Monday, July 5, 2010

Last BCP!!!

I took my last BCP yesterday! Yes, that means no little pill today. First, I am so glad to see that awful bcp go, purely from the horrendous symptoms this particular brand has given me. Good riddance! Second, I'm am about to start the cycle that will hopefully bring us to a pregnancy! Just prepping, prepping, prepping!

It's really very confusing to me.  My ovaries have been suppressed for so long because I've been on continuous birth control for almost 10 years. Of course, "continuous" is relative. I've had break through bleeding probably 70% of that time, sometimes meaning I would need to stop for a week or so. I've also stopped bcp for a couple months here and there (only to find that this is the last thing my body can handle, thus...IVF).  But now I'm stopping the pill, but taking Lupron to suppress even more...but then starting stimulation 7 days later.  So that's good! I can't wait for that part, some serious progress.

The Lupron injections have been going well.  B's doing awesome. Does anyone else heat the area right after the injection?

I'm still exercising right now- doc said I have to stop when stim starts.  So I've got another week to feel like I'm productive...then it's pampering for me! :)  Ok, B's already been pampering me...I'm spoiled! He's the best.

We did our first injection away from home last night. We were at our nephew's two year birthday party. He's a rockstar! And he's in love with B! Probably the cutest thing I've ever seen watching B teach him how to swing a bat at his new t-ball. I can't wait to see that with our own little one.  Anyway, so we put the Lupron and needle in my glasses case and hid it in the back room until 6:30.  My mom really wanted to see how this whole thing went down so she came back with B and I for the injection. It's really no big deal right now, but wait until the pharmaceutical mixing begins on the 11th. Watch out!

Hope everyone had a good 4th of July yesterday!

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