Monday, May 10, 2010


The hysteroscopy went well today.  We found out that my uterus is...well...lovely, if I do say so myself.  So far, I'm having very good thoughts for our first round of IVF! Both of my ovaries are present and functioning, plus my uterus looks good.  No polyps or fibroids...just a smooth lining :) 

Dr. Z said I have an anterior tilt to my uterus.  He had to do some maneuvering while he was looking around and he took out the speculum while the camera was in there so he could get a better angle.  That hurt quite a bit.  I was definitely shakey and fidgety while he was looking around, it hurt a lot a couple of times, but it was short lived which is good.  He also did a trial transfer that went really quickly...that was a little painful, too. 

I was planning on going back to work, but I decided to go home to wait for the pain on my right side to go down before I had to go sit up in not-very-forgiving suit pants all day.  That never happened.  I'm feeling ok right now, I still have some pain in my back a little bit, and some sharp pains on my right side...but it's ok.

I'm looking forward to our follow-up appointment on Wednesday morning to hear all of the results from the blood work and B's tests.  I have good feelings, like I said before. It should be a happy appointment before our week long vacation that starts next Monday.  Perfection!

Quote of the Day:
B: "Was there any porn in there?"
-After asking how it went in the hysteroscopy! I think he has the wrong idea about our RE's office... ;)


  1. Thanks for posting on my blog. Glad to have found you! Hope that the upcoming IVF goes well!

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