Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 1

Day 1 was yesterday, so I called my docs office and schedule for the ultrasound, bloodwork, and B's tests to be Wednesday (tomorrow!) in the afternoon.  Yay!  We're going at 1:15- start praying and hoping that my left ovary shows up, that both of my ovaries are in a spot that's not too hard to reach for retrieval, and that they're working properly!

We also scheduled my hysteroscopy and trial transfer for next Monday morning at 8:15am.  Not looking forward to this one.  They do a local anesthetic which is good...but there's also supposed to be some significant cramping afterward.  My other two hysteroscopies were performed during my laparoscopies, so I was out. Not this time. Hmmm.

Then, we've got our follow-up appointment with Dr. Z to get all of the results next Wednesday the 12th at 9:30! I'm excited about this one.  I had to rearrange my schedule completely for it because if we couldn't make it that Wednesday, we were gonna have to wait until after our week long vacation to Cabo to hear the results.  Yikes! Can you imagine? No thanks.  So, sorry work. I'm moving all of my meetings for this one. I gotta hear about B's awesome swimmers and my "challenged" ovaries.  :)

ps- I've been doing pretty well on the eating front. No fried foods, no soda, less sweets, more water, and better portioning.  I've lost a pound (but then ate a totally delicious and not so healthy dinner with my bf last night...she was introducing me to her new boyfriend and cooking us dinner! What am I gonna do?)! :)

I'm also trying a little experiment.  I want to see if I can write a little "lesson" that applies to my day, my moment, my mental state...in each of my posts. 

Lesson #1:  "Go to bed earlier and wake up earlier! It's better for you! You're body's supposed to follow the sun, not your alarm clock" -My Papa
Now imagine that with the Godfather voice and some of the Godfather hand motions and you've got it. Ok, maybe not that bad...but he's totally the Papa.  I didn't listen to him for years on this one- fought it with everything I had, but since we haven't gotten curtains yet in our "newish" house...sorry B, I just haven't found any I like... we're pretty much making it happen. So thanks Papa! You were right, I feel much better.  But I think B's not so happy that I fall asleep every night on the couch, especially if we're watching basketball.  Oh the soothing sounds of those squeaking shoes on the court...

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