Monday, August 9, 2010

"Cautiously Optimistic"...what does that even mean???

I mean, I'm either optimistic or pessimistic it seems. Cautious doesn't really come into play.  But right now, I'm feeling optimistic!  We got an 84!!!! 84!!! You blew 12 out of the water P & D! I'm so proud :)

The nurse said that we need to be "cautiously optimistic" because that number is still ridiculously too low.  It appropriately doubled, and actually more than doubled.  Almost tripled.  But they don't feel good about an 84 at 18dpo.  I mean, do you feel good about an 84 at 18dpo? Let's be honest. Not so much.  But c'mon, I'm still pregnant, y'all!

I feel it too.  I went out for yogurt today with some coworkers and had to sit outside because there weren't any tables left.  It was blazingly hot and I felt like I was going to pass out! Then the nausea set in and I was done for. I just got up and went inside.  Momma needs her Air Conditioning!  Everytime I feel nauseous I get so excited. Although it could be from the progesterone, at this point with an 84 HCG level, I'm pregnant. SO I'm blaming it on that! :)

I have to go back in on Wednesday to see what happens.  I really want to see a tripled number, so we can start to feel like this may happen instead of just hearing the pity in our nurses' voices.  If it goes up high enough, will they start having hope for us? Will they maybe consider this a real possibility? I asked her if she'd ever seen this actually happen, with numbers so low.  She said she couldn't was too hard to tell. That doesn't even make sense! Basically, "no honey, but keep on truckin".  Eh, there are some things that doctors don't know; can't know.  I've always been good at that- let's shock the doctors again.  C'mon little ones, let's make them wonder! Let's be the success story that I've been looking for.  We don't need anyone else to do it, just us. 

Pray for over 200...but I'll take anything over 168 :)



  1. Awesome news! Way to go, P & D! I am holding my breath for Wednesday's draw. I am thinking 200 it is!

    So happy for you! Show them docs what's what!

  2. That's great news! Go P & D! Here's hoping for 200!!

  3. Woohoo, this is the best news ever! I had my fingers crossed all weekend and even G asked me today what your count was because we have been praying for you. We will continue praying for over 200!
    I am going out to have a drink in your honor!

  4. So as im registering for yet another "get on our mailing list so you can get coupons" list..i answer your phone call and im pretty sure i freeked the lady out. I did a big leg kick..and then many little fist pumps. lol
    just so everyone knows the story. lol
    i love the number 84.

  5. Here from LFCA, and thinkikng good thoughts for you ... !

  6. Oh honey do I know how you feel. I am so glad that you got such a great doubling (tripling even!)
    Limbo land is truly torturous - I've been there before (and am there right now)...I really hope your little ones were just a bit slow and now will keep coming ahead in leaps and bounds!

  7. yay!!! 84 is great!!!! congrats girl!

    ~elaine, lfca

  8. Here from LFCA, congrats on the rising numbers! I hope your next set of results blows those nurses out of the water! Then the next patient that asks them "have you ever seen betas this low make it?" they can say "well, actually I have. She has twins now!"

    :D :D

  9. Popping in from LFCA to send lots of double and tripling vibes your way! GL

  10. I would say that you have every right to be optimistic...with or without caution :) I don't get the "cautious" part of the optimism, frankly. Aren't we infertiles ALWAYS guarded with our optimism? Take those moments when you actually get a chance to smile and run with it, you may have a reason to be sad tomorrow, but that's tomorrow.

    As for the beta numbers, the amount that the doctors actually know about betas and pregnancy couldn't fill a hat. I had a 40 for my first beta w my last pregnancy, it limped up to a 65 at 14dp3dt, which is only 17 days post o, and not even close to a double. The docs and nurses told me that I shouldn't hold out any hope. Well, my daughter just had her second birthday so they can go stick it :) Everything crossed for continuing good news! LFCA

  11. Here from LFCA. The important thing is it more than doubled, right? YAY!

    Keeping my fingers crossed for today's draw!