so close to delivering your luckies! We just found out that we are having BOYS! We are so happy!!

  2. Ugh, no fun being sick, but like you said, it's better than those first 16 weeks!

    How tall are you?!! Your hubby does NOT look like a big guy in that pic (though you don't look like a big person either - don't take that wrong!). :) You look AWeSOME - you're going to love looking back at these pics!

    I definitely think you look like you're carrying twins, though you are definitely the smallest twin belly I've seen (which is probably a nice thing, eh? *grin*).

  3. Thanks ladies! I know that my height helps with carrying these two for sure (doesn't make them any less heavy, but makes me less stretched out. I thought I'd be like a torpedo belly like you see on tv with multiples. I guess they've got the space they need in there thus far). And Josey- yep, I'm 6'1"...so while he is actually pretty huge, we sort of fit together! :) I love that about him- he makes me look less gigantic (I'm pretty muscular too- I weigh around 190 usually). But with this big belly, he looks sort of tiny next to me!!! That's awesome.

  4. That's awesome. :) I'm 5'8" and hubby is 6'3" - it's nice to wear heels and still feel small compared to someone. Who knew that 6'1" would be a perfect height for incubating twins?! :)