Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Something I'm Loving On...

This minute...
This is delicious. Ok, delicious is relative.  I'm lactose intolerant.  Never been a huge fan of yogurt.  I don't get too sick off of it though (unlike things like cottage cheese and straight milk...Lord in heaven...).  So I'm trying to help my "full factor" and I stumbled upon this little masterpiece at the store Sunday with B.  Grocery shopping with B by the way is one of the funniest things you'll ever see. If you were to stand by and watch our grocery store trips, you'd want to come back every time.  Really, you never know what you're gonna get.  There's the ever so wonderful grocery ass grab. One of my favorites. The "judging down aisle 4"- probably happens every other trip at least.  I mean, who are those people hanging in aisle four? They're asking for it.  Then the aisle 7 bicker.  We started this about 6 months into our relationship.  Can't get out of the grocery store without one of us thinking the other is irritated about some purchase/lack of purchase/fruit choice...whatever it may be.  This marriage entertains me endlessly.  Love that.

So the relationship between the yogurt and myself began yesterday late morning at the office.  I was starting to get that feeling...you know the one.  With the grumbles. The yearning.  I was hungry.  This is where I normally begin my standard search for delicious pastries amongst the cubicles. Insert yogurt.  I was craving sweets, but not sour sweet...kinda chocolatey sweet.  This little baby did it! And I actually made it through my missed lunch hour due to an uneccesarily angry client who felt it important to talk to a supervisor about her bad day (and maybe a couple problems with someone she spoke to...).  I wasn't starving after angry lady hung up on me! Victory!

I have the one with vanilla yogurt and chocolate chip cookie pieces waiting patiently in a miniature container above said yogurt.  There's a cookies and cream version with oreo pieces that I'm eyeing for next week.  And a strawberry yogurt with granola chunks that sounds pretty standard and classically delicious. Week number three perhaps?

What I'm not loving right now:

Somebody please tell me how eight of these can cost $10,000??!?!?!!!   *#@&! Little miss "free home estimate" must have fallen somehow and landed directly on the part of her brain that allows her to understand that $10k for drapes makes her a nut job.  So we're still living curtain-less.  Good morning, neighbor!

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