Thursday, July 21, 2011

22 Weeks

1.  Visiting daycares is going well.  We didn't have a wonderful experience with the Kin.dercare that's closest to us.  I know all of the Kin.dercares are different- I grew up going to church inside of one that seemed much more open and playful- this one felt really dungeon-like and we didn't love the staff as much as I'd hoped we would.  We still kept it on the list because it was the first daycare we had been to and I've heard plenty of good things about Kin.dercare, but didn't really have great feelings about it.  Then yesterday we went to Tu.tor and it felt a lot better!  The staff was my favorite part there, which I think is a really good thing.  Both of these are almost identical in cost, but Tu.tor seemed a little more flexible on schedules thus allowing for a bit of a lower price for us.  The only downfall I saw compared to Kin.dercare was that they didn't have two separate infant rooms- one for non-mobile babies and one for mobile babies.  I thought that was a great idea.  But it seemed to be working well without it.  We stayed for a while and just talked to the two ladies who work in the infant room and watched the babies to see what would happen.  Everyone was really happy and playful and organized- crucial in my book.  However, with the costs being pretty high, we decided to do a little research into the daycare right across from B and my office- La P.etite A.cademy. (I had heard it was wicked expensive so I hadn't even checked into it).  Turns out, it's a teensy bit cheaper than the others and I love,love,love that it's right next to the office.  We're going today to check it out.  Oh- and with both Tu.tor and La Pet.ite they have a 10% off for the second baby deal.  Haha- a BOGO for babies!

2. We went to our first prenatal class yesterday!!! It was supposed to be from 6:30pm-9:30pm, yikes...but only lasted until 8:30.  And, true to classic form, we watched a video of a live birth.  The birth video wasn't anything that B and I hadn't seen via high school health class or, honestly, on tv.  BUT- they showed the placenta delivery! I'd never seen that and WHOA.  Not pretty, people.  Not pretty.  The best part about the video was that the doctor then took the placenta in a bucket up to the head of the bed and proceeded to "check it out" (which honestly just looked like playing with it) right next to mom's head as she was sort of looking on in disgust and sort of trying to get her newborn to was hysterical.  Right after the video, our nurse teacher asked if there were any questions and a guy in the front raised his hand immediately and asked if the doctors seriously take the placenta in a bucket up to show mom and dad at the head of the bed.  Ha. Good question, bro.  And I was pleased to find that no, that's not standard practice (except the bucket part sorta is).  Even though I'm sure my science teacher mom would love to have a glimpse.  Sorry mom, not gonna happen. Gnarly.  The rest of the class we talked about pre-term labor, the stages of labor, contractions, etc.  It's called "Birth Basics and Breathing" and we'll go two more times (Wednesdays) for three hours each.  B thinks its a little silly since there's a really good chance we're doing a c-section but he's also down with my need to be prepared just in case (and a girl can hope, can't she?).  Next week we'll talk about pain management (the drugs!), the details about what to expect before and after in the hospital, and C-sections! So there, I'm doing my due diligence on all fronts.  The last class is when we'll talk about breathing and comfort techniques.  That's when we bring the pillow and get on the floor and all that I guess (yes, I'm the only one who brought a pillow last night because I wasn't sure when we were supposed to and I felt like an idiot).  Oh- and I love that B and I are sorta "special" with the whole twin thing.  They went around and everyone had to say their name, due date, and whether it was a boy or girl so they could tally up the team representation.  After we walked in 5 minutes late (no parking and I'm just late everywhere) and had to sit in the front, it was immediately our turn so I said we're technically due Thanksgiving day and it's twins- a boy and a girl! Everyone sort of gasped a bit and I said "we're on both teams" and got lots of laughs.  If you know me, you know I kind of loved that.

3. Still haven't scheduled the next pediatrician appointment.  Meim left me a really great comment on my last post about her pediatrician and how they're not so good with parents but really, really good with kids/diagnostics (I guess the most important things...I guess) ;)  It was a great point and I wasn't really thinking about that too much...but I've had so many awesome surgeons and diagnosticians in my life who just suck at that bedside manner thing- I should have known better.  But I'm such a rookie at all this... I'm gonna have to get over my fears and pick the best doctor rather than the one I want to hug more.  Oh- and I LOVE reading what amanda claire writes in my comments about the crazy differences between the US and the UK.  Sometimes I forget that I'm not the center of the universe...I can admit that.  (And if you know me, you're chuckling right now at the truth in that statement) But it's crazy to think of the vast differences in this same life experience based on geography...but then the similarities as well. 

