Saturday, July 16, 2011

21 Weeks

How Far Along: 21w2d

Size of Baby: Currently they are the size of bananas according to the books...but we know that baby B, our Big Bubba, isn't holding to any "normals"... :)

Picture of Baby: We've got another ultrasound on Wednesday so I'll see about posting another pic then. I'll post my favorite u/s pics so far- these are from about 19 weeks (again, I HATE trying to take a picture of an u/s pic so I'm sorry so blurry):

Little Lady sittin' pretty

Big Bubba kinda stretching out his legs upwards

And then here are a couple pics of my belly from MY perspective this morning (I tend to stay in my PJs as long as possible...).  21w1d:

The beast...she's got a long way to go though

I'm actually bending over to see my swollen sausage toes (un-pedicured unfortunately)

Maternity Clothes: Ok, I bought a bunch of maternity shirts at Ko.hls and they totally shrunk the first time I washed them (in cold water and low heat in the dryer) and now you can see the belly band when I wear them. I'm a little bummed.  Plus, I'm growing quite a bit more rapidly now so any shrinking of shirts means bad news.  I'm loving dresses right now- but they're all starting to get a little short for work because the bump is pulling them up!

Weight Gain: I feel SOOOO much better!  I'm still taking 2 Pro.tonix everyday, and doc wants me to stay on that until I deliver.  But yesterday I only took 1 Zof.ran for the first time and it went well.  So I'm weaning myself off slowly but surely.  It's amazing how different this is now.  I was in a bad, bad place there for a while with the IVs and the constant vomiting or dry heaving. UUUUGH **shutter.  But, everyone was right- it's so worth it now that I'm feeling better.  I am truly enjoying this...and eating like a champion.  I'm up about 5-6 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight (which is about a 20lb weight gain because of how much I lost) but gaining pretty quickly. 

Belly: I still hear that I'm carrying "small" for twins and that's good because I can sure start to see this belly taking over soon!  It's growing pretty fast.

Stretch Marks: Nope.  I'm putting all kinds of stuff all over my belly, the ladies, my thighs...anything I can possibly reach at this try and avoid them but I think I'll probably just need to accept it at some point.  I've never had stretch marks before but I know it's genetic.  I'm doomed. ;)

Sleep: I get SO tired after work (and during, let's be honest here).  But I'm always waking up early now.  I woke up at 5am yesterday and again this morning...on a Saturday.  Boo.  I want to get some sleeping in before the babies get here because it's all over after that.  I have been going to bed much earlier though- I just can't keep my eyes open past 10pm (if I make it to that point- I've fallen asleep at 9pm the last couple of nights).  I'm waking up twice a night for a trip to the (gorgeously remodeled and lovely) bathroom. (Thanks B!!!!)

Best Moment of the Week: We had a pretty fun little kicking show last night that I loved.  I seriously can't get enough of their movement- they're so active! Last night they were going like crazy when we were watching "Groundhog Day" on tv...but they'd get even more active whenever any music would come on! Oh- I also found out yesterday that my boss is giving B and I a bunch of her baby stuff!  So on Monday we'll be getting a swing, a bouncy, a bumbo chair, and some more stuff!  PLUS- we sold the guest bedroom furniture that was in the nursery so I love seeing that empty and ready for cribs!

Movement: See above- but this is the best part of the pregnancy absolutely!

Symptoms: I'm starting to get a little bit of swelling.  Yikes!  When I wake up in the morning it seems to either be the worst or I'm just paying attention to it the most.  I've taken off my wedding ring and engagement ring- I have the wedding band hanging on my necklace.  I've replaced it with my college letterman's ring cuz I hate not wearing a ring on that finger now... I still get a bit nauseous from time to time but NOTHING like before. I mean, seriously- this is cake now in the nausea department.  The belly hurts some from time to time- I get cramps every other day or so that are uncomfortable.  My low back is starting to hurt a little sometimes too- but not all the time.  B will give me a little back rub when I need it- thanks again B!!  And I'm starting to see a little bit of improvement with the slow digestive issues now that I'm weaning even more off the Zo.fran.  We'll see how that goes (cuz I suck at taking Mira.lax and I hate it).

