Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I fail.

Grammy...stop reading now...


I don't want to write an enormously depressing blog again today about the sh*tstorm that is our life right now. Really, it's fine.  I mean, everything's not like "fine" and all, but we're fine. You know? We'll find out tomorrow if I have to take the metha-whatever.  Let's call it MTX from here on out because I honestly can't remember what it's called...

Is it really really bad that one of the big reasons I don't want to take the MTX is that you can't drink on it? I mean, I know that's bad, but is it really really bad? You can be honest. If you think I have a problem, it's probably best that you tell me now and not wait to see what comes of me.

Here's the situation.  B and I were sad.  We were sad and depressed and lonely.  Ok, not lonely, that just sounded good.  But we were feeling the grief cycle in our own way and decided that because of our miscarriage, we needed a get-away.  And that get-away was obviously VEGAS! So we promptly purchased our trip for way too soon...and the very next day I get the call that this isn't over.

Enter disgust and horror at the thought of me as a mother...

I mean, I thought we were ok. I thought at least we could go and enjoy some bevvies and maybe a teensy bit of debauchery for one weekend.  I thought that we could at least lay by the pool and sip away our sorrow. 

MTX says no liquor and minimal sun light.

Vegas is laughing at me right now.  It's pointing and laughing and rolling around in our money.  We're coming anyway, Vegas! And we're going to zap any sort of fun right out of you! So shut the hell up!

Grammy, I know you kept reading...cuz you're like me. :) So I apologize for the debauchery.  But I'm your daughter's daughter, so you kinda had to figure... ;) xoxo


  1. you need to write a book.
    thats all im gonna say.

  2. You didn't fail. Hugs. You'll have a lot of fun in Vegas without the alchohol. Trust me. I do it every time.

  3. In my opinion, people who are mourning get to decide how they mourn.
    Enough said.