Sunday, July 18, 2010

Quick Update- Monitoring Appointment #2

Yep, there's still fluid in my uterus.  And it hasn't decreased at all- same amount.  We brought up the research about the fluid and asked whether he had seen any success with women having fluid in their uterus and having a successful transfer.  He said that if the fluid is gone before the transfer, he would still consider doing it. I'm hesitant.  He noted that there's no way he would do a transfer in a less than optimal environment, so I needn't worry.  I'm still worried. 

We had 16 follies measured today.  9 on the right, 7 on the left I believe.  I don't have exact measurements, but Dr. Z said we're right on track for where he wants us.  I saw several around 11mm, a couple around 9mm, and some around 18mm...ish. 

I asked about OHSS and Dr. Z seemed slightly irritated. He said of course what we are doing is hyper-stimulating the ovaries.  It's not something to worry about.  ...ok.  So, I guess I'll leave that alone until I start seeing 5lb daily weight gain or something.  Anyone else have experience with the symptoms, just so I can be on the lookout?  I definitely am uncomfortable, but I think that's normal.  Any bumps or sudden movements really hurt my lower abdomen.  I feel super bloated of course.  No extreme weight gain to speak of, about 3 pounds since we started.  I'm definitely trying to drink a lot of water...and I'll stock up on gatorade. Any other help since my doctor doesn't seem to enjoy the hypochondriac talk...?

We're heading to my parents' for dinner.  Mexican food! I've been super sluggish all day, really tired.  We go back in tomorrow morning for another monitoring appointment.  We got the paper today describing some of the retrieval day info.  We'll be going ahead with the retrieval no matter what at this point, it's just whether or not this will be a cycle that can end up with a baby.  I hope we can have hope, but I want to be smart.


  1. Are you seeing the Dr. Z with a big moustache who is in the SF Bay Area?

    If yes, he's always irritated when patients ask questions. It's like a trademark of his. :)

    You've got great numbers of follicles! Just avoid salt for right now so that you don't retain more water. :)

  2. Hello, I am BB (from and I am over from Cycle Sista.

    I have had an experience with fluid in the uterus as well. It was a very unexpected occurrence in my IVF #1 so I do know what you mean when you say that you didn't even think to worry about it! Same for me and I am also the gal who hopes for the best but plans for the worst. We decided to do an FET and in the meantime tried all sorts of tests and things to figure out what the cause of it was. Eventually we were doing an ultrasound one day when I happened to be on progesterone to go ahead and have a period (I have PCOS so don't cycle regularly on my own) and it was GONE! Somehow the progesterone makes it disappear for me. My RE had no idea why but we were happy. Unfortunately, we haven't gotten pregnant yet though, but I think there are other reasons why and not the result of fluid.

    Sorry for such a long post my very first time here! But wanted to let you know what worked for me. Wish I had some scientific facts to back it up for you and your doctor.

    I also wish you the best of luck and hope that you get some really great eggs and embies out of this cycle and that hopefully that fluid GOES AWAY!