Saturday, September 10, 2011

29 weeks and a little more down time!

With this past Friday came my LAST day of full-time work in the office until I go back after the babies arrive.  And what an amazing feeling it is.  I'd say it was the perfect cap to a rough year of lots of work, lots of not working, and lots of trying to work way more than I should have...

My boss has been totally awesome and granted me the amazing gift of working from home part-time, so next week I'll go into the office three days and stay home in bed with my laptop two days.  I had to off-board some very big things to other people this last week, so it got pretty busy with trying to transition it all.  But yesterday went well, I think I got most of that transition taken care of, department threw me a surprise baby shower!  It was so, so cute!  They went all out, did a dessert potluck, and decorated the room to the nines.  They had a couple of not-so-scary games and got us some amazing gifts. I feel really lucky!  After all was said and done on Friday, I ended up staying at the office until about 6:45...and my ankles were ENORMOUS!  Of course, I ate crap all day and didn't drink enough water.

I'm feeling so good about taking a little more down time.  And we're feeling pretty set as far as baby stuff goes- I've been working my butt off to organize the nursery without overdoing it on my end.  I keep a close eye on my ankles to let me know when it's time to lie down.  They tell me pretty easily.  Here are some pics of the baby things! Yay!

Oh man- that's a lotta clothes. But don't worry, it's not all 0-3 months or anything!

Folding and more folding- we'll see how long that lasts...

I doubt we're gonna need this many blankets...

I love all of our little monkey things! And of course my make-shift diaper caddy :)

Baby laundry is tough- everything is so tiny and folding/hanging it all took a lot more time than I thought it would.  I'm in the process of doing a bit more baby laundry right now because B and I went to BRU last weekend for their clearance clothes sale and I let myself get a little out of control. :) Those little baby things are too much to pass up- and if I get something for our little man, I've got to get something for our little girl.

What else on the nursery front?  We ended up getting these "travel lite" portable cribs for when the babies will be sleeping in our bedroom in the very beginning.  We were gonna do full pack n' plays, but they're so big- two wouldn't work out well and I just didn't want them sleeping in one together for some reason.  But these are super cute and fit perfectly in our bedroom.  Plus- I think they'll be awesome for travelling.

Look how cute they are! TWO babies!!!
My office got us the double snap n go stroller (we already had one, so now I get to buy MORE cute baby things when we take it back- yay!).  So I'm excited to put that to some good use once the babies arrive.  I've heard it's so much easier with twins to just use this with the carriers rather than a full double stroller.  We have a double stroller, too- but we'll use that later when they're not in their carriers all the time. This is the double we ordered (it just came in the mail today!!!), the seats can go in all directions which I like:

Contours Optima Double Tandem Stroller - Berkeley

I have someone coming to give us a quote on curtains in the nursery and our guest room.  We're taking care of both of them cuz my mom's gonna be staying with us off and on throughout the first couple of months, and the guest room blinds don't keep much sun out.  I'm undecided what I want to do with the nursery window coverings...hopefully the lady who's coming to give us the quote can help me out. She did the rest of our house and I love it- so that's good.

They had to push our next appointment back a bit- so it's not until a week from this Monday.  I hate waiting that long. So, so spoiled.  But everything looked great at the last appointment, so we're still trucking right along.  The FFN came back negative again- hopefully they stay put until right around our 37 week c-section. They're super active and kicking me all the time, so it helps me to know they're doing ok.  We'll start having to be monitored two times per week

Breastfeeding class was pretty helpful.  I think what I took away most was the "kangaroo care" talk!  I'm so excited for kangaroo care (skin to skin with babies), I had no idea all of the documented benefits! I asked about twin kangaroo care so the teacher gave a little demo with two dolls- should be interesting. But B will be participating in our kangarooing too, so we'll be covered. :)

On the pregnancy front, things are getting a little touch and go.  I'm nauseous again- not ANYTHING like before, good lord, but it's not my favorite.  I'm still on Zof.ran once a day and Pro.tonix twice a day.  My back is really starting to feel the brunt of this pregnancy though.  I have to ask B for a quick back rub almost everyday.  It just starts cramping up so bad sometimes- like it's spasming.  I'm up about 30 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight, so that's a lot of extra load to carry on an already messed up back.  Oh, and my hands hurt! This is a weird one. I've heard that pregnancy can induce carpal tunnel- I don't know if that's what I've got going on, but it just feels like I have wicked arthritis in my hands.  I can hardly open water bottles anymore. I wake up in the middle of the night and one of my hands will be completely numb, which is pretty scary.  During the day, it feels like I need to crack my knuckles all the time.  Eh, it's not horrible or anything, I'll take this over hyperemesis anyday.  It's just weird. 

