Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Six Weeks and Counting!!!

The countdown is officially ON! Today hits six weeks until our scheduled c-section (which I've resigned to just calling it a scheduled c-section rather than a scheduled induction lady and bubba have yet to be head down at any ultrasounds in the last several months). I'm SO excited to get closer and closer to meeting these two little miracles- I just can't wait to see them, touch them, know that they're really real.

Went to the doctor on Monday- all looks really well.  My cervix is still fully closed and the FFN came back negative again- so doc thinks I may just make it to our 11/02/2011 date as long as my blood pressure doesn't creep up too high.  We talked about B flying across the country next week and she was perfectly comfortable with it- noting that we're not having any babies anytime too soon- if I went into labor, we'd do everything possible to stop it still.

We didn't get any pictures of the babies unfortunately this time- both of them were facing my back (he is sideways up by my ribs and she's butt down right on my cervix), moving all over the place, but being ultimately camera shy.  They better quit with the camera-shyness soon, they're gonna need to get REAL used to lots and lots of photo ops.  Knowing that this is our only go at the "baby phase" makes me feel even more intensely about the need for UBER amounts of baby photos.  I'll try to keep the flash off most of the time, I promise.  poorthings.

I'm working from home today, getting a lot done, and thinking yet again about the many things we need to do before babies get here.  I'm thinking of tackling the portions of the guest room that require no lifting and no bending today if I have some time.  I still really want to go to the DMV to get the handicap pass, but I haven't had any time (at least not adequate time to sit at the DMV for hours on end).  Maybe today...maybe Friday (but I've heard that Fridays at the DMV are a baaad idea...).

I wish I had some more pictures to post...but here are some fun things:

This little guy came in the mail last week- he's our noise maker!! He has some creepy monkey noises that I'll probably use far too often, as well as some of those normal "white noise" things...  But the best creepy part is that it's a recorder, so we can record our voices over these other creepy noises...making it all that much more CREEPY! :)

Aaaah! There's a giant monkey head on our babies' floor! :) Love love love.

Our new glider...adorned with a baby blanket that my great aunt crocheted for me when I was born! :)

The two diaper cakes that one of my employees made for me for my office baby shower! It was so amazing- and these things are too cute! Oh, and the diapers she used have monkeys on them. hehe

This is what a twin nursing pillow looks like. Yikes. (This is in our guest room- which is still totally covered in half-put-together baby gear)

I just had to add some pics of some of the ADORABLE baby clothes we're rocking. Look at this tiny pink tutu!

B picked out this hat- I'm going to LOVE taking pictures of little lady with this thing on.  She may hate it.

Um, seriously? Again, B found this gem. Bubba's gonna look so friggin cute!

The BEAST in all its glory.  I'm bending waaay over to see my toes here. Which is getting harder and harder to do.  :)

I can't believe that at 7:30am, six weeks from today, B will be putting on his scrubs, and I will be prepped for surgery...about to meet our miracles.  I can't believe it's coming- I can't believe we're having twins.  Is this for real??!?!  How could we be so lucky, so blessed? Oh wow, the countdown is definitely on. :)


  1. So so cool. I just realized I can't see my toes by a long shot (when looking straight down) and I have no idea when that happened!

    What kind of glider did you go with?

  2. OMG, I cant believe it is only 6 weeks away! Pleased all is well and I hope all continues to be. I can not wait to meet them!!

  3. So very excite for you guys! Getting to the end of any pregnancy is amazing but getting to the end of a difficult one is not only sheer joy but also hard to believe. At least I know I have spent most of the past week trying to get to grips with the thought that we did it, this baby is ours for keeps, and I never, ever have to face pregnancy again.

    Of course there is an emotional fallout from that in which I find myself falling so much in love with our little man that I feel robbed of the chance of a straightforward pregnancy and the feeling we could do it again. But, like you, I am making the most of every precious moment because I know this is our one chance to experience it all. Baby photos by the dozen are just one aspect of this ;)

    You're so close now although I know the final few weeks can really drag. Here's hoping you manage to feel as well as possible over the next few weeks xx