Sunday, July 24, 2011

Babiesmoooooooooooooooon and Nesting?

I am so so so excited that B and I just booked reservations for our little babymoon (babiesmoon for us)! :) We decided we will be staying very close to home- no traveling out of state...or out of city for that matter.  But I found an "all inclusive" package at a local 5-star that we've never stayed at and in our city, the summer time deals are wicked awesome.  So we booked it up!  PLUS- B got me a gift certificate to this resort for a spa treatment a while ago and I haven't used it yet- so we'll put that toward the cost (I'd rather hang with him than get a massage anyday...ok, maybe hang with him WHILE getting a massage would win out).  So the price included breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for our two night stay- which is good for a preggo lady like me since I eat like a champ right now! We're going the third weekend in August which is just lovely cuz I won't be too ginormous by then hopefully, although the rapid growth has picked up this last week.

I found myself in a bit of a new place for this pregnancy yesterday.  I've explained to y'all that I'm not the organized one in my marriage.  B takes that role, and he does splendid at it.  And I'm pretty damn good at being messy- all is right with the world (not if you ask B...but...).  I've also explained to y'all that I've been pretty sick for this pregnancy, right? Did you know that? Lots of puking, lots of IV fluids, ringing any bells?  Well- I didn't do ANYTHING around the house during that horrible time and I haven't really done much of anything since cuz I started back at work and then I'm just so tired and worn  out...well, anyway- something snapped yesterday.  I knew I needed to do laundry- it had been like 5 months (I've done a teensy bit here and there for the things I needed but I've had piles of laundry in my closet for literally 5 months...I kept it out of the way so no one would notice...).  So I started sorting laundry.  Then I realized that my closet shelves were very disorganized, so I started organizing those.  Then I realized that my clothes weren't organized in a condusive way to me finding my preggo friendly ensembles, so I started organizing all my clothes...well, I ended up totally reorganizing my entire closet, including 6 loads of laundry, and now it ALMOST looks as organized as B's side!!  Is this nesting?  I had to stop every 30 minutes or so to rest and put my feet up cuz I'd start to get cramps or whatever- I was going at it for real- but I couldn't stop until the job was done.  B helped me with my laundry, too, cuz he loves me that much.  And I'm cute and he can't resist my pleas.

I've also found two or three more little projects that I want to get organized as well.  Here's B's favorite:  We have a stash of VHS tapes.  Does anyone else have a stash of VHS tapes remaining from the "good ol' days" or is that just me?  B hates it. I can't give it up.  First, there may be a tiny bit of sentimental attachment there...but mostly I'm just afraid that if I give up my one and only copy of "Free Willy" I'll never get the DVD or Blu Ray and then what if I absolutely NEED to watch that beautiful whale soar?  What will I do?  B enters his quick witted responses here regularly- Netflix, buy the dvd for like $2 cuz it's Free Willy for god's sake....whatevs.  His final response is that we actually no longer have a functioning VHS player anywhere in the house.  I've been hoarding my old VHS/DVD combo player for (insert ridiculous number of years here) and now he claims that all of our fancy shmancy tvs aren't compatible.  Hmph.  So, my new project is to go through my blessed stash and find all of the tapes that I absolutely MUST have and then challenge B to find them for super cheap.  I personally think that it's going to be a bit of an expensive endeavor- he thinks we'll find all of these DVDs for dirt cheap.  Um...some are Disney classics mister- there's this vault, I don't know if you've heard of it... 

Let the best man win (or the preggo lady, cuz I deserve it).


  1. Hahaha - I have some old classic VHS as well. Honestly, we bought a DVD player with the capability of burning from VHS to HDDVD and haven't done ONE yet. It's hard to give up the old and comfortable. :)

    Good job on your closet! Not being able to find preggo-friendly clothes was my by motivator to clean out and organize mine as well, though I definitely hadn't gone 5 months. 5 MONTHS?? How many clothes to you have woman?!

    Enjoy the babiesmoon - I'm jealous!!

  2. I know, right?!? Most of those clothes that have sat there for 5 months aren't preggo friendly...but I needed to get them off the damn floor! But yes, I have WAY too many clothes. Way. Way way way. :) hehe I did, however, collect two huge bags of donation clothes yesterday. That's progress!

  3. Who are you? Can I get some of those nesting hormones at the store? I need to organize my closet.
    Good job girlie.

  4. The babiesmoon sounds wonderful! I think the next few weeks are our best chance of organizing because we're going to be too big after that to be doing all of that bending, right?!?
    We're down to a few VHS but until I have some of them in DVD, they are here to stay! I still have a few (gasp) cassette tapes!!! Maybe we'll keep them for antiques:] Happy organizing/nesting!

  5. So, I would love it if you would talk to my husband about his cassette tapes!

    As for the VHS tapes like the Disney ones tell your hubby they are better for kids b/c they can't get figure prints on them or scratch them. It is probably way cheaper to buy a VHS player aren't they like $20 now?