Friday, July 30, 2010

Bored Day?

I just logged into my work email and read through everything I've missed/am missing not being there and it officially stressed me out.  So I'm logging out of my work email and not thinking about it again until Monday.  I'd much rather go back to having a bored day than deal with that.

So B sent me a note with a list of 16 things I can do to entertain myself today while I'm not on bed rest but also not at work because I'm a slacker, or I'm obsessing over trying to keep this PUPO going. (ps- I've added an abbreviations list on my sidebar for those not up with the lingo)

Here was B's amazing list with my added notes:

1. Brush the cat 1,000 strokes (our cat never receives a good brushing because we pet her far too often. I feel like if I brushed her she'd lose all of her fur)
2. Read to Petrie and Ducky!!!
3. Alphabatize the DVD's (this is so something B would come up with. The funny thing, this isn't something I even have the ability to dream up as an idea to alleviate boredom.  Are you starting to see the roles we've both taken in our marriage?)
4. Have a baby show tv marathon (yes, I watch baby shows. I watch baby shows with a vengance. It's an addiction. It's not healthy. And my husband hates it.)
5. Sit in the corner of the bedroom on watch for the yard squirrel (this one would be too difficult to fully explain.  But let me sum it up.  Cat thinks there is something trying to attack us from the patio in the middle of the night on a regular basis. She tries to kill it from inside by pouncing on the window frame repeatedly at 4:30am.  We have watched, there is nothing there. B thinks it's a yard squirrel. What is a yard squirrel you may ask? I'm not sure...)
6. Start making a list of what you want for Christmas (I love this man.  He entertains me to no end, and he knows me so well.  This may be one that I actually do today...)
7. See how many pickles you can fit in your mouth at one time (I love pickles. I could eat an entire jar in one sitting if that didn't make me and everyone else vomit at just the mere thought. And they're only 5 calories per spear! 5 Calories!!)
8. Make a list of things for me to do when I get home (hehehe, start thinking...start thinking...)
9. Figure out what we still need to buy to complete the home decorating (we just got our drapes. It finally feels like a home! But I'm SURE I can add a few more things...)
10. Look online for bathroom fixtures you want (oh, there it is. I knew there was something else we needed. I hate brass.)
11. Blog the longest blog ever. (Seriously, he knows me so well)
12. Play Wii and don't let me know you've been practicing so the next time you beat me at MarioCart I won't know what's going on (I hate to admit this. I actually got mad at B one day for playing Wii Boxing without me and not telling me until he beat me at it one evening. It felt so dirty. I'm sick)
13. Make homemade cookies (this blog may be cut short so that I can get to the grocery store to start!)
14. Plan the weekend (I TOTALLY saw a Farmer's Market sign on the way to Dr. Z's office this morning and started making plans for the weekend already... check!)
15. Search for things to sell on Ebay (we have issues...)
16. Last but not least...miss me horribly (CHECK!)

I mean, is he not the best DH ever? I'm so glad I hooked him and now he's stuck with me forever. :)

So we went in for blood work this morning and it was completely uneventful. Except for this little fact- I asked if they would send me my progesterone and estrogen levels and they said no. No? No. So, like, no? No. Ok, no.

They said they will tell me if I need to change my meds at all, but they usually don't send actual numbers. I have no idea why. I don't like that. I really really wanted to tell them that a bunch of my blog friends have their actual numbers, but I thought that sounded really creepy.  I mean, wtf? Why can't they just tell me?

Ok- One Day's inner struggles continue this morning.  I woke up and felt nothing. Nothing. This doesn't matter, you say? Yes, you're probably right.  Except that for the last several weeks I've woken up with pretty gnarley pain in my abdomen from stretching or ripping innards. I woke up this morning and felt like I was getting my life back.  My abdomen didn't feel like it was bigger than buddha. And that's not how I want to feel right now.  I know, I know. I'm never satisfied. I'm going to try and forget about this one.  But I keep thinking that OHSS symptoms (I've heard) don't really go away if you get pregnant, because HCG keeps it lingering.  And I'm feeling like my ovaries are calming down and going back to normal.  Any thoughts on this?

Alright, off to buy chocolate chips! :)

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  1. B sounds very sweet! What an awesome list to leave for you. :-)

    I haven't any experience with OHSS, so I am no help there. Just so you know, symptoms come and go and come back again. You get the never ending circle. You just can't tell. Also, could the end to the pain just mean that some of the scar tissue was maybe torn during the painful days and now is not affecting you the same?

    WTF? They don't give you numbers! Jeez, how can we all fully obsess over the clues/or no clues of what the numbers mean unless they give them to you! Fingers crossed that you don't have to change meds.

    Hugs. This part is the worst. I hate to wait and am apparently not good at it.