Friday, July 29, 2011

23 Weeks...and flaunting the preggo bikini?!?! (pics)

Oh yes- we've made it to 23 weeks and I've decided that it's my blog so if you don't want to see the preggo bikini- it's about time you get up and go.  Cuz this belly is out in full force!

B and I have implemented a new ritual of "pool time" almost every evening after he gets done working out.  Did I mention that along with his new found need to do all of our home improvement projects inside, he also built a gym in our garage that's pretty awesome! But, of course, it's billions of degrees here and the garage is no exception (and honestly a little hotter cuz it just steams in there). So after work he gets home and then musters up the energy and courage to go attempt a workout in the sauna that is his new gym (he didn't want to keep our gym membership because 1. it was way, way too expensive even though I loved it 2. I wasn't using it at.all. and 3. he wanted to be home more when the babies come and not trying to trek out to the gym and leaving the family for long periods of time to get a workout- he's so thoughtful!!!)  After about 45 minutes, he'll blow back through the door into our house looking like he's literally 5 minutes away from heat stroke and heads straight for the back door.  At which point, I put on my BIKINI!!!  Yeah- the one I bought at the regular non-maternity store that really shouldn't be worn by anyone even considering being pregnant let alone a twin preggo lady. Love it!  I got it a size too big so the ladies fit...but it's not pretty by any means.  Eh, it gets the job done. And I LOVE being the in pool.  I was super paranoid at first cuz, ya know,  you're not allowed to submerge yourself in any water for a little while after IVF so I figured that means bad things could happen at any point- it took me a little while to get over that.  I think I was 20 weeks before I would "submerge"- it's been only showers for me.  But now I'm seriously angry for not taking advantage sooner. It feels so good on my back to have the pressure off for a bit- and when I'm getting that "baby kicking you in the cervix" pain, it really helps.

Um...pretty?  23weeks! 

Hey there Luckies!

So what else is going on with us? Well, VERY exciting news! We got some hand-me-downs that are fabulous! My favoritein this moment? This beautiful single stroller.

Awwww! B's so cute with the stroller!!!

A single stroller? Yes, I know- we're having two babies. B and I debated back and forth about whether we would need a single stroller and whether it'd be worth the money and yada yada. Well, we sort of decided no, probably not worth the money. But then, a friend of ours who has twins (we don't know too many people IRL who have twins) said they got a single stroller, used it a few times but rarely, and would totally give it to us. SUHWEET!

Um- what else? Babies are the size of (very) large papayas! And we're less than a week away from the VIABILITY milestone! This is a big one people. I mean, just to think- that at that point, we could have something not so good happen and still have the hopes of taking home our babies! Oh my goodness- it's all just so surreal. Don't worry, I'm working on cooking these little ones for at least another few months if there's anything I can possibly do about it!

Our birthing and breathing class is going well. Two sessions down, one more to go. We talked about C-sections and what to expect with the actual hospital stay. So that was good to see. Two more gnarly videos thankyouverymuch, but it is what it is.

Oh- and I'm still obsessed with strawberry shortcakes.  This is a GIGANTIC bowl with two shortcakes and an entire packet of strawberries...and just a lot of whipped cream. A. lot.



  1. You keep rockin' that bikini, Girl! I think you do it proud! =) (And I'm soooooo jealous you have a pool! LOL)

  2. I think you look freakin' awesome in that bikini!!! I'm hoping to rock one myself once my belly looks more "bellyish" and less "beergutish." :) Lookin' great mama!!

  3. You look great! Yay for nearly viability!!

  4. I just want to say that I absolutely love your blog. Thank you for sharing your happiness and excitement. It gives me something wonderful to read about and helps me have hope for our not so fantastic situation right now. :)

    And might I add you look just fabulous in your bikini! Rock it, girl!

  5. Kudos on sporting the bikini... why not? So happy things are moving along and you are so close to the viability milestone, woo-hoo!

  6. Whoops, I'm so late at commenting!

    I LOVE the bikini :) and also, you might not have liked submerging yourself before 20 weeks anyway as although I'm such a waterbaby and spend most of my time normally in the bath, I found baths made me feel so much worse when my HG was really bad. I didn't start enjoying them until about 23 or 24 weeks. So I'd say your timing for discovering your love of the water is perfect :)

    Way to go with the strawberry shortcake! You've got to give those babies whatever they ask for ;) My latest obsession has been peanut butter on slices of apple. Very weird, but much enjoyed by the little one right now I can tell you (can you see how I enjoy blaming little man for everything I could feel remotely embarrassed about?!)

    I'm thinking maybe you've passed the viability mark by the time I have finally got around to posting this comment, so YAY!!!