Monday, November 7, 2011

The Adventures of Boo Boo and Squeaker

First, thank you for the support and encouragement on my last post.  My doctor called today to check in on me and asked if I want to go forward with talking to a counselor.  I'm feeling a little bit better today, but every day is different- so I decided to go ahead with it.  They are getting me a referral, so hopefully having someone to talk to will put me in a good place, a better place.  I just want to be stable, I want to be the best mother I can be for these amazing little ones.

Speaking of our amazing little ones...they're doing great!  They are both eating a little more all the time...they've hit a bit of a growth spurt I think, they want to eat more often now.  And we've had a few more crying spurts from each of them.  They really didn't cry much at all for the first couple of weeks. We got a bit spoiled. ;)

So, you recall that B and I are "nickname" people.  We each have about thirty nicknames for eachother...and our children are no exception.  From the moment we got that BFP they've had nicknames.  And it's gotten worse.  My favorites are Boo Boo for Grace and Squeaker for little Caleb.  They fit so perfectly.  I'm for sure gonna write a children's book about them one day... ;)

Here's their list of current nicknames at 16 days old:

Grace:  Boo Boo, Little Lady, Lady Cakes, Grace Face, Gracie Cakes, Gracie Mae, Boo, Fussy Britches, Princess, Monkey, Little Face, Little Pants, Sissy
Caleb: Squeaker, Bubba, Bubs, Buddy, Little Face, Little Pants, Mr. Caleb, Little Dude, Little Man, Old Man, Crabby Pants, Brother

We'll see what happens when Caleb surpasses his big sister in weight and size...cuz he's working on it. He's already longer than she is! At the doctor last week he measured 19.5" and she was only 19".  He's stretching out, but he's also growing into his skin so it's not so wrinkly anymore.  He had that old man look going good there for a while. But little dude's filling out.  I can't wait for him to get chubby knees like his sister! :)

I'll leave you with some pics cuz I.just.can' :)

Standard scene in our house nowadays!  This was a couple days after we brought them home. 

Daddy is mastering the tandem feed.  Mommy still doesn't have these mad skills...

Halloween trip to the pediatrician!

Happy Halloween!

Super Babies!

Grace Face


First (and only thus far) walk!

Boo Boo was having a rough she got some special time with Mommy on the couch. :)


  1. Oh man, they are SOOOO tiny and adorable. It's so fun to see all the pics!! I'm glad you're feeling a little better, but I definitely think that it's a great idea to talk to someone. You're going through some crazy life (and hormonal!) changes right now.

  2. You sound loads better already. Talking to someone is a great idea.
    They are adorable!! X