Thursday, September 29, 2011

32 Weeks!

Holy "Only-5-weeks-left" Batman!

I'm feeling a little bit like these little ones are getting too big for my belly, but I'm loving every kick, jab, and tumble!  It's funny, they both have a tendency to sort of stretch out and push really hard up against my belly, so I'll have a huge bulge of baby sticking out somewhere for a little while. That's a bit more uncomfortable than my normal state of discomfort, but again, so friggin cool.

The swelling has returned- it was funny, I went a couple weeks there with my ankles hanging right around normal size.  It was a tease.  They're back to resembling elephantitis. Pretty.  My face is also quite a bit puffier than normal...and of course, the 40 pounds I'm up over my pre-preggo weight isn't really helping in that vein.  But honestly, I've still got some gaining to go and I feel good about my weight at this point. 

We have our 32 week ultrasound next Monday and we'll get full baby measurements at that one.  CAN'T WAIT!  I'm really wondering how big these little ones are.  I'm guessing around 4.5lbs each.  Hopefully they'll be faced to to the side so we can take home some pics this time. 

Next week also starts my twice-per-week monitoring!  I'm amped to know so regularly that all is going well.  But with all of the movement all the time, I have a pretty consistent reminder.  I'll get to hear their heartbeats though, so I'm a happy mama.

We did a huge donation drop today- got a bunch of stuff out of the house and made room for Nana to come stay once they get here.  I also disinfected and washed all of the hand-me-down toys and gear that we had piled up in the guest room, so now that's all put together.  We're still waiting to put together the strollers, the bouncy chairs, and a few other things just cuz they take up a lot of space.  We've still got another month or so probably. 

Braxton Hicks are becoming quite the norm around here.  Not my favorite, but they don't really hurt at all- just uncomfortable.  Hard to walk when one comes on...and they make me have to pee even more than I already do :) I blame Lady for that one, she's the baby who's sitting on my bladder.

Still no stretch marks on the belly, although I've gotten a few on my bum now.  What's that about?? It's definitely not expanding at the rate my belly is (hopefully)!  But I wasn't putting any of the lotion and stuff on my butt, I didn't really think I needed to.  Oh well.  The one weird thing is now my belly button is starting to itch like crazy! I'm guessing it's from stretching and I'll eventually see some marks pop up, but nothing yet.  My belly button looks really weird- it's no longer a circle, it's more of a collapsed oval... both of my laparoscopies had entrance points in my belly button, so I have some scars that are showing up now that I'd never been able to see before. It's weird.  Still and "inny" though.

Work is going really well.  I've been getting a lot of praise on the work I've been doing recently, which feels good after having such a touch-and-go year.  We're looking at me moving up to a new position, a promotion, right when I get back from leave.  I have to decide if I want to take that on with two 3 month olds at home- this is gonna be tricky.  I've been very up front with my intentions- I want to continue on with my career, but I have no idea what life will be like after the twins arrive.  I want to keep my options open, and everyone has been incredibly supportive of that.  I feel really lucky to have a management team who believes in me and wants to give me these types of opportunities even though I've been out so much (and working partially from home now).  We'll see what goes down over the next several months- should be an interesting ride!

B is in the air right now flying across country to come back home.  He's been gone since Tuesday and I hate it.  I'm such a wuss, but I missed him like crazy.  I got home from work on Tuesday after he had left and there was a vase of flowers on the kitchen counter, a card, and a bag of peanut m&m's.  I love that man...he's the best thing in the entire world.  The BEST. 

Oh, my Mom and I went and checked out the three daycares that we're still considering (yes, you might notice that it was 2 at one point and I added one back in...).  She's got her favorite...I've got my "favorite" and B's got his "favorite".  The one problem for me right now is the money.  My fav is the most expensive one.  B's is the cheapest one (not because he's cheap or anything- he just thinks they're all pretty much the same so why pay extra).  He is completely comfortable going with the one I like, but I totally see where he's coming from so I'm torn.  We're gonna talk to the expensive one and see what they can do about providing a little more flexibility for a 4 day schedule.  Right now, they charge the same if the babies come 4 days per week or 5...which seems silly to me.  That's what is making that one SO much more expensive- we can do 4 days most weeks, which would save us a lot of money at the other places.

We're going to see another pediatrician tomorrow, so I'm excited about that. I think I'll like this one.

And the drapes are being installed tomorrow in the nursery and the guest room!!! It's getting so close!

Here's a glimpse at my cankles- I just had to post... and I SWEAR they don't look like this normally!


I am so excited to meet these babies, and I feel SO blessed to have this beautiful pregnancy...but that doesn't mean it's exactly "pretty" all the time... ;)


  1. Oh the cankles! I got them right at the end, but hadn't realised how much my feet and ankles had actually swollen prior to my elephant-feet stage until this week when I suddenly looked down at them and thought they looked freakishly skinny haha!

    And the belly button thing... yeah I have scars from my laparoscopies in my belly button too and it made it a really weird shape during pregnancy. Now that I am squishy and flabby it is even easier to see the scars and the shape and it is weird... can't wait for it to go back to a more normal size as I hate reminders of all the stuff Endo has made me go through!

    Yay to all the work stuff. You rock, girl! I hope you manage to work out the balance you want for your career and family. We've been discussing this a lot too because my career stalled last year when we moved and although I'm ok just doing odd jobs for now, I do want to get back into a career at some point. Isn't it hard though working out the balance.

    5 weeks isn't long at all (although I remember it feeling like a lifetime when I was waiting the final weeks of pregnancy, so feel free to shoot me for saying that!) I can't believe your luckies will be here soon. I still have to post the hats for them, so I better get my groove on and do that before they arrive :)

  2. You know what's funny? I actually wish I had taken "profile" shots of my feet when they got really bad, too. I have a few pics, but nothing that really does them justice.

    I am getting so excited for you! I can't wait to "meet" your little ones! They are going to be so amazing!