Food Cravings: Ok, guilty confession #1- the last two nights in a row I've gone to Arby's to get a cherry turnover cuz I wanted one OH so badly (I hadn't had one in probably a year before I got pregnant but they're so delish)...but both times I came up short! How awful! Each time, they told me when I got there that they had "just" run out of cherry.  :(  So B told the guy at the window last night that I'm pregnant and psychotic and REALLY needed that cherry turnover- so the guy said he was closing tonight and that if I came back he'd have one saved for me.  I'll be there.  No question. (Oh- and of course I didn't leave empty handed.  On Thursday I got a chocolate turnover, which wasn't as good, but last night I had an apple turnover that was completely satisfactory...and I also got an oreo shake...and two roast beef

Gender: GIRL and BOY!!! Little Lady and Big Bubba!

What I Miss: I still miss walking at any sort of respectable pace.  I have to tell B to slow down- I can't keep up.  And the getting out of chairs is getting worse- I have to heave myself out of them,  it's like my legs don't work anymore.

What I'm Looking Forward to: Baby Shower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I honestly didn't know if this would ever happen for us- I can't say that enough.  I can't believe it's real.

Weekly Wisdom: To-Do lists are so, so important.  1) I can't remember anything anymore so having it all written on the list is crucial or I'd forget everything I needed to do and 2) there's a TON to do before the babies get here... I have to stay organized. Oh, also- B and I had a really important discussion last night that I think is crucial for any soon-to-be working parents.  I came home a bit late from work last night and B started projecting his worries into the future about how he comes home on time and I tend to stay late far more he's worried that he'll be waiting at home for me with both babies while I'm working away.  We talked about supporting eachother through the ebbs and flows of each of our careers.  We talked about sacrifices and how I've sacrificed a lot because of the pregnancy, but he has as well and we want to maintain equality with our careers- we both have a lot of potential but we both also know what our number one priority is: this family.  There will be times when his career will take him away from the family more and I'll need to step up and make more sacrifices as far as work goes and vice versa. Neither one of us will WANT to be away, but it's going to have to happen from time to time- be it travelling for a week at a time or working on big projects that require more hours in certain months, etc.  That support of one another and open communication are going to be cornerstone for us.  It won't be an easy balance to strike- but we'll find it with a little practice.  It just takes time. I trust in us, 100%. Love that man.

Milestones: Hmmm...I don't think I've reached anymore big milestones since the 20 week mark.  Next up is viability at 24 weeks.  I had a horrible dream last night that the babies had to be born at 23 was so vivid and so real- I hate those pregnancy paranoia dreams. 

Emotions: I'm in a really wonderful place right now. I look back at the first half of this pregnancy and I can say that it was friggin awful.  It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do physically- but these two amazing lives inside of me are so worth it.  I survived- they thrived.  That's what matters.  (Not that I want to do that again...) But right now I'm doing really well.  I'm slow, I'm sluggish, I'm already feeling like a whale even though I'm nowhere NEAR where I will be...but I'm loving knowing that I'm growing our offspring right now.  I love feeling them move.  I get so much joy out of talking about them and planning for them.  Albeit a little scared for the massive changes about to come and the ridiculously difficult times we  have ahead with two newborns/infants/toddlers/teenagers...all of it.  But I'm feeling less and less paranoid about whether this pregnancy will actually make it and I'm feeling like I can actually just enjoy it.  How amazingly lucky and blessed are we? I mean, honestly.  We are so truly blessed.  I couldn't be more grateful.

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  1. Glad to hear you're still enjoying food and gaining weight! I'm like you, I get nauseous a lot still but all I have to do is remember how sick I was before and it feels like nothing!

    Great news on the chat with B. Things like that are so important. Tim and I often have to chat and reassess things like this as he is still on a low wage having changed careers a couple of years back and although I have the *potential* to earn more than him (and have done in the past) because of how ill I've been with my Endo and wanting to be home as much as possible for the little one, we keep having to weigh up and balance what is best. I mean I would be just as happy for Tim to be home and me working, but it actually works in our favour for him to keep working as many hours as possible to get the training and experience he needs in his new career, despite it meaning money is extra tight for us right now. But it is something we find we come back to over and over again, even more so now we're going to be a family!

    Sorry to hear about the nightmare. Pregnancy nightmares suck. But you are so very close to that viability mark and it really does make a massive difference. I've found I'm just not as obsessed with how many weeks and day pregnant I am any more because although I am ready for it to be over already, I know that I don't have that same fear anymore. I cannot wait for you to get there and to celebrate with you xx