Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bruised and Battered

A flare for the dramatic? Yes, yes that's me.  But I do have a little baby bruise on my tummy where the Lupron bit me.

I'm trucking right along over here.  AF started the day after I stopped my bcp. I don't think it was supposed to start up that fast, I mean, it was barely over 24 hours...but I had that breakthrough bleeding for so long, it was just waiting for me to miss a pill. Still going strong, too.  And I do have some cramps, but not horrible.

We start stimulation this Sunday!!! That's so crazy.  No more working out (ok, I haven't been to the gym since last Friday, woops).  I also have to really start watching what I'm doing and eating and stressing about. I have my first monitoring appointment on Thursday the 15th.  We have a tentative plan for retrieval around the 22nd, which is not good with my work schedule but oh well.  And that means the 5 day transfer would be on the 27th with bed rest through the 28th.  This is actually worse for my work schedule but double oh well.

I've had a couple more fits of rage and sadness, but nothing like Tuesday morning. Yikes. I think now that I've realized what's going on I can manage it a little better. Does anyone else get these mood swings with this low of a dose of Lupron?  The doctor said it wouldn't be like when I was on it for endo (monthly injections), but it feels pretty similar.  The headaches are a fun reminder as well.  Not too many hot flashes, though!

Oh man, B and I made marinated flank steak last night! Terriyaki, honey, pineapple juice marinade! oh yum. We served it with grilled pineapple slices and corn.  Probably not the healthiest of meals, but oh so good! And guess what, I lost two pounds. Ha- see what coming off of bcp will do?

I've been allowing myself to think more and more about actually being pregnant and actually having a baby.  I was so worried about even thinking that far ahead.  Now it's almost here...if all goes well.  I'm still super worried about getting my hopes up. But I'm a perpetual pessimist in so many ways.  Definitely expect the worst but hope for the best is the way to go in my eyes.  So having a little excitement and positivity is a good thing for me...just not too much...

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