Friday, July 1, 2011


I just had to post this morning because we had a big moment last night!  B got to feel the babies for the first time!!!

I was actually talking to a co-worker yesterday about how he hadn't felt them yet because everytime they would move it would be quick and I couldn't even get my hand there in time, let alone B's.  But last night, as I was snoogling with my after work and B was reading in bed next to me cuz he's just so nice to chill with me when I need my after-work break... I started feeling the baby flutters. Same as always, I didn't really do much about them. But then a few more right after.  And then one big kick that I could for SURE feel on the outside!  I sprinted to grab B's hand and throw it on my belly.  But, of course, nothing.  We sat there for probably 5 minutes with nothing but sweat forming because it was getting too hot to have a hand on my belly for that long (did I mention the 118?? and we turn our A/C to hotter during the day so it's not billions of dollars every month... and then it takes a while to get back into the high 70's in our house).  I finally looked at B with a big sad face and asked if he could feel anything.  He kind of frowned back and said no- I told you it was too early to feel it on the out...WAIT.  We both kind of paused.  I felt it, but I wasn't sure if B had.  Silence.  Then I felt it again, and I kind of jumped.  And then B just says "Babies!"

It was the friggin coolest thing ever.  Because then whoever it was, A or B, who was giving us this little show just kept going. It was the most kicking I've felt in a row yet. And they did it for Daddy! He kept his hand on my belly for a long time and everytime we'd feel another kick we'd both smile and look at eachother again.

Best part of the pregnancy yet. Hands down.



  1. awesome, what an incredible moment!!!

  2. Thanks for your nice comment!
    So cool that he got to feel them!! Cant believe how far along you are now! Hope all continues to be well.

  3. That is so great!! I will always remember the first time Nick felt Henry move. It is one of my favorite pregnancy memories.

  4. what a sweet moment... wish you many more!!!

  5. YAAAAAY! How exciting for you both, it really is the best part of pregnancy for me. My mum hated it apparently when she was pregnant but I just love it.

    It's only going to get more and more exciting from now on because as those movements get stronger you start to notice patterns and its like yon're getting to know your babies' personalities as each day goes by! Our little one just loves to kick Tim now when he's around and its especially funny when Tim teases me and I go to "swat" him and he gets a kick from baby at the same time... I think I'm going to have a mummy's boy at this rate ;)