No stretch marks yet...still waiting for those to crop up.  And still lathering the belly with anything I can get my hands on!  This belly is large and in charge- I can't imagine another 7+ weeks and what that's gonna do. I try to spend some time in the pool still cuz it gets really heavy.  I bought a belly support band, but it's sort of uncomfortable.  I think I just need to lay down as much as possible. Here's a glimpse into 29 weeks with twins on a 6'1" a BIKINI! Oh yeah!

This was actually 28w4d. Large and in charge!
Back when I thought I was big at 23 weeks...haha! :)

Sleep on the other hand just isn't in the cards for me anymore.  I get SO tired around 7:30 every night. I'm usually asleep by 8:30 (which is crazy early for me), but then I wake up every hour or two throughout the entire night. Finally around 5:30am I usually can't fall back asleep anymore.  Not my favorite, but I guess it's preparing me for double time night feedings...

Sorry for such an excessive post- this past week has been crazy busy and I want to make sure to get all this down so I don't forget what's going on. Pregnancy brain attacks out of nowhere sometimes (usually in meetings with my higher-ups...).  I'm getting SO anxious to meet these little ones- I don't want to wait!  But I've got to keep them cooking- my goal is to make it over 35 weeks and if I can make it to our 11/02/2011 date, that's fabulous!


  1. Yay to another week closer to meeting your sweet babies!

    I found I got a lot more nauseous again around 30 weeks (nothing like at the beginning but enough to make me feel really rubbish!) so make sure you keep taking that Zofran! And as for the painful hands, my midwife told me it could be due to retaining water and that putting extra pressure on the nerves, causing carpal tunnel. So if you are swelling up a lot maybe that is what it is for you?

    How wonderful you get to work from home a bit, and what a lovely surprise with the baby shower. We don't really have baby showers in the UK, but my friends surprised me today with a "mini shower" (as in they came, brought a basket full of gifts, and we ate a load of crap!) Nothing on your US showers, but even having a shower over here is quite unusual.

    I think they just got there in time too, as I just found out my insane itchiness is due to obstetric cholestasis (as if HG, PGP and anaemia weren't enough, right?) and have to see the consultant on Monday. From what I have been told it sounds like we'll be looking at induction as most people with this are induced between 37 and 38 weeks and I'm 38 weeks now. So maybe, just maybe, we'll finally get to meet our little one by the end of this week!! (Can you believe it?)

    Which reminds me that I have a couple of little hats I crocheted for your luckies and should think about posting them before I get distracted by the baby. Do you get to see my email address on your blog? If so, would you mind emailing me a postal address I can send the hats to? I have a feeling I have an email address for you from a while back but don't know if you still use the same one.

    Thinking of you and hoping these last few weeks aren't too uncomfortable xx

  2. Assvise alert. I hear twins sleep better if in the same bed. It comforts them since they were together all the time in the womb, and separation causes anxiety. We did it with my twin nephew and niece, and they slept better than my other nephew, who was a singleton. Something to think about if you have any sleep issues,

  3. You look so frickin ridiculous and not at all like you'r having twins. I suppose that's another upside to being so tall, eh?! Love the portable cribs!

  4. You'll totally need the blankets! Love the pics! I am so excited for you! Things really seem to be coming along nicely!

    Oh, and weird btw... my hands did the same thing! I think it has to do with the adema from swelling. It actually got worse for a couple of days after Miss E was born, but it seems to be getting better now.

  5. My darling daughter just arrived a few weeks ago. Let me tell you, my life has changed for the better. I don't know what I did without her in my life. I got alot of things from family and friends at my baby shower, however, there were a few clothing items I still needed. I chose to buy clearance clothes since I knew my baby would grow out of them real quick.

    And congrats on being organized already! I still have clothing to put away and just no room for it. Good luck in the future!

  6. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm take it all off let me see you naked pregnant women are hot!