Sunday, July 25, 2010


I'm waiting for the call from the embryologist. It's 7:25am on a Sunday morning. I highly doubt I'll be getting a call from her anytime in the next 5 hours...but alas, I wait.

I spent almost all of yesterday laying around watching comfort movies (similar to comfort food, just less tasty) and having B wait on me. Not fair, I know. I'm not even on the bed rest phase.  But my belly hurts! Real real bad! I'm trying with all of my might not to take the vicodin, I don't want to. I've never been a fan of narcotics, and I usually won't take pain medication unless the pain seriously impairs my existence.  So I figured if I stayed down maybe I would avoid the drugs (seems like it's impairing my existence though, no?) And it worked.  Staying down definitely helped ease up the screaming that is my bladder/kidneys/ureters/intestines!

Don't ask me why I'm surprised by this. I'm a do-er. I don't like laying down too often, especially when there are things to be done. So through all of this endo madness I really haven't done a lot of the "lay down and take a load off" thing.  At times, don't get me wrong, I wasn't physically able to get up.  But that's a whole different blog.  (Literally. I have a whole different blog that's not anonymous about my endometriosis/hashimoto's/cushing's disease debacle.  I stopped writing there when we started IVF because I wanted a place I could write without everyone -people from work- knowing what we're doing, etc.)

OMG we got drapes yesterday! ::stream of consciousness::  The installer showed up around 2:30pm and I got to watch 2.5 movies in the other room while he made our house look glorious (and B moved all the furniture). I watched A Walk To Remember. B was embarrassed by me.  It's a good movie, shutup!

So our drapes are beautiful. I was so worried that the colors I picked out would be off, or the hardware would look too dark, etc. No, and no. They're all perfect.  We did four rooms, four different colors.  Most of them are grommet top and just perfect.  The bedroom especially. We have kind of a dark blue/grey color on the walls and went with a thick silver fabric and it's stunning if I don't say so myself. We need to steam them a bit, they're a little wrinkled.  But other than that, I'm uber pleased :)

Going to my parents' house for family dinner tonight. We haven't seen the little monkeys (my niece and nephew, not my parents) for a while- we miss them! I asked my mom to make her homemade vegetable soup for me for next week. I'm such a little girl. I've made it before, but it never tastes the same. And it's my all-time favorite leftover food, perfect for when you don't want to cook for a couple days.  So I'm bringing it home and will eat it Tuesday and Wednesday, and maybe Thursday!  Woops, went to the grocery store and bought fish, chicken, and flank steak. Damnit.  Soup for lunch it is!!!

Ok, going to go sit on my couch, find some awful tv to watch, and try to not think about this phone call.  Please say all seven made it to today! Then we need all seven to make it to Tuesday, too. That'd be good. Can you make that happen as well?


  1. I hope the phone rings soon!!
    Hope all 7 make it!

    Sorry that you are in pain, you need to lay down at times, it helps. I am sure your DH understands.

  2. Waiting is the worst! I hope they call soon with super news!

    Hey, I love that you and I have the same B-day! Too funny. What are the odds? Plus, as you said, I knew there was something that drew me to you! :-) (aries rock, by the way)

    Grats on the drapes. I am jealous. I so want some, but I have two overactive cats who seem to think anything hanging from curtain rods are an invitation to climb. Sigh. You going to post pictures?

    Ring, dang it! Ring, ring, ring...

  3. Okay. All this waiting is just plain cruel. I hope they call you soon! Sigh.

  4. Have your hubby MASSAGE the PIO site after he injects it. HELPS A TON. They hurt, and, the rumply butt pain gets worse the longer you are on them. BUT, it'll be worth it!!!