Saturday, January 7, 2012

11 Weeks!

Well we've had quite the busy week since New Year's!  The littles are growing everyday- especially Mr. Caleb and his hugeness.  We unfortunately had to take him to urgent care today because his eye is infected :( and it turns out he's about 14lbs already! Remember when he was 5lbs???

I'll be taking both of them into the pediatrician on Monday for a follow up for Caleb- so we'll probably get to weigh Grace then too.  She's not eating much- sometimes only 20 ounces in a day. So I of course get worried when I see the difference between the two of them. I know, I know- I shouldn't compare. But how hard is that?!

We had a wonderfully relaxing New Years- went to Oregano's and the babies did pretty well.  We had to feed Caleb there cuz he got hungry and fussy, but it wasn't a big deal.  Grace slept the whole time.

They have for sure settled into their witching hours of about 7pm-10pm every night which is rough. Sometimes they will catnap during that time and only fuss when they're awake.  Other times they will fuss (or scream on a bad night) the whole time. It's awful.  We've found that Caleb needs to be walked around in our arms or a carrier to calm down.  Grace needs her binky. Immediately. Did you hear me?!?!? IMMEDIATELY! ;)

We've moved to only napping out in the living room during the day.  They totally resist naps in their cribs for some reason. But they sleep in them perfectly at night- weird.  They are waking up about every four hours at night which is much better than every three! They've gone a couple five hour stretches, too!

Tummy time has also taken a wonderful turn for the better. They don't hate it anymore.  Caleb totally holds his head up- Grace is a bit lazy/weak with it still.  But it's so much better than before.

See the eye swelling?? :( It looks worse in person, too.

Grace rocking out tummy time

Who's that pretty girl? It's ME!

Sleeping in the living room- love this photo

The swing is a good nap inducer

Mommy's new jogging stroller!


  1. 4 hour stretches? That sounds wonderful!

    I'm curious what the doc says about the different food amounts. It is hard for me to tell since it's mostly breastfed, but Stella's eating amounts change so drastically week to week it seems...

    Love the pics!

  2. That swing has been a lifesaver for us too!

    Have you tried any of the Happiest Baby on the Block techniques? That worked for us for that witching hour (ours is about 6 pm to 10 pm also!)

  3. babies get overstimulated and thus the evening crankiness.... the harvey karp tech worked amazingly for us.... plus try to get the babies to sleep every 2 hrs in the first 3 months... that helps too...