Monday, August 30, 2010

It's working!

Such a weird feeling to be excited that this pregnancy is on the downhill slope, but after all of this I'm glad that resolution is finally a possibility.  I wish we could go back and have "baby" be a possibility, but since we can't, and it's not, I'm glad that there's an end to this.

My HCG went from about 2400 on Friday to 1959 today.  It's down 17%, and according to Dr. Z's protocol that's good enough to not have another MTX shot today. I'm definitely grateful for that, I wasn't looking forward to another one and the possibility of more nausea and more dizziness!

Now we just have to hope that it keeps falling and doesn't stall, because this could be a long road to the finish line.  Pleeeeeeease don't let this be a slow end.

We've definitely decided to cancel Vegas because my liver enzymes went up again.  My ALT is now 110 with the normal range of 1-40.  Anyone know much about this??? Dr. Z wants me to go see my internal medicine doctor when we get a chance...but all I know is that liquor and MTX don't mix...especially if my liver's not all shiny and pristine. So no Vegas for me, and no vino either. booooo.

Work is a mad house right now.  I have an outrageous amount of projects I'm working on, and more are piling up.  Plus, of course, I still have all of my other core responsibilities that are kinda getting the shaft right now. Not good. One of my bosses said to me that he knows I've got a lot going on personally, so if I need to off load some of my work, that would be fine with him. This makes me panic a little bit. I don't like the idea of my bosses thinking I may not be able to handle whatever workload they give me. I don't like that my personal drama could affect my work performance.  They all keep saying I'm still doing well and handling everything fine, but I get really worried when I hear things like that...  I know, I'm spastic. I should be happy that I have the opportunity to let some things go if need be. But I'm a pusher, what can I say?

PS- for those of you who are endometriosis sufferers with me, go check out for a survey on your experiences with this disease.  Jessica from Endometriosis Stories sent me a comment yesterday with this link as a cure for my lazy/bored blues, and it was terrific.  I spent about 30 minutes filling out the survey and writing my endo story (the majority of the time was to write my story, you could probably finish it much faster than that if you wanted to...) and it always feels great to share my story, especially if it may help our cause in the future.  So please, if you've received a surgical diagnosis of endo, go fill out the survey!!!  It was actually therapeutic.

I don't have to go in for another blood draw til Friday which is nice.  For those "infertiles" who are getting ready to start another cycle, good luck!!!! I'm holding strong hope and lots of positive thoughts for you :) We deserve this!


  1. SO SO happy to hear this! I hope your numbers drop like a rock and you are soon in Las Vegas livin' it up before the chaos starts again. (good chaos... well, okay maybe not "good", but better. Just regular ttc stuff, not horrible, awful ectopic chaos. Just to clarify.)


  2. your starting to sound like yourself again and im loving it <3

  3. Well I'm certainly glad that you don't need another metho shot!

    My husband's LFTs were high for about a year and we never found out why.