4. I'm swelling. It's not horrific or anything, yet.  I'm a little worried though- because I wasn't taking my baby aspirin like I was supposed to (bad One Day) and now I'm wondering if I can save myself from the pre-eclampsia monster that attacks so many twin mamas.  I'm sure it's nothing- I'm just gonna mention it at my ultrasound appointment today and see what she says.  It's just my feet and hands right now so really nothing to worry about, plus it's like 400 degrees outside so B's swelling too, I'm sure.  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate- I know.

5. I'm gaining rapidly! And growing rapidly!  I'm officially up 10 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight! That's a 25 pound weight gain if you look at my lowest during the pregnancy (only about 9 weeks ago- wow).  I'll be doing the gestational diabetes test in a couple weeks- I'm slightly scared.  I eat EVERYTHING now.  I'm craving Icee's all the time (it's 400 degrees, shut up) but I haven't gotten one yet.  My lowest point was that's situation from about a week ago...I still never got my damn cherry turnover.  But I do crave salads from time to time so that's good, right?  I eat a ton of starchy and sugary foods though. But technically, I've still got some gaining to go, even if you're looking at my weight gain on an overall number.  I'm supposed to get to 40-50lbs of weight gain from my pre-pregnancy weight before little ones arrive.  I just need to do it a little smarter, I think.  But I want an ICEE!

6. My lactose intolerance came back.  I hadn't really noticed too much, but it was sort of hiding there for a while. I had tried a couple ice creams or a milkshake here and there and wasn't super sick afterward.  Then, all of a sudden- any bit of milk or ice cream is sending me into a horrible tail spin of cramps and not so fun times in the bathroom.  Now, this means that things are moving a little better than they were before which I guess is good...but probably not really.  This is a gross bullet, sorry.

7. BABY SHOWER!  Have I mentioned my excitement?  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

8. B bought a book about baby brain development and read half of it in like 5 minutes...and loves it.  I love him.  He was reading it last night during So You Think You Can Dance (which, if you haven't watched needs to become a regular part of your entire family's routine...immediately) and telling me the "crucial" parts cuz I don't read anymore- ha.  But of course it went deep into the devastating effects having a child will have on marriage.  Let alone two.  We talked a bit about our "plan" and how we are committed to supporting one another in front of our kids and talking it out behind closed doors if there's a disagreement.  I know that'll get hard sometimes and I'm sure there will be some "rule breaking" that will come- we're only human.  But my parents did such a great job with that- the united front.  I could never go from one to the other looking for a different (or better) answer.  Period.  And they never put one another down in front of us.  Ever.  B and I talked about remembering "us" when we get wrapped up in "them" and how hard that's gonna be (they're gonna be sooooo cute and sooo much work).  I get scared about that part sometimes, but I'm never scared about losing him or about us in the bigger sense.  That's such an amazing feeling- to really know that, truly, deep down.  I'm such a lucky woman to have found B and to have him in my life.  I want us to be the same, but I know that's not possible.  We'll go through seasons of change- and this is a big one coming.  But we'll always have that core understanding of who we are together and why we wouldn't be anywhere else.  Honestly, I'm so excited to see how amazing he's gonna be with our kids.  Seriously- he's that kind of guy who's a little bit shy, an introvert, on the outside- but I know the other sides to him that not too many other people get to see.  And all of it makes this incredible man who is just dying to be a father.  It's those other sides that are gonna shine through with his babies.  I can't wait!  Love.


  1. Phew... I feel like you are leaps and bound ahead of me and my husband in terms of preparedness right now. Yikes. Lots of great info in this post!

  2. HI there! I'm here from Mac and PC! Hope you don't mind me adding!

  3. Phew, lots of updates! And, as always, I have tons of comments (so it's good to know you enjoy reading some of them!!)

    Regarding non-mobile and mobile baby units, how are they set up? Are they under 1s, 1-2s etc? In both the nurseries I worked in I spent lots of time in the under 1s room and really the mobile vs non-mobile issue isn't a big deal as long as the staff are on the ball and actually it often works in your favour otherwise if you have a baby who is just happy sitting and now bothered about trying the whole walking thing yet then they can end up being stuck in a unit with babies much younger and then the toys and activities aren't so great for them, if you get what I mean? Just a thought!

    How fun on the prenatal class. We don't get ours until I'm about 36 weeks because the midwife running them in our area is away in the next couple of weeks when we'd normally have them. 36 weeks seems to be pushing it a bit close for comfort for me, but we can't do much about it.

    Lactose intolerance sucks. I'm not properly intolerant but my mum made the connection between my cravings for cheese, yoghurt and ice cream as always being followed by me feeling really sick. What a bummer! Strangely though I am able to eat high fibre foods like wheat and apples that I couldn't eat when not pregnant. I'm not even going to begin to try and figure that one out.

    Finally (sorry for my always long comments!) you'll do great on the parenting as a team thing. You've been through so much together already that you'll find your way through any parenting challenge, I know you will! xx