Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 3 Testing

We went to back to Dr. Z's today for my CD3 ultrasound and bloodwork.  I was so pleased with the results, very exciting! My left alive and kicking! She's the one who happened to be "missing" in both of the ultrasounds performed with the last RE we went to last year.  He was concerned that ovary just up and died on me.  But alas, she was there and there were more follicles in the left ovary than the right even! 

Dr. Z found six in the right, seven in the left. All's normal with the location of my ovaries as well, we were worried they'd be tucked behind my uterus or stuck to my pelvic wall in a way that couldn't be reached for retrieval.  But the doc felt good about everything today.  We'll have to wait and see what my bloodwork shows, but that was all good last year so I think we're good to go!

Now- the good stuff.  B went in for his appointment today as well.  This was B's first experience with any testing of this nature... and I think it was a memorable experience for him.  I was in getting my exams while he was gettin' it done in the other room so I didn't get a chance to snoop how this all went down. But I forced him to give me details afterward.  So, where do you go to have a good solid discussion on transvaginal ultrasounds and semen analysis collection?  Mimi's Cafe of course!

We walked into Mimi's hand in hand, B with a tie on from work and me in my suit pants and button down.  The hostess took one look at us and said "Well it looks like you two need the honeymoon suite".  Ha, she had no idea.  She sat us in a circular booth tucked in a corner- thank you Mimi's hostess lady.  You saved your other patrons from a cinematic experience they might never get again.

So B started off by telling me that the whole thing was uncomfortable. No darling, not nearly enough details. I want more.  So I went to work.  "Well, what type of dirty nudey mags did they have in there?" Of course, the most important question.

B: "All they had was...a...a tiny tv...and a stack of dvd's..."

Thank you Lord, this is perfection.  I love it.  I could never be a man.  Your wife is in the other room finding out how many follicles her ovaries have produced and you're placed in a room with a tiny tv and a stack of penthouse dvds.  Check please. So of course, I proceed to say:

"I mean, how could you do it? Were you thinking of how many other men have been in there, shuffling through those same dvd's, touching that same tiny tv...before and after?"

B: "And they had a black leather chair"


First reaction:
Me: "Was it a recliner?"

LOL! Wow.  I would have loved if it was a recliner.  I have no idea why. I really wanted to dig deeper to find out which dvd he actually chose, but I decided enough was enough for the poor guy.  I mean seriously, love it.

B: "And there was this black box where I was supposed to put the sample...and a bell to ring..."

A BELL?!?! It just gets better.  Ding Ding, Done!

I mean, I'm in one room with a man staring way too intently at my "business", inserting objects to get a better look...  And then there's my husband, in another room...providing a "sample" to some woman who dropped him off there with an awkward set of instructions and a reminder about the "bell".  I wish I was a fly on that wall.  No. No, nevermind. Take that back.  black. leather. chair.  uhhhhh

So, all and all- one of the better days in our infertility journey.  This is what memories are made of!

Lesson #2:  "Don't put all your eggs in one basket..." 


  1. Wow! I feel a little uncomfortable right now. I'm so glad your ovaries are good to go though. Ha! All of this will be worth it when you guys are holding a cute, little (well, probably kind of big) baby